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A speed date with design thinking

  1. a speed date with design thinking Zaana Howard | QUT
  2. zaana howard associate lecturer | information systems school science and engineering faculty | queensland university of technology phd candidate | swinburne university tweeting? #VALA2012 #BCE @zaana
  3. your mission: redesign the grocery shopping experience based on the experience of a group member.  
  4. start by gaining empathy. interview 3 mins
  5. start by gaining empathy. interview again: dig deep 3 mins
  6. reframe the problem. capture findings needs: what are they trying to do? insights: what have you learned about the person? 4 mins
  7. reframe the problem. define problem statement (user)________ needs to ____________________ _______________(need)____________ because _______(insight)______________________________. 3 mins
  8. example. (user) a global sportswear company (need) needs to redesign their employee performance review system (insight) because it is inconsistent, time consuming and does little to improve work practices
  9. idea generation. sketch 3-5 radicaluser’s needs. to meet your ideas 5 mins
  10. idea generation. share your solutions & capture feedback 4 mins
  11. iterate based on feedback. reflect & generate a new solution sketch your big idea, note details if necessary! 4 mins
  12. build and test. build your solution. make something the person can interact with. 5 mins
  13. build and test. share your solution & get feedback. what worked | what needs to be improved questions | ideas 4 mins
  14. done! Adapted from ‘An introduction to design thinking: redesigning the gift giving experience’ by Hassno Platner Institute of Design at Stanford.
  15. show & tell each group 60 secs
  16. quick a look at the process
  17. the design squiggle Daniel Newman, Central Office of Design
  18. design thinking " modes Hassno Platner Institute of Design design thinking modes
  19. non-linear " process
  20. diverge & converge flare focus Hassno Platner Institute of Design, Stanford University
  21. so… what is design thinking?
  22. one of many definitions (& none are quite right…) design thinking uses the designers sensibility & methods to match peoples needs with what is technologically feasible & what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value & market opportunity tim brown
  23. design thinking uses a human centred, creative, iterative, practical approach to problem solving. tim brown
  24. design thinking taps into capacities we all have but are often overlooked by more conventional problem solving practices tim brown
  25. design thinking core values human centredness | inquiry | empathy | iteration action orientation | collaboration | reflection | comfort with ambiguity | visualisation & prototyping
  26. design thinking tools interviews | observation | conversation | synthesis | visualisation | heuristics | prototyping + + +    
  27. so… why design thinking?
  28. it starts with… We are Snook
  29. ultimately about understanding needs
  30. we increasingly expect sophisticated experiences that are emotionally satisfying and meaningful… design thinking is an approach for imagining these experiences Brown, 2008
  31. so… design thinking... what for?
  32. design thinking for solving wicked problems | designing (human) systems & services | organisational change & transformation | social innovation | product development
  33. micro macro
  34. engagement
  35. if libraries are not willing to become obsolete than that is exactly what’ll happen to them. " " throw out the library completely, " start with value and how to co-create it, and then you’re designing the new library…" get people engaged in your service and it will grow naturally." " Arne van Oosterom, Design Thinkers"  "
  36. so… design thinking… what next?
  37. empathise listen, share, contribute, reflect
  38. be curious. ask why. rinse. repeat.
  39. observe. what? how? why?
  40. reflect. what works? what doesn’t? what could be better?
  41. experiment make, test, reflect
  42. where to from here? it’s a choose your own adventure
  43. thankyou zaana howard @zaana