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what is race


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presentation describes what race is biologically as a opposed to what we have constructed it to be. this presentation is meant to be given with the handout matters of race

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what is race

  1. 1. Race?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. 2. Our objective SWBAT to redefine the term race, its lack of scientific basis, and its true origins.
  3. 3. Lets Chat Real Quick! Okay today we’re going to be talking about some very touchy subjects! We have to be respectful of everyone irrespective of their cultural background The people of society today are not responsible for the social distinctions of today! You may feel confused or angry after today!
  4. 4. We Must Overcome! The following lessons are not meant to exacerbate racial tensions. The lessons are meant to create an understanding and awareness
  5. 5.  What I’m hoping is that this will be a unifier and not divisive! We are going to be talking about “white” people. No white people that you know have had anything to do with the discrimination discussed in todays lesson.
  6. 6. Hate speech willnot be tolerated!
  7. 7. Are you ready?
  8. 8. Take out your phones if you have internet… Lets do a search… “RACE” Under your agenda… Write what it says Share what you found with your neighbor
  9. 9. Volunteers to share theirfindings?
  10. 10. What if I told you… There is only one human race There is no biological basis for race You might believe me…
  11. 11. Don’t just take my word for it! Question things that you hear! If something sounds outlandish, ask for sources or evidence!
  12. 12. My source In 2001 The American Museum of Natural History Exhibit entitled “The Genomic Revolution”
  13. 13. Human Genome Mapping All humans are incredibly similar 99.9% Genetically identical
  14. 14. How can this be?
  15. 15. Simple We all belong to the same species Which one?
  16. 16. Scientists have confirmed… That there is no biological basis for race
  17. 17. We answer one question And now I hope you have a million more questions! Write down 2 questions that you may have now that you know race is not in our biology. TIPS
  18. 18. So what are the differences? No matter how scientists today scrutinize a persons genes, they cant determine with certainty whether an individual is from one “racial” group or another-Matters of Race, Educators Guide (PBS, Facing History, Roja productions)
  19. 19. So what do others have tosay?Dr. Harold P. Freeman
  20. 20. Lori Tsang If race has no basis in biology or genetics, what is it?
  21. 21.  Why does Tsang like race to a wild card?
  22. 22. Author John Edgar Wideman
  23. 23. Sociologist Barbara Rothman What does she mean when she says the differences exist physically but matter socially? How does she challenge the idea of a simple relationship between a physical difference and a physical consequence?
  24. 24.  What other examples in the local or national news of cause-and-effect relationships based on race?
  26. 26. Lets do a forunderstanding How many species of people are there? What are/is the species? What percent of our DNA is similar? What kind of biological differences are there between the races? What is race?
  27. 27.  Lets say a lady is pregnant/baby is born? What’s the first thing that most people ask?
  28. 28. Continuing… What do we do if it’s a boy? How a bout a girl? What implications does the sex of the baby carry for the rest of its life?
  29. 29.  For most of history gender has mattered! Why? What about race?
  30. 30. Any Guesses? How long has race mattered? 1000 points
  31. 31. Since slavery
  32. 32. Up until about 50 years ago? Many scientists in Europe and North America insisted that human beings were indeed divided into separate and distinct races They couldn’t agree on how many There is one thing that they all agreed on!
  33. 33. What was it? 1000 points
  34. 34.  Their race was superior! White/Caucasian Remember what we talked about @ the beginning! Be tolerant!!!!!
  35. 35. According to the English OxfordDictionary… The first printing of the word white in reference to a “race” was 1671 A person of a race distinguished by a light complexion A person from the region Caucasus
  36. 36. Lets see where the term “race”isnt Where isnt the term race mentioned?
  37. 37. Who made race matter?
  38. 38.  By the End of the American Revolution non-whites couldn’t become citizens.
  39. 39. THAT’S IT FOR TODAY!