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Digital Marketing Trends, Ideas & Good Practice


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Digital Marketing Trends, Ideas & Good Practice

  1. 1. Ecommerce & DigitalMarketingTrends, Predictions &Good Practice[Inspiration for those ―idea emergencies‖]Twitter:- @ZoheIdeate, Innovate, Integrate4th December 2012 1
  2. 2. Marketing Trend – Search -Search used to be a battle ofmany!
  3. 3. 1a. Search that Time Forgot Dogpile AltaVista Google Lycos Ask Jeeves MSNWebcrawler AOL Hotbot InfoSeek Netscape Metacrawler Excite All the Web Yahoo
  4. 4. Then, the battle for searchconstricted to a straight fightbetween 3 [for a while..]
  5. 5. 1b. Yesterdays Search
  6. 6. Today, Search is affected bymany again as consumersbecome more tech savvy.Regional players have alsoentered the fray.
  7. 7. 1c. Today’s Search Google+ Local Groupon Facebook Places Groupon TAOBAO Location/ Ecommerce Mobile Sites Google Yandex Images & Search Engine Yahoo Video Baidu Device Social Based Networks Bookmarking Sites
  8. 8. Tomorrow, innovation indevice / software eco systemswill change behaviour inconsumers yet again
  9. 9. 1d.Tomorrows Search Samsung Mindmeld S Voice Google Apple Siri Now Supplemental reading :- neural-networks
  10. 10. Marketing Trend – Next GenEmail – Emphasis on designfor different screen sizes &email clients
  11. 11. 2. Next Generation Email: Social +Mobile + Email + Operating System Operating System / Browser Device Email Client Social Networks Email is changing. With 30% of mobile users now accessing their emails using their phone, the inbox is now a moving target. Plus there are all the new inboxes created by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.. Add further different user experience on operating systems e.g. Windows 8, Apple & user behaviour of switching between devices to read sometimes the same email, marketers need to supply the same email in multiple formats Segmented Behavioural targeting to all these different inboxes with customised emails for each screen size & inbox will drive ROI up. Supplemental reading / Infographic:- Stats-The-Good-the-Bad-and-the-Ugly.pdf
  12. 12. Marketing Emerging Trend –Social TV – TV advertising &business changing due toSocial TV Analytics & losingaudiences to email & AngryBirds!3 Players to Watch:-―Mobovivo‖, ―Bluefin Labs‖ and―SecondSync‖
  13. 13. 3a. Social Analytics for TV 60% of UKSecondSync is a technology startup Twitter users are usingfocused on social analytics for TV. Twitter whilst The Tweet watching TVSecond Sync analyse social mediaconversations around TV broadcasts is the deto provide audience insights that canbe used alongside traditional BARB factofigures, bringing clarity to what currency ofengagement means for programme 40% of Twitter Social TVmakers, broadcasters and advertisers. traffic during peak viewing time in the evening related to TV The premiere of the new series of Made in Chelsea attracted an audience of 452,000 viewers on E4. SecondSync platform identified 215,220 tweets aimed at the show from 110,170 unique users during its transmission window. That’s a staggering one in four of the audience tweeting about the show!
  14. 14. There is a correlation betweenTV viewing and social mediaconsumption. Now you canget data in real time onwhether the TV ad is havingan impact
  15. 15. 3b. Ways Social TV Analytics can helpyou as an advertiser or broadcaster Brands can now measure how Bluefin TV campaigns affect brand Labs conversation in social media Brands can ascertain which TV channels have the most socially engaged audience Brands can drill down to see which TV shows have the most socially engaged audience Proprietary tech detects ads as they air on TV. And analyse in real time social commentary Measure the social audience an ad campaign reaches Benchmark vs sector and perform competitor analysis Supplemental reading :- to-change-the-tv-business/
  16. 16. Not only is there more insightand data available but newtech allows TV broadcasters &advertisers to engage TVaudiences like never before!
  17. 17. 3c. Dont lose TV audiences to email, Angry Birds and Facebook!Check-in and chat on When an actor appears on Deliver exclusive videos, socialFacebook, Twitter. Trash the TV screen, her twitter Audiences may never find the engagement, and photos betweentalk the other teams fans Zero latency for all feed and background remote control while engaging broadcast to engage withthrough in-app chat. Share programming including ads information appear on the with Mobovivo, if they do. audiences all week - all year. Read and sports. Quad Sync that as after the Ad has played!online. second screen. Remind them what they are delivers synched content missing. Mobovivo syncs with with 100% accuracy and ads, programming & events to reliability keep audiences tuned in. Social Gamification Automatic Content Ad Program TV Change the Sentiment Display and Between Clip and TV Syncing Syncing Graphics Share Recognitio Broadcasts Channel Analysis n Mobovivos second screen Measure and display solutions target and sync sentiment so that Mobovivo has the coolest advertising opportunities Real-time Polls, quizzes, user- audiences know where user-generated content Mobovivo delivers second screen apps tailored to content and the generated photos and they stand. Measure tool for video. Audiences that "gamify" viewing with voting, viewers personal sentiment so that brands polling, trivia, achievements and videos, user sentiment, and can deeply engage with leaderboards. Engage and capture preferences. social feeds on-air synched to know where they stand. content through clipping audiences with sponsored prizes. second screen. Get the second and sharing on screen on the first screen Facebook, Twitter, online and email. • As presented in my previous deck ―Are we Really Innovating‖ [here] large numbers of people are ―2nd Screening‖ whilst watching TV especially on Social Media, so TV is not holding our attention like it used to. • Canadian company Mobovivo have some innovative Apps to win back the attention of that audience whether its a Broadcaster and their programmes or an Advertiser and their advertising.
  18. 18. Imagine you had a TV shoppingchannel. Add Social analytics and theability to engage your customers viasocial media in real time as you arebroadcasting. Serve offers & discountsbased on the conversation to multiplechannels... !
  19. 19. 3d. Is there a new opportunity for Ecommerce ?Social TV Analytics + New engagement apps + DRTV =? Brands already trading online & mobile could extend to TV shopping like Argos with new ways to keep audience engaged and then measure the engagement Supplemental reading :-
  20. 20. Marketing Emerging Trend – IsNFC the next big thing inInteractive Ads? Near FieldCommunication is more thanjust mobile payments!
  21. 21. 4a. Are there actually enough NFCenabled devices in market? RIM says that 80% of all NFC enabled devices in the UK are BlackBerry ABI research handsets. 2012 Frost & Sullivan forecast 1.95bn NFC enabled anticipates that devices in NFC-enabled circulation by Juniper research mobile phones 2017. Handsets estimates that 1 will reach 863m will account for in 5 smartphones units in 2015 the majority — worldwide will be more than 1.5bn ABI research NFC-enabled by expect 285m 2014 NFC-enabled devices to be shipped in 100m NFC 2013 phones to ship in 2012 – Forrester & ABI Research Supplemental reading :-
  22. 22. So, it looks like there will beenough consumers with NFCenabled devices sooner orlater. So... what?
  23. 23. 4b. NFC understanding is low. Educationis requiredMost people are unaware if they have an NFC enabled device Most people who are aware of NFC think NFC is for Supplemental reading :-
  24. 24. 4c. After education on NFC, what are the numbers on adoption?NFC future adoption likelihood NFC tech perceived as useful & likely to adopt in future Supplemental reading :-
  25. 25. 4d. Lets look deeper into NFC Poster interaction adoptionThere is definite interest in interaction Reasons people would interact with a poster Supplemental reading :-
  26. 26. 4e. And locations & product categories where people would interact NFC PosterConsidered locations to interact with a poster And categories where people would interact / purchase Supplemental reading :-
  27. 27. And, has anyone been braveenough to implementsomething real worldinteraction with the virtualworld?
  28. 28. 4f. Ebay have just launched a pop up store in London, & in Korea already done!Ebay Store in London Covent Garden Korea Virtual Store Supplemental reading :- tomorrow/
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