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Zain curgart suvderdene

  1. 1. We use Would you like.......?To offer things:=Do you want....? Question form Positive FormWould you like a chocolate? Yes,please
  2. 2. For example: Negative form Question formNo,thank you.I Would you like a dont eat. candy?
  3. 3. We use Would you Like to …....................? to invent someone Would you like toWould you like to have come dinner with to a part? me on Sunday? Yes,Id like Yes ,Id like
  4. 4. Id like (I would like) is a polite way of saying I want: I would like fish,please.Im thirsty.Id like a drink
  5. 5. Would you like …?/Id like Do you like …?/I like... Do you like tea? Would you like some Yes.I do Yes,please. Would you like now? No,thank you.Not some tea? now. Study the difference(Would you like) some tea?=Do you want some tea? (an offer) Do you like tea?=do you think tea is nice? -Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?(tonight) -Do you like to the cinema?(In general) Yes,Id love to go. Yes,Igo to the cinema a lot. -Id like an orange.(=Iwant an orange now.) -I like oranges.(In general)