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Yzury: the story of the brand is the story of a constant search for excellence and a taste for the rare and the unique.

At a time when young and old meet to share a wonderful moment together, Yzury is proposing an original and mysterious journey to discover the captivating flavours of Yzury’s Gourmet catalogue. With a range of authentic sophisticated products, Yzury is one of India’s most celebrated luxury grocers.

Yzury is a pilgrimage destination for luxury food aficionados… Let us tempt you!

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  • I'm a big fan of yzury.com. Their gourmet food is just fantastic as well as their packaging and services.... Keep it up guys!!
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Yzury.com: Indian Luxury Food Firm

  2. 2. Yzury: the story of the brand is the story of a constant search for excellence and a taste for the rare andthe unique.At a time when young and old meet to share a wonderful moment together, Yzury is proposing an original andmysterious journey to discover the captivating flavours of Yzury’s catalogue. With a range of authenticsophisticated products, Yzury is one of India’s most celebrated luxury grocers.Yzury is a pilgrimage destination for luxury food aficionados… Let us tempt you! ENTER IN THE WORLD OF YZURY
  3. 3. YZURY’S FINE CHOCOLATES ARE TO BE SAVOURED IMMODERATELYDUET BOX NOUGASTELLES / ORANGETTE BALLOTIN PRESTIGE BOX NAPOLITAIN CAT’S TONGUE NOUGAMANDINESNougastelles: Paved by The incomparable Yzury 4 flavours in this collection of Tenderness of soft chocolatecrunchy nougatine filled with Orangette stemming from Napolitain. Milk Napolitain will with delicate notes of vanillapraline almond-hazelnut and Spain Navel orange, coated reveal you a smooth and tender in pod. This box contains 60powdered with almond, this with delicious dark chocolate milk chocolate. Acarigua pieces of chocolate molded inYzury speciality will delight and strewed aith brightness Napolitain is crunchy chocolate cat’s tongue shape.everyone! of nougatine. This ballotin with toasted notes. IbariaNougamandines: Yzury contains a candy to be Napolitain with orange flavouredreveals a brand new way to savoured with a surprising is fruity chocolate with a slightlyenjoy chocolate with the pleasure. acidulated flavour. Ebenedelight of nougatine filled with Napolitan which character istender praline sprinkled with virile and subtle.almond.
  4. 4. YZURY’S CONFECTIONERY : A MULTITUDE OF FORMS AND FLAVOURS FOR AN INTENSE PLEASURE ASORTMENT OF FRUIT ASSORTMENT OF FRUIT CANDIED CHESTNUTS JELLIES JELLIESSet of great classic of Yzury. Allow yourself to be seduced Set of great classic of Yzury.Our fruit jellies are created by this confectionery by In an elegant pyrographedfrom prefect ingredients and excellence! Yzury candied box, our fruit jellies areare cooked in small copper chestnuts are a delectable created from prefectcauldrons in order to ensure delicacy that will melt in your ingredients and are cooked inexceptional quality. mouth. small copper cauldrons in order to ensure exceptional quality. FRENCH CALISSON Yzury revisits the traditional calisson specially for you! The calisson, a specialty from Aix-en-Provence, South France, is a sweet confection made from a fine paste of candied melon and almonds ground together, then glazed with royal icing. A true delight!
  5. 5. SOFT OR CRUNCHY, LET YOURSELF BE SEDUCED BY YZURY’S COOKIES COLLECTION BRITTANY PALET Made with Guerande salt and fresh baratte butter, the handmade cookies is a Yzury speciality from Brittany. Enjoy them at any time of day with a cup of tea or coffee.ORANGE CRUSTY COOKIEAn all butter palet withcrystallized orange peel.Tender in the mouth, crunchyand light, these Yzury paletcookies are ideal with coffee AMARENA CHERRY “PETIT FOUR” NATURAL CREPE (FRENCH Yzury presents you a whole PANCAKE) Amarena cherry, candied in blueberry juice on a “petit four” Made Renowned for its delicacy, with almond powder. It’s the Yzury introduces the natural crepe perfect accompaniment to a hot dentelle. Cooked from a unique drink or an ice-cream manufacturing, it’s the extreme sharpness of the pancake, rolled from its exit of the oven which confers its unequalled lightness and crunchy texture.
  6. 6. ALL YZURY’S SOURCING EXPERTISE AND TEA BLEND ART IN OUR CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION PECHE MIGNON TRAVEL TO INDIA CARPE DIEM STRONG BREAKFASTLet yourself be tempted by One of the world’s largest Rooibos is a herb from South This is one we mostYzury green tea with fruity producer of tea, India is a Africa. It has a red liquor and appreciate in France. Morenotes of peach and melon. country where tea is popular citrusy flavour. With too many robust than its EnglishWhen steeped in hot water, all over a breakfast and health benefits to list here, cousins, it’s a combinaison ofthey unfurl to produce the evening drink. Offering tea this is an all round saintly tea. Assam, Ceylon andmost fascinating formations – rather than alcoholic drinks to Darjeeling. A full-bodieda real storm in a teacup. visitors is the cultural norm. Yzury tea with strong character.
  7. 7. ESCAPE WITH YZURY’S COFFEE FLAVOURS TO EXOTIC COUNTRIESEHIOPIAN MOCHA COFFEE DELICE DES CARAIBES COFFEEYzury has selected this Yzury has selected thiscoffee for its rare coffee for its rich varietyelegance. A balanced of aromas well developedcoffee with cocoa and with a full bodied taste.caramel notes. For It’s delicious withregular coffee drinkers. chocolate or spicy desserts. AMERIGO COFFEE BIO COLOMBIAN COFFEE BIO Yzury has selected this Light and smooth with coffee for its flavour and fruity notes, this coffee is colour. It arises from the a hymn to gastronomic fair trade. refinement. Yzury has selected this coffee for its suave and fruity taste which will surprise you.
  8. 8. TRADITION, KNOW-HOW AND CREATIVITY, THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF JAMS FOR YOU! CORSICAN CLEMENTINE BITTER ORANGE MARMELADE ROSE PETALS PRESERVE SOLLIES FIG PRESERVE PRESERVEThe more bitter the better! Ideal for As it enchants the smell and the Yzury brings the scents of Yzury has selected Sanenjoying with breakfast, Yzury bitter sight, the rose knows how to fill Provence to your plate with this Giuliano clementines fromorange marmelade is prepared the taste. Yzury rose petals is versatile delight. Sollies Figs are Corsica, one of France’s mostaccording to traditional recipes and delicious as one candy which fresh figs exclusively produced prized fruits. They ‘re among thecooked in cauldrons in brass savors for a long time to in the Var department in the sweetest and juiciest of citrusinstruments. discover all its nuance. South of France. fruits!
  9. 9. YZURY HONOURS THE FRENCH TRADITION FOR TERRINES AND RILLETTES AND ADDS ITS UNIQUE SPIN DUCK RILLETTE DUCK TERRINE PIQUILLOS SPICES DUCK GRILLONS LANDES RECIPEThis Yzury rillette results from the long This Yzury terrine is made from duck This delicious Yzury pâté will seducecooking of meat cuts in some fatty with and spiced up with piquillos. This terrine the amateurs of tradition andsalt, pepper, spices and herbs. The is traditionally prepared and then oven authenticity.cooking is finished as soon as the fibers baked. Chill a few hours before serving.of the meat break up that explain theparticular texture of rillettes. PATE WITH ESPELETTE SPICES This Yzury pâté from France is made from a traditional recipe, a specialty typical of the southwest. Place to the refrigerator a few hours before serving.
  10. 10. YZURY’S APPETIZERS COLLECTION GIVES TO YOUR MEAL A REFINED AND FESTIVE PRELUDE BLACK OLIVE TAPENADE Yzury Black olive tapenade CAPERS remains a great classic for aperitifs in Provence. It also Yzury Capers pair well with fish, olives, makes a good chicken, basil, mustard, black pepper, accompaniment to meat and garlic, oregano and tarragon. It is added fish. PESTO SAUCE FROM PROVENCE to cold dishes of fish, meat and vegetables. Yzury pesto is an indispensable sauce, proving to be a successful substitute for fresh basil at every occasion: pasta, carpaccio, pistou soup, tomato salads. GHERKINS (CORNICHONS)Yzury gherkins are another Frenchclassic. Serve these tart, crisp Frenchpickles as an accompaniment tocheeses, sandwiches, pasta, smokedmeats and fish.
  11. 11. FRUITY AND TRUFFLE FLAVOURED, YZURY’S OIL COLLECTION IS UNIQUE AND COMPELLING PROVENCAL HERBS INFUSED OLIVE OIL BLACK TRUFFLES OLIVE OIL AROMA The combination of their aromas produces a fresh and distinctive This Yzury black truffle-flavored oil that can be used to flavour a olive oil goes perfectly with any wide variety of preparations holiday dish: foies gras, capon, superbly: grilled food, fish and mashed chestnuts, mashed also vegetables. potatoes, risottos. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILYzury oil from Aix en Provence is Yzury olive oil is made by crushingcharacterised by a green fruit flavour, a small hot chili. A real help in theslight intensity and by aromas of green kitchen, this spicy oil may be usedpepper, tomato leaf and artichoke. sparingly to season couscous, pasta, chilli con carne or pizza.
  12. 12. WHEREVER OUTSTANDING VINEGAR IS MADE, YZURY BRINGS YOU THE BESTBALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA TARRAGON FLAVOURED VINEGAR MELON VINEGAR WALNUT FLAVOURED VINEGAR This Yzury vinegar will seduce the This Yzury vinegar is ideal to cookThe unfermented "must" of grapes is This Yzury vinegar reveals a slighty finest gourmets with its exceptional light while flavouring deliciouslystored in barrels of various wood and aniseed herbaceous flavour with an flavours, indispensable for a your dishes, notably white meats,ever-decreasing volumes. The result is after taste sweet, spiced with a touch sophisticated cooking. This raw vegetables and salads.exceptional: both deep dark brown and of fennel. A spoon of this vinegar will flavourful vinegar will enchantsomehow bright, with a tremendous confer on your preparations a slightly yours dishes thanks to its delicatearoma and a taste that is at once aniseed notes. It gives a special taste and fruity aromas which will beacidic and sweet. to your tomato soups and gaspacho. perfect for your salads.
  13. 13. MUSTARD WITH BOURGOGNE BLACK TRUFFLE MUSTARD WINE This prestigious mustard recipe with Yzury brings you a sophisticated Bourgogne Wine is an ideal mustard, full of character and rich in accompaniment for meat as well as flavor, which will greatly enhance other culinary creations. your dishes.YZURY’S MUSTARD SUITS EVERY OCCAIONAND CAN FASHION A FEAST OR ENHANCE THE ELEVATED TO LET GREATER HEIGHTS DIJON MUSTARD WITH HONEY GREEN PEPPER MUSTARD AND BALSAMIC This Yzury recipe accompanies This spicy green pepper Yzury meats, cuts of beef and foil-baked mustard is a great accompaniment fish wonderfully. It is also ideal for for all types of red meat. preparing cream-based sauces to accompany white meat.
  14. 14. CHANTERELLES MUSHROOMSThe Yzury chanterelle, also calledchanterelle ciborium, grows fromthe end of May in the clear forestsof oaks. Its flesh is creamy white orlight yellow. Slightly soft, it has afruity flavour and aroma.MORELS BLACK TRUFFLE JUICEThe Yzury Morel has a hazelnut YZURY’S MUSHROOM: A UNIQUE FLAVOURflavour with rich earthy aromas. Itsbouquet and its rarity make one of TO ENHANCE THE TASTE OF YOUR DISHESthe most popular mushrooms of thegastronomes.NATURAL MORELS MUSHROOMS CHANTERELLES MUSHROOMS The Yzury Morel has a hazelnut The Yzury chanterelles flesh is flavour with rich earthy aromas. Its creamy white or light yellow; slightly bouquet and its rarity make one of soft, it has a fruity flavour and the most popular mushrooms of the aroma. gastronomes.
  15. 15. YZURY’S PASTA ARE OUT OF THE COMMON: THE BEST OF HANDCRAFT PASTA WITH 7 EGGS PAT’ATOUILLE 7 WIDE NEST - TORSADE VEGETABLES TAGLIATELLEDurum wheat meal and Yzury Patatouille is a Yzury has selected thisvery fresh eggs, the most new way of consuming wide nest pasta just fornatural quality pasta and vegetables. you, produced using age-ingredients, give Yzury Without colouring agents old traditional methods forTorsade pasta its unique nor conservatives, they making egg pasta, whichand light taste. are as natural as your have been handed down fresh vegetables. A real from mother to daughter. delight. TORTELLINI Egg pasta produced in the traditional manner, the Tortellini were specially selected for you by Yzury.
  16. 16. YZURY’S FAMOUS FRENCH CHEESES MUNSTER CAMEMBERT LE VIEUX PANEBack in the seventh century Irish A firmer texture and a more Similar to Pont LEveque thismonks settled in what is now robust flavor make this the cheese is wrapped in three layerscalled Munster Valley in Alsace. cheese for your gourmet cheese of wax paper. It is made from theThis soft cheese has a strong platter or over indulgent sheeps milk and has salty, spicytasting. breakfast. taste. Corsicans eat it spread on bread with a glass of white wine or spirits. RACLETTE Raclette is a firm, pressed, cheese, with a natural rind. The paste is usually smooth but may have small holes. It has a slightly spicy, but not overpowering, flavour.
  17. 17. INSATIABLE SEEKER OF TALENT, YZURY PROVIDES QUALITY RED, WHITE AND PINK WINES WITH BALANCED TEXTURES AND PRONOUNCED AROMAS CHATEAU COUTET SAINT DOMAINE DE LA PIGEADE EMILION GRAND CRU MUSCAT DE BEAUMES DE BORDEAUX VENISEYzury invites you to discover a A pale clear gold very sweetGreat Bordeaux: Chateau Coutet wine, with brilliant goldenwhich, with its neighbours highlights. The aromatic complexBeauSejour, the two Maynes and palette associates the aromaticAngelus, shares the prestigious pear with rose water and exoticSaint-Emilion Grand Cru fruit. A true delight!Appellation. CHATEAU LES SAINTONGERS LES CADETS DE GOURNIER D’HAUTEFEUILLE - COTES DE IGP DES CEVENNES BERGERAC Attractive wine, due to its color, From its first bottling, this wine and flavors of well ripe fruits . was immediately recognised as Delicate and refreshing Rosé an exceptional with dominating aromas of straw vintage. Particularly appreciated berries and grenades. by wine lovers, this laudable wine fully merits the many awards it regularly receives.
  18. 18. ENTER THE MAGICAL WORLD OF ONE OF THE FINEST AND RAREST OF DISHES, CAVIAR AND TRUFFLES, CAREFULLY SELECTED FOR YOU BY YZURY CAVIAR TRUFFLE With its utterly inimitable character, you cannot fail to These black truffles in pieces have been carefully selected by enjoy the complex flavours of Perlita Caviar and its Yzury for their superior quality. They are obtained from good tender, exceptionally large eggs with colours ranging quality whole truffles. The perfect match for your mashed from pale to dark grey. potatoes, omelets, risotto or pasta.