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from concept to capability: developing design thinking in a professional services firm


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paper delivered at the Design Research Society Conference (DRS) 2012, 1-4 July, Bangkok, Thailand.

Full paper available at:

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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from concept to capability: developing design thinking in a professional services firm

  1. 1. from concept to capability: developingdesign thinkingin a professional services firm Zaana HowardSwinburne University of Technology | Australia Anstract lights 8134 by atomicShed
  2. 2. design thinking is… a human centred & collaborative approach to problem solving using a designerly mindset to solve complex business, organisational and social problems.     Cobija:  Corpora+va  al  atardecer  –  Flickr  mee+ng  at  Tusk  by  Voj  
  3. 3. design thinking practice incomplex organisationschallenges:§ integrating design thinking § building design thinking capability 26-05-10 This paper trail leads right back to you ~ explored J by Bethan
  4. 4. research questions§ how is design thinking capability developed both individually and organisationally within a large complex organisation?§ how is design thinking practice integrated into organisational work practices? Excerpt from everything men know about women by dailyinvention
  5. 5. case Deloitte Australia§  introduced design thinking in early 2011 Hong Kong Sky by swisscan
  6. 6. ethnographic methods§ 250hrs of participant observation § 34 semi structured interviews§ a collection of artefacts§ data collected June to September 2011 Untitled by atencion
  7. 7. analysis§ constant comparative method from grounded theory l_system.png  by  sansumbrella  
  8. 8. three primary themesdeveloping design thinking as:concept, capability and practice Milky Muisc VI – Explore by
  9. 9. design thinking conceptwhere does it fit?ubiquity ≠ understanding Puzzle by Sbrimbillina
  10. 10. design thinking capability§ the inexpert expert§ developing design thinking skills One thing puzzles me by Piulet
  11. 11. design thinking practice§ design thinking and ‘training’§ supporting design thinking practice #ds664 practicing
  12. 12. integrating designthinking requires:moving from concept to capabilityto practice at an individual andorganisational level Tree of light by jphillipson
  13. 13. integrating designthinking requires:a sustained learning programsupported with experienced designthinking professionals Stories behind #7 – Generations by dhammza
  14. 14. integrating design thinking requires: §  long term commitment – # it won’t happen overnight Wedding rings by NickNguyen.
  15. 15.    questions? zaana howard associate lecturer | Queensland University of Technology phd candidate | Swinburne University of Technology @zaana question box by [f]oxymoron. 15