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A Sleep Fairy Tale


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This assignment is submitted in fulfillment of Stanford University's Venture Lab Crash Creativity Course, Fall 2012.

Published in: Education
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A Sleep Fairy Tale

  1. 1. HARRY GETS A SHUT-EYE A Sleep Fairy Tale Nadia Duchemin, Yin Wah Kreher & Elena Yakimova #CrashCreativity, Dec 11, 2012
  2. 2. In a house, in a room, not so far away, there lived ayoung man by the name of Harry. Ring, ring … text, text, text …
  3. 3. Keeping watch over Harry (and the rest of the world) isour special Sleep Fairy. I have to destroy the evil threat that is destroying my Sleep Kingdom!
  4. 4. Harry, Harry, on thephone, text 3 moretimes, and you willsurely die!
  5. 5. No way! Who are you?Ugly witch?! You knownothing about fun! Haveyou ever played AngryBirds ?
  6. 6. Put that away, you numbskull! Let me show you what will happen if you keep this up!The Sleep Fairy waves her wand, sprinklesfairy dust over Harry, and grabs him up. Shebrings Harry to an alternate universe.
  7. 7. The Sleep Fairy whisks Harry to different scenes ofhis future life. He is floating and looking at himselffrom above. He feels tired, very tired. He has stayedup all night working on his computer and texting. Heis so-o-o tired. He looks down at his phone. Lookingup … “Keplunk! Kepoot! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!” Aaaaahhh!
  8. 8. Harry is so tired. He tries different drugs to help perkhimself up, messes up and overdoses!The headline in the local papers says:Youth overdosed trying to sleep. Found deadsurrounded by pills and Red Bull!
  9. 9. I can’t sleep, doctor, I can’t sleep, I can’t! Help me! I have nightmares. No!!!You have Stress Disorderbecause you are not resting. Ifyou don’t digitally disconnectsoon, I’ll put you in a mentalhospital.
  10. 10. The Sleep Fairy wants to bring Harry to anotherfuture life scene ... No, no, no!!! Get me outta here! Stop! I want to go home! Please! The Sleep Fairy brings Harry to a peaceful place for digital rehab!
  11. 11. In a “Night without E-World” café,many people gather. There are nophones, no computer gadgets. Justtalking, writing, reading of real books.Nothing electronic. A real band. Thereis a Technology Addiction SupportHomeopathic Kit for everyone whoneeds it.
  12. 12. Harry can finally smile after 30 days at the NightWithout E-World café.
  13. 13. YES!!!At 3 am these days, the Sleep Fairy finds Harryfast asleep. Off to another digital victim she goesto rescue!
  14. 14. This is a production by PowerPuff Gals for Stanford University,Venture Lab’s Crash Creativity course, Fall 2012.Contact Nadia: @ChaiLatteAddictContact Yin: @yinbk