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IPI socialmedia


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Usage of Instagram and Google Audience to engage with a news audience. From The Oklahoman and

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IPI socialmedia

  1. 1. Social mediain the HeartlandInstagram, Twitter and Google Hangout
  2. 2. Interactive / engagement• When planning our annual progressedition, Outlook, we knew we wanted aninteractive component• Instagram and Oklahoma City• Meetups in the community• Perfect way to engage audience
  3. 3. Contest: Great way to engage• We made it a photo contest: EnvisionOKC 20 years from now, in 2033• Natural theme for sponsor: Camera store• Great prizes from sponsor: Sony camera,$250 gift certificates to camera store
  4. 4. Announcing the contest• Announced viainstagram, twitter, andon website,• Used #okc20yearslater• Because it took someexplanation, wecreated a video andsome instagramimages.
  5. 5. Sell themessageusing themedium
  6. 6. Active response• We asked audience to “do” something:Take thought-provoking photos thatsignified OKC in 20 years• Received 114 entries• Response not huge but active (socialmedia) and passionate.• Satisfied with response. Will build on thisnext year
  7. 7. Why the hashtag?• Using the #okc20years later• Helped find entries• Entrants promoted the contest themselves• Advertised the contest and created energyon instagram and twitter
  8. 8. Winning entries
  9. 9. ‘Cloud City’
  10. 10. ‘Skyscrapers’
  11. 11. ‘Art stands’
  12. 12. ‘Instacity’
  13. 13. ‘Lake Hefner’
  14. 14. Google Hangout• How would we announce the winners?• In the newspaper• Online• Social Media• Google Hangout: A combination of onlineand social media
  15. 15. Video + shareability• Google Hangout is a FREE video phonecall for up to 10 friends.• Send invitations to the hangout with a linkto the call• Must have a webcam• Can save the video for sharing later•
  16. 16. Mobile• Google Hangout can be used on mobiledevices: smartphones, iPads, othertablets.•• You can use a QR code to view on yourmobile device