Connective leadership: participate + facilitate + enable


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Guest lecture for Masters Library Information Science subject LIBR 204-15
Information Organizations and Management, San Jose State University. Delivered 24 February 2010.

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  • Shared leadershipinterchangable& equal roles
  • You do not grow a plant by instructing it to do so, or worse by pulling on it.You do not get people to innovate by tasking them with innovating. You grow a plant by providing the Soil, the Space, the Sun… and letting it happen (see the innovation gardener). You foster innovation by providing:the Soil - access to internal and external knowledge and experiences where people can extend their roots - the Space – the autonomy, as opposed to breathing down their neckthe Sun – letting people draw their energy from their own passions, - enablethe Strategy – direction and challenge. - watering it - participate… and letting it happen.
  • And condition in order to enable peoples stories to be heard
  • Connective leadership: participate + facilitate + enable

    1. connective leadershipparticipate + facilitate + enablezaanahoward<br />
    2. world 2.0:the world is shifting<br />
    3. old model: <br />the manager<br />a person who controls and manipulates resources<br />
    4. old model:<br />the leader<br />a person who rules or guides or inspires others <br />
    5. new model:connective leadership<br />managing <br />+ leading+ following<br />
    6. Connective leaders<br />participate + facilitate+enable<br />
    7. you don’t <br />grow a plant <br />by telling it <br />to grow<br />
    8. connective leaders: think and act holistically<br />
    9. connective leaders: <br />build relationships<br />
    10. connective leaders: <br />influence and trust<br />
    11. most of all:connective leaders create space<br />
    12. questions<br />
    13. three C’s for connective leaders:conversationcollaborationcommunity<br />
    14. conversation<br />
    15. creating the <br />informal builds community &<br /> relationships<br />
    16. social learning conversation, imitation, context, modellingbehaviour<br />
    17. collaboration<br />
    18. teaming across all vertical and horizontal levels of an organization <br />
    19. community<br />
    20. community…a unified body of individualsjoint ownership or participationsocial activityshared purpose<br />
    21. community of practicea group of people informally bound together by shared expertise + passion for action<br />
    22. conversation + collaboration + community creation<br />
    23. knowledge creation is social<br />tacit explicit<br />individual collective <br />
    24. summation<br />connective leaders<br />connect<br />activities + people + self<br />+ create space<br />
    25. questions<br />Zaana Howard<br /><br /><br />Twitter:@zaana<br />
    26. Image acknowledgementsAll images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons<br />Slide 1: The web that is us by ecstaticist<br />Slide 2: Globe by _fLeMmA_<br />Slide 3: Best Buy Manager by msun523<br />Slide 4: Follow my leader by Leonard JohnSlide<br />Slide 5: rusty chain by shoothead<br />Slide 6: Over under by ecstaticist<br />Slide 7: Plant by Melanie deFazio<br />Slide 8: orange by joyrex<br />Slide9: group stance by raysto<br />Slide 10: omg. by This Year’s Love<br />Slide 11: Stripes by swisscan<br />Slide 12: The Question by Corey Templeton<br />Slide 13: greedily expanding consumption by Domiriel<br />Slide 14: conversation by RishiMenon<br />Slide 15: Conversation in the clouds by Swamibu<br />Slide 16: conversation by tanakawhoSlide 17: LightArt Kijkduin by HaagsUitburo<br />Slide 18: stop, collaborate and listen by lindseyy<br />Slide19: prague skyline by pavelm<br />Slide 20: scatter the sun by ecstaticist<br />Slide 21: bounce by bayat<br />Slide 22: "Grand Design" spiral galaxy M81 by TopTechWriter.US<br />Slide 23: The New York Times on the New Art of Flickr by Thomas Hawk<br />Slide 24: Abstract lights 8109 by atomicShedSlide 25: There is 1 question by there is<br />Slide26: Eggs by Zyada<br />