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Screen Toaster

  1. 1. What is ScreenToaster?ScreenToaster records all screen activity in real time so you can easily create and share demos, tutorials, instructions and more. Audio andsubtitles can easily be added and either sent to your students email or put up on your classroom website or Blackboard How to Get Started!  Step One
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  3. 3.  Step Four Step Five
  4. 4.  Step SixAfter a few moments ScreenToaster will load. When it does youcan minimize your internet browser, just don’t close theScreenToaster page. Step SevenScreentoaster will record everything that happens on your screenwithin the dotted-line box. At the bottom of the box it will displaya timer to let you know how long your video is. Once you’vefinished your recording, Press the square stop button.
  5. 5.  Step EightNow you can head back into your ScreenToaster browser page.Here you’ll see a preview of the video you just created. Step NineOn the same browser page, just to the right of the video you’ll seea Video details box. Type in an appropriate Title and the rest is alloptional. Click Upload when you are ready to save it.
  6. 6.  Step 10Once the video is uploaded you can watch it on ScreenToasterwhenever you like. Look at the bottom-right of your screen forsharing options. You can send the URL to your students email orembed it onto their classroom website or Blackboard. Watch the Demo to learn more!