Project 2 Case Study Presentation


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Project 2 Case Study Presentation

  1. 1. Element of Built Environment Case Study By Yee Algel, Thun Shao Xun, Leong Shun Qi and Yvonne Chin.
  2. 2. Urban Stadium Merdeka
  3. 3. Urban? • High population density • Well developed • Mostly commercial building • Majority are high rise building
  4. 4. Stadium Merdeka • A sport stadium • Located at Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur. • Building where Malaysia's declaration of independence on 31 August 1957.
  5. 5. Infrastructure Well developed and completed infrastructure such as: •Street light •Flyover •Traffic light •Monorail •etc
  6. 6. Landscape and Nature • very little landscape and nature are available • Concrete jungle
  7. 7. Sub-urban Bukit Jelutong
  8. 8. Bukit Jelutong • an upscale suburb of Shah Alam • mostly low-density bungalows and duplex and terrace houses • developed by Guthrie Property Holding Berhad (GPHB), a subsidiary company of Sime Darby.
  9. 9. Buildings • Commercial buildings. • Industrial buildings. • Residential building.
  10. 10. Infrastructure • Bus-stop • Road sign • Traffic light • Recreational area • Etc.
  11. 11. Landscape, Space and Nature •Bukit Jelutong has abundance of beauty landscape and nature. •The space of this area is well organized. 11
  12. 12. Example of nature and landscape
  13. 13. Rural Kampung U6 • Kampung U6 is located in Shah Alam near the previous airport, Subang airport. • Near our suburban area, Bukit Jelutong • Traditional kampong or small village. • Population approximately 1000 people. • Less developed compare to urban and sub-urban area.
  14. 14. Buildings Mostly are old buildings. • • Don’t have any renovation. • Some are in poor condition. • Only a few commercial buildings • Mostly are hardware shop • Not much educational or any • religious building Can’t find any particular parking lot.
  15. 15. Infrastructure • Rarely found due to the less development from the authorities • Roads, electricity supplies, telecommunication and other infrastructure services are limited in all rural areas • • Some of the infrastructure are in poor condition. The bus stop shown in the figure is in poor condition.
  16. 16. Infrastructure Only a few infrastructures such as •Traffic light – ensure the driver won’t crush into other cars at junction •Street light – ensure the cars driven at night won’t involve in accident •Signboard – show the direction to somewhere •Bus stop – accommodate the resident to everywhere •Chevron (Arrowhead) – remind the driver to drive carefully
  17. 17. Space, Nature and Landscape. • Rural areas have more empty and undeveloped lands • These lands are remain nature. • Most of it are still forests and even plantations • Due to less development, there are a lot of rocky road