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Blended design teams: from clients and consultants to co-workers



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Blended design teams: from clients and consultants to co-workers

  1. 1. blended design teams:! from clients and consultants ! to co-workers Harriet Wakelam | @hwakelam | NAB Owen Hodda @owenhodda | Deloitte | Zaana Howard @zaana | | QUT
  2. 2. role of design ! in organisations is growing “The customer is increasingly buying a set of ongoing relations and interactions through which service will be rendered” Cefkin 2006
  3. 3. mission: a new retail store design
  4. 4. brief: “test all the things and tell us if they work”
  5. 5. what is a blended design team?
  6. 6. why blended design ! teams?
  7. 7. how the &! what the ! of it all
  8. 8. shared à design leadership
  9. 9. outputs! vs outcomes
  10. 10. Digital Digital Yammer Retail Retail Senior leadership Self Service Self Service Next Gen Capability Verification Capability NAB Care Business Bank Senior leadership Commercial Cards Compliance training Yammer Innovation Intranet Change Marketing Out of the box Yammer Marketing
  11. 11. role of artefacts As the role of design grows and diversifies, we need to be able to deliver timely commercial insight, whilst still being on the lookout for those “’crystallising’ moments: observations, ideas, connections, which are not complete in themselves, but which catalyse a well and richly prepared ground into a completely different way of seeing the world” Bezaitis, M & Robinson R 2011
  12. 12. what’s changed?
  13. 13. design itself does not solve problems
  14. 14. inform solutions not always provide them
  15. 15. no there is end point to design
  16. 16. avoid fetishisation of design deliverables
  17. 17. a blended design team is not just designers
  18. 18. service design is about ‘all the things’ all the time
  19. 19. questions? Harriet Wakelam | @hwakelam Owen Hodda | @ohodda Zaana Howard | @zaana
  20. 20. with thanks to….. Jess Ukotic | Cong Cao | Matt Sale | Peter Holmes | Louise Long | Anthony Waldron | Lev Orosz | Mandy Chambers | Warren and Mahoney | Jacqui Gill | Kerryn Eastwood | Scott Tim West | Mel Hambarsoomian | Chris Wilson | Robert Lee | Chris Smith | the staff of the Docklands store | NAB volunteers + customers | and many many more…
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