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HED.849.Seminar in College Instruction, guest lecture on April 21, 2008.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Technology Enhanced Learning for Higher Ed Kreher, Yin Wah, & Morrison, Michael. (April 21, 2008). ITS, Syracuse University.
  2. 2. The Cellphone Novel Rin, 21, Japan, tapped out a novel on her cellphone that sold 400,000 copies in hardcover. (NYT, Asia Pacific News,Jan 20, 08)
  3. 3. Technology Enhanced Learning:The Approach Which ball will you use for this goal basket?
  4. 4. Matching Technology withLearning Goals  Feedback/Engagement: Discussion boards, online polling, classroom response systems (clickers)  Reflection/Collaboration: Blogging, wiki…  E-tutoring, real time conferencing for distance learning: IM chat, web conferencing software …
  5. 5. The cellphone as a teaching tool  Text message polling  Audioblogging/podcasting  Photoblogging  Videoblogging
  6. 6. Worried about cellphonedistraction? Establish a social contract with students defining structure and rules around cellphone use Teach students to safely navigate media world, including professional use of social device like cellphone (Ref: International Society for Technology in Education, December/January 2007–08 | Learning & Leading with Technology)