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Exploring interfaces exercise


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An exercise for exploring activities across interfaces and timeline, responsibilities, with an example focusing on Product Owner and Team. This can be used as part of setting up Team Rules for an Agile Team or a Kanban System Design. see as well

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Exploring interfaces exercise

  1. 1. @yuvalyeret
  2. 2. Objective – Explore Interfaces between two groups For example – Product Owner and Team@yuvalyeret
  3. 3. First Step – Post Up Activities regardless of who/whenExample – all activities relatedto the lifecycle of a Feature inan Agile Team@yuvalyeret
  4. 4. Shortcut? Come with a prepared list Why Not? Advantage of letting participants come up with the list is they digest the material better… and you start from their processes…@yuvalyeret
  5. 5. Second Step – When? Where does each activity lie in the lifecycle? Use horizontal team estimation game - this means coming up with a continuum of activities where starting point is to the left side, ending point is to the right side (to be compatible with a typical Kanban Story Board)@yuvalyeret
  6. 6. Third Step – Who? Which activity is associated with who? Use vertical team estimation game to drive a consensus among the team. The meaning of vertical is that you don’t touch the left-right placement, just the top-bottom.@yuvalyeret
  7. 7. Debrief Have a discussion about what this means, what are the surprises, does this make sense, what you would like to experiment with.@yuvalyeret
  8. 8. Consider using this to “Make your Process Policies Explicit” 2 3 5 2 3 Definition of Done: Definition of Done: Definition of Done: Definition of Done: Definition of Done: • Goal is clear • code clean and • All tests passed • User signed off •system running • First task checked in truck • All tests test env on prod env for 1 defined • Integrated & documented • user guide day error free regression tested upated@yuvalyeret
  9. 9. Applications? PM-R&D, DEV-TEST, DEV- OPS, MANAGER-TEAM, Outside of Product Development…@yuvalyeret
  10. 10. Get the slides at Blogging at