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Current Event for your UN Country<br />Due : February 4<br />Directions:  Please read and follow all directions carefully!...
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Current event for los angeles


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Current event for los angeles

  1. 1. Current Event for your UN Country<br />Due : February 4<br />Directions: Please read and follow all directions carefully! The assignment that you will be turning in is a current event. You are to find a recent article (either from the newspaper or a news website), read it in its entirety, and print/cut it out. You will attach the article and your assessment of the article to the back of this page. Please note that the article must not be older than 30 days. Follow each of the items in the check list to receive full credit! Any assignment without a name will earn a ‘0’. This assignment may not be turned in late.<br />Please check the student side of the checklist for the items that you completed. All items must be completed in order to ensure full credit.<br />Our Country of research is_______________________________________________________<br />Teacher /Student<br /><ul><li>______/_______ I read the entire article regarding an issue that is occurring involving our country
  2. 2. ______/_______ My current event includes a title at the top of the page.
  3. 3. ______/_______ I wrote a paragraph in my own words accurately summarizing the article. If I plagiarize I will earn a “0”
  4. 4. I included :who the article concerns,
  5. 5. Where the issue is taking place,
  6. 6. What the issue is,
  7. 7. When exactly the issue began,
  8. 8. Why and or how the issue began.
  9. 9. ______/_______ The first summary paragraph is at least 8 complete sentences long
  10. 10. ______/_______ The second paragraph gives my assessment of the issue
  11. 11. I included: my opinion on the issue
  12. 12. I included a prediction of what I think may happen in the future regarding this issue
  13. 13. ______/_______ The second paragraph is at least 5 complete sentences long
  14. 14. ______/_______ My work is neat and legible (if Ms. can’t read it, I will earn a ‘0’)
  15. 15. _____/________ I attached the complete article that I read to this assignment if not attached I will earn a “0”
  16. 16. Total Score
  17. 17. Teacher (only)
  18. 18. ____________out of 10 points (3 extra points will be given to any assignment that is typed)