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DailyD Generic Merchant PPT

  1. 1. What is DailyD? DailyD drives new business to local merchants by connecting LA Moms and their families to the hottest daily deals in their neighborhood. • DailyD creates highly attractive deep-discount offers • DailyD promotes deals through its member database, distribution network, facebook and twitter • Local customers buy deals online and share offers with their friends via social media • Revenue is shared between DailyD and merchant. 2
  2. 2. Why DailyD? • Brings New Customers and Revenue to Local Merchants: DailyD featured offers bring paying customers to local businesses. The average group offer buying customer spends 60% more than the value of an offer. • Targeted High Value Vertical Audiences: Through proprietary vertical offerings and demographically targeted distribution networks, DailyD reaches the best customers for local businesses, the ones that will be most likely to convert into regular customers because they shop in the area and care about the services local businesses provide. • Spotlights local Merchants in Social Media:: Our distribution partners and subscribers share offers from local businesses via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This buzz will continue to attract new customers on an ongoing basis. • Performance-Based: DailyD’s Transaction Model means measurable results no wasted ad spend 3
  3. 3. How does it work? 1. DailyD promotes merchant offer through platform and word-of-mouth 2. DailyD customers purchase and print vouchers to redeem with merchants at a later date 1. DailyD processes and collects payments from customers 2. DailyD supplies merchant with customer list 1. DailyD mails merchant a check in a timely fashion 4
  4. 4. Promotion DailyD has Unrivaled Distribution. Exclusive access to popular local / mom blogs and sites Daily mass e-mails Facebook Twitter 5
  5. 5. Why it works so well  Localized - Specific to customers in your neighborhood  Relevant –Quality merchants and offers that moms care about  Win-Win Situation - Customers Get real value - Merchants get new customers  Risk Free - No up front cost - Nothing to lose - Revenue share model  Merchant Guarantee - We deliver paying customers  Wide Distribution - E-mail, blogs, social media, word-of-mouth  Urgency – Customers have limited time to buy 6
  6. 6. DailyD Everyone Wins Imagine a deal where everyone wins. Consumers save 50-90% on highly attractive local services Merchants increase cash flow gain new customers free brand promotion generate free word-of-mouth marketing 7
  7. 7. Contact Terry McGovern at terry@dailyd.com or (310) 528-0940