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International relations pre assessment


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International relations pre assessment

  1. 1. International Relations Pre Assessment<br />Directions: This is not a graded test. This is simply an assessment to see what kind of knowledge you are entering the class with. Read each question carefully and circle the best possible answer.<br /><ul><li>How many continents cover the earth’s surface?
  2. 2. a. 10b. 5c. 7d.3</li></ul> 2. Which ocean lies in between North America and Europe?<br />a. Pacificb. Atlanticc. Indiand. Arctic<br /> 3. Please label the cardinal directions on the compass below<br /> <br /> 4. What is the goal of the United Nations?<br />a. to combat terrorism in the world<br />b. to police the world<br />c. to spread democracy across the globe<br />d. to maintain peace and security throughout the world<br />10096507355205001009650735520500Question 5 is on the back of this page<br />5. The earth is divided into hemispheres. Please label all of the earth’s hemispheres on the map below.<br />6. On the map below, please label all of the continents that you recognize.<br />