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Drush&drupal. administration

  1. 1. Drush and Drupal.Administration Michael Volchek Web-developer Drupal-club (Belarus) twitter: mikhail_volchek drupal-sliot.by
  2. 2. For whom?• Who wants to implement current updates rapidly• Who doesn’t like to do the same actions again and again• Who chooses Linux hosting• Who likes shell (drupal+shell=drush)• And it is comfortable for local developing (deployment, supporting, migration, backup)
  3. 3. Basic Commands• Drush <host> status• Drush dl <project_1> < project_2> < project_3>• the same with drush en/dis/pm-uninstall• Drush cc [all|menu|css-js…]• Drush help <some_command>• etc
  4. 4. Coworking Drush and Linux• For example:• drush dis pathauto && drush pm-uninstall pathauto && rm –rf pathauto• drush dl omega_tools && drush en omega_tools –y• drush pm-list | grep omega
  5. 5. New Modules - New Commands• For example:• drush omega-subtheme "Test theme" html5 --machine_name=test_theme && drush en test_theme -y && drush pm-list | grep test_theme
  6. 6. Install Drupal• Prepare database (mysql>create database <DB_name>;)• Use one drush command site-install (or alias si)• drush si standard --db- url=mysql://<DB_user>:<passwd>@<DB_host>/<DB_n ame> --db-su=<admin> -db-su-pw=<some_password> --site-name=‘Dev Site!’
  7. 7. Recover user’s passwordor how to crack Drupal usersUse•drush uli -l http://<somehost>or•drush upwd <user> --password=<password>
  8. 8. Minor Drupal Updating7.10 to 7.14•!Backup! Project DataBase and Files /.htaccess and robots.txt•Move from project all custom files/folders•Switch on update module•drush upc / up -y•Wait for a moment•That’s all•It takes you about 5 minutes•Use the same command for contrib modules UPD
  9. 9. Major updating… faced with• Contributed module developing (for example: /project/photos – last update - 2009-Dec-30)• But it needs to migrate about 150 albums and 6000 photos• If you still hardcode (or hook) contributed modules• Need to rewrite custom themes/modules and migration scripts
  10. 10. Drush Updating• /usr/local/share/drush• cd /usr/local/share/• drush dl drush --destination=.• and use drush cc drush (clear drush cache)
  11. 11. qd command• ready Drupal profile• Sqlite issue• Server settings (ports, proxy)• Why to do it?
  12. 12. Alias• $aliases[dev] = array(root => /path/to/drupal, uri => dev.mydrupalsite.com, );• drush @dev status• $ drush --root=/path/to/drupal --uri=dev.mydrupalsite.com status
  13. 13. Git + cron + drush• GitHub.com is our basic repo• Use script files (*.sh)• Use git command (for example: git pull) there• Use drush command there (sql-dump or cc all)• And cron schedule (crontab -e)
  14. 14. Git + cron + drush
  15. 15. Drush in windows• Windows installer from 5.x version• To install with online connection (required pecl library)• Additional mysql software tuning (for example drush sql- dump)
  16. 16. Drush Hardships• To start using it. For window’s and click-mouse funs it may be a psychological issue• Thats not the game for share hosting• More flexible and usable in Linux platform.• At the beginning you need to learn a list of popular commands. U can print it and stick to wall.• Update modules issue in distributives (for example, OpenAtrium)
  17. 17. Conclusion• Use open source software• Commands shell – more health-given for your fingers =)• It saves your time!
  18. 18. Useful links• drush.ws - documentation• http://igusev.ru/drupal/omega/omega-drush-subtheme-creation - use with omega• http://www.summasolutions.net/blogposts/implementing-drush-commands - write your own commands• http://civicactions.com/team/owen_barton - interesting screencasts
  19. 19. Thanks Michael Volchek Drupal Club (Belarus) skype: fannrmus twitter: mikhail_volchek