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Willa boutique

  1. 1. Willa BoutiqueKatie McBroom Chelsey Bobalek Yvette Ibrarra Linda Pedraza Yao Lu
  2. 2. Company Background • Extensions of Em&Lee • First store in College Station, TX • Specialty Boutique • Offering contemporary apparel at an affordable priceWilla Boutique
  3. 3. Current Marketing Strategy The Willa Marketing strategy is novice; virtually nonexistent and relies on the marketing success of mother store, Em & Lee for consumer awareness of the Willa Brand. Locations •Plano, Montgomery, Houston, College Station Website •Reliant on getting notice via the Em & Lee website – the Em & Lee website is lacking in many digital marketing aspects Social Networking •Em & Lee Facebook - Facebook is readily updated every other day if not dailyWilla Boutique
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses •Specialty selection •E-commerce •Price points -website •Location -online store -social networks -mother retailer: E-commerce •Location Opportunities Threats •Technology development •Power house retail companies •Product development •Neighboring boutiques •Partnership •Reliance on E-commerceWilla Boutique
  5. 5. Deficiencies in the Current Marketing Strategy • Willa Boutique is a retailer that has multiple deficiencies in their current marketing strategy • Not using tradigital marketing to its full potential • No traditional marketing presence – No local advertising (magazines, radio, TV ads) • Website doesn’t appear to be an e-commerce website where consumers can shop or order online • Separate Willa Boutique and Em & Lee – Willa website, Twitter, & FacebookWilla Boutique
  6. 6. Current Website
  7. 7. Deficiencies in the Current Social Media Marketing Strategy • Not using social media tools to full potential • Only tweeted once since August 5, 2011 • Vimeo link takes visitors to the Vimeo homepage • Website has dead links which take visitors to pages with no content • Definitely increase bounce rates • YouTube link takes visitors to a video that is promoting an event at Willa but the YouTube channel & other videos on the channel are unrelated to the Willa brand. • Not using these social media outlets to their full potential could possibly be hurting their online traffic and traffic into brick & mortar locations.Willa Boutique
  8. 8. Traditional Marketing Strategies • Email Blasts (once or bi- weekly) • Advertising in Local Houston & Dallas Periodicals • Philanthropy Involvement: fashion shows & community Events • Press ReleasesWilla Boutique
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Strategy • Willa Boutique has not developed well, we suggest using Google and Twitter as our tools for their advancement. • In order to grow, Willa Boutique must have excellent social media metrics: Digital communications , collect demographic database to analyze our consumers.Willa Boutique
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Strategies • Organic & Paid Search: Google Adwords • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube • Website Improvements: Navigation, Color Scheme, Dead Links, etc.Willa Boutique
  11. 11. My Account Sign In Shopping Bag Keyword or item # GO Willa Boutique Color Me Denim! New Summer Arrivals Shop Our New Arrivals Are Here! Its All About The Shoe: Shop Our Wedges Bold & Beautiful: Shop Our Handbags Sign Up to get News, Emails, & Offers or Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter Email AddressStore Locator Gift Cards Jobs Privacy Policy Copyright 2012. www.willaboutique.com All Rights Reserved.
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