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The american revolution


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Published in: News & Politics
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The american revolution

  1. 1. The AmericanRevolution
  2. 2. 13 colonies
  3. 3. 1750• More than 1million people• Supplying raw materials• British Ruled• Really Self Governed• What does that mean?• 13 little parliments
  4. 4. Britain & France at War• French Indian War aka 7 years war• 1756• Control of the Ohio River Valley• British settlers• French Forts in the way
  5. 5. British Won!• Need new source of revenue• cover war costs
  6. 6. Intolerable Acts• Stamp Act• Tea Act• Sugar Act• Declaratory Act
  7. 7. No taxation withoutrepresentation!• Colonies were self governing• Boycott British goods• Boston Massacre• Boston Tea party
  8. 8. 1st Continental Congress• Send King George a letter• Pledged allegiance• Demanded repeal of the coercive act• Declared a boycott• Agreed to meet again
  9. 9. Straight trippin’• King George sent more troops to Boston• Colonies formed militias• Red Coats sent to take the militias armory• Faced off at Lexington & Concord
  10. 10. 2nd continental congress• We meet again• Organized an army (led by who?)• 1776 T-pain wrote common sense “tyranny”• Need complete independence
  11. 11. Declaration ofIndependence• Thomas Jefferson• Break up letter• “free & independent• Listed grievances• “life liberty & property” natural rights• Governments duty to protect those rights
  12. 12. All out War!
  13. 13. SO who won?
  14. 14. Setting up a government• Articles of Confederation• Issues with federalism• Constitution• Solid Federalism• Separation of powers• Popular sovereignty
  15. 15. Not quite right• Some refused to ratify without a guarantee of individualrights• Bill of Rights
  16. 16. Influence• French Revolution• Latin American Revolutions