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Gamze Karaagac


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Gamze Karaagac

  1. 1. Abraham's City Prophets City
  2. 2. The Cave in Which Prophet İbrahim was Born and Mevlid-i Halil Mosque (Center): Prophet İbrahim was born inside a cave located at the south of the courtyard of the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque. Accrding to the rumors, the monarch of the period, Nemrut dreams. In the morning he tells his dream to his astrologers. As the astrologers tell him that „ a child who will born in this year would end your reign“, Nemrut orders to kill all of the male children that would be born during that year.
  3. 3. . The wife of Azer, the idolist of the palace gives birth to Prophet İbrahim secretly in this cave. Prophet İbrahim lived in this cave until he reaches the age seven. The water found in the cave of prophet İbrahim is believed to be curative and that the waters cure numerous diseases.
  4. 6. . As Prophet İbrahim begins to struggle with the monarch of the period Nemrut and with the idols that his folk worships and begins to break and destroy such idols defending the idea of a single god, he was cast into fires by Nemrut from the location which is known as the Şanlıurfa Castle .
  5. 7. As the God himself orders the fire as "O fire, be cool and secure to İbrahim.", the fire turn into water and the stones turn into fishes.
  6. 8. The place where Prophet İbrahim falled is named as "Halil-ür Rahman Lake".
  7. 10. The step daugter of Nemrut Zeliha falls in love with Prophet İbrahim. Zeliha begs and prays for Prophet İbrahim to his step father Nemrut .
  8. 11. As she realizes that Prophet İbrahim is fallen into fire, she casts herself into the fire. The place where Zeliha falled is called as “Ayn-ı Zeliha Lake“.