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6 group presentation compiled minani conclusion edited


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Conclusion - edited

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6 group presentation compiled minani conclusion edited

  1. 1. Problem Statement  To investigate how these 4 interlinked aspects would influence the learning ability of a child. 1. The fulfillment of needs 2. The micro- and meso- environment 3. The social-emotional learning processes 4. How a child processes information
  2. 2. Hypothesis  Needs  Parents’ lack of personal care to a child’s sense of belonging, safety and self-esteem affects his desire to learn.  Microenvironment  A child’s relationship with his microenvironment (parents/classmates/teachers) affects his propensity to learn in school.  A child’s socio-economic status (SES) influences parents’ expectations on the child.  A teacher’s expectations and impressions of a child affects his performance in school  Social and Emotional Learning  A child’s deficiencies in social-emotional competencies adversely affect his performance in school  Information Processing  A child’s attention can be divided when faced with emotional issues.  Inherent abilities such as Cognitive resources play a part in learning abilities
  3. 3. Learning Ability Needs Micro- environment Information Processing Social - Emotional Learning Conclusion
  4. 4. THANK YOU Rawdah . Chun Fong . Hui Min . Yvonne . Amanda