Autobiography of Jacobo


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Autobiography of Jacobo

  1. 1. AUTOBIOGRAPHY<br />Hi I'm Jacobo Dueñas Rubio, I was born on January 28, 1998 in the city of Santiago de Cali, department of Valle - Colombia. Enter at eight months to “nursery and preschool Tayana ASPEN” In maternal grade and I study at transition grade, in that years I knew my first friends their names were Johani, Maria Paula, Daniela and many others;I participate in two plays that were presented at the Theater Jorge Isaac  ,when I did that presentation I only have 3 years old then at 4 years old I graduated in the year 2004.<br /> And because the Tayana only teach up transition I registered at the German School to start my primary but my parents saw the school Bennett and they like more than the German school they said that I will start my primary in Bennett school and really start my studies at Bennett school in 2004. But as I lived north of Cali and I was far away at school my parents decided to move from we live that was an apartment call “La alambra” to a unit that was at the south of Cali and it was 7 blocks far of the school.<br />When I was 7 years old my mother gave birth on September 12 a beautiful girl that was my sister and since the birth of my sister we started to travel a lot went for San Andres, Cartagena, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panama, United States.<br />Since I was three months in school swimming Fitness I came to finish that course up to 8 years, then I started liking different sports that were basketball, soccer. I stand much in basketball.<br />Then go to U.S. with my uncle. That trip was very good, we went to Orlando, Orlando is fantastic it was like the best trip in my life and we went to visit some people of the family that life in United States. In Orlando we went up to almost all attractions; that trip was when I have like 9 years old and I almost did not go because I scare of a airplane and I don´t wanted to go because the airplane but in the end I came to enjoy that trip.<br />In my 11 years I was traveling to China but first I arrived in Hong Kong that was a beautiful country and then we visit many places beyond changai, begin, and the Chinese food is very different, in Chinese clothing was very cheap but it was of poor quality, there I hardly talk to anyone because of the language but with people who speak English yes because thanks the school Bennett I speak, understand, write English and it was very wear and I want to stated and learned more about their culture but we couldn´t we only state for two weeks. I really enjoyed that trip it was fantastic saw all that different cultures.<br />Currently I has 12 years, I live in Reservas de Polo Club , I am study in 5 of primary of Bennett school.<br />