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Clarendon Type presentation

  1. 1. CLARENDON TYPEFACEClarendon Typeface SPECIMENBook Specimen BOOK By Zoe Todd By Zoe Todd
  2. 2. IDEASOut of all of the typefaces we were given, I was really drawnto Clarendon and Rockwell. They’re both very similar and Ilove chunky slab serif typefaces.I chose to work with Clarendon because the research was alot easier to carry out and I thought of a very nice conceptalong the way, whereas with Rockwell, research and finding indepth information was a bit harder and I wanted to gainenough information for my book.Clarendon is also used in a lot of business and companiestoday compared to Rockwell.
  3. 3. MY RESEARCHWhen starting my research I turned to the internet to see what I couldfind and I found a lot of background information about how Clarendonwas created and extended over the years.I also checked out what was written about slab serif fonts andClarendon in Just My Type and Thinking With Type.I started off with the history behind slab serif types and theiralternative name, Egyptian typefaces.Slab serif typefaces got their Egyptian name from a cultural fascinationwith everything to do with Egyptians. This was started by elaboratefurnishings and paintings.Even though slab serif typefaces are nothing like Egyptian writingsthere was a confusion between this cultural fascination and ourtypefaces and this then lead to our slab serif typefaces being namedEgyptian or Egyptienne.
  4. 4. MY RESEARCHThe term “Egyptian” came from a craze In the 19 th century, aboutEgyptian artifacts throughout Europe. Thus inspiring type founderscreating slab serif typefaces and calling their typeface designs,Egyptian.The Clarendon family does have bracketing within the typeface, whichmost other Slab Serifs don ’t. T he sizing of the serifs are also differentcompared with most other slab serif typefaces. When looking at what companies had used Clarendon, the most famous was StarbucksChocolate and that ’s when my ideas really kicked in. Istarted thinking of concepts and colour themes quitequickly.
  5. 5. MY RESEARCHThe other companies that Clarendon was used for, I was particularl yfamiliar with as they were all American companies.I have also been looking at previous type specimen books of not justclarendon but other typefac es and seen some very good concepts andformats , which I have written all about on my blog.Clarendon is an English slab serif typeface that was created in England byRobert Besley for Thorowood and Co.Thorowood and Co were a type company, but Clarendon wasn’t officiallypublished until 1845 when Besley became a partner in the business.Designs for wood type were also made for Clarendon in the mid 1840’s.Clarendon was used mostly by the government and the Germans in the firstworld war but was also seen in a lot of American West WANTED posters .
  6. 6. EXPERIMENTATION Here is some of my mood board that I have collected for research/experime ntation. The full version is on my blog. I found lots of different specimen books and will take note of each to generate further ideas for my own book.
  7. 7. EXPERIMENTATION Here is my first sketch for a front page. I just wanted to jot down any ideas I had so I could experiment. By using the sharp edge boarder and other aspects of Starbucks design, it already looks like Starbucks menu style. I also sketched out the Clarendon typeface just to get to know the letters and their serifs so that when it comes to my book, I know the most I can about my chosen typeface.
  8. 8. EXPERIMENTATION Here is my sketch book with layout designs and plans. I have yet to do research on layouts and grids, but from my research so far on existing specimen books and their layouts, this is the kind of thing I’d like to come up with. Now I have these designs, I can work around them and research grids and layouts further to get more ideas for my book.
  9. 9. AESTHETICS/TECHNICALIve come up with the idea of making my type specimen bookwith the Starbucks colours (Green, white/cream and black)and formatting the book to look like a typical Starbucks menu.So by writing in columns and taking ideas from the Starbucksmenu, it will give the book a different twist and hopefully makeit stand out from the ordinary layout that most books will have.
  10. 10. OUTCOMEI would like to make a conceptually strong book, whichincludes the right content and explains Clarendon and itshistory, as it should. To do this I need to process my ideasfurther and establish a workable and successful plan to workforwards with.I believe I have a strong concept and ideas which will help myspecimen book to be different from most others.From here, I will continue to develop my ideas and progressmy sketches in order to start making the book. I will also haveto consider what type of print method and binding I want towork with before I start making my book.