Cruise through periodic 2


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Cruise through periodic 2

  1. 1. But not like the Lusitania!
  2. 2. Mini objective #1 SWBAT to discuss the human rights violations during the WWI
  3. 3. Flow Map
  4. 4. Ottoman Empire Ruled by Turkey Mostly Muslim Prior to the war Extreme nationalists Create a Turkish only state
  5. 5.  Can you list any ethnic minorities in the US? How are they treated?
  6. 6. Armenians Christian Live in the Ottoman Minority Denied basic rights Pledged support to the Allies Enemies of the Turks
  7. 7.  What do you think is going to happen to the Armenians?
  8. 8. Genocide-killing off a wholegroup Forced the Armenians from their homes Killing Armenians Forcing them to march into the desert Starvation & disease Survivors left homeless
  9. 9. In 1 year… 1915-1916 Turkey Tortured & killed At least 600,000 Armenians
  10. 10. Mini objective #2 SWBAT describe President Wilsons 14 points
  11. 11. Wilson’s 14Points for peace
  12. 12. OKAY so the war is over Does everyone just pick up their guns and go home?
  13. 13. NO We have to negotiate terms of peace
  14. 14. President Wilson Drew up his idea Called 14 points PEACE WITHOUT VICTORY!
  15. 15. What did he have in mind? Stop secret treatise Change borders-create new nations Self determination-letting people decide what kind of government they want League of nations-maintain world peace
  16. 16. Mini Objective #3 SWBAT see how much of President Wilson’s ideas were actually in the treaty
  17. 17. Double Bubble Treaty of Wilson’s Versailles 14 points
  18. 18. 1919 Versailles, France Delegates Allies Neutral nations Central powers-Not allowed
  19. 19.  Why are the Central Powers not allowed to be there? What are the implications?
  20. 20. Terms of the treaty League of nations Germany gives up territory to France Germany gives up over seas colonies Germany reduces the size of military Germany is forbidden to buy or make weapons Germany is forbidden to have submarines Germany is forbidden to have an air force Germany is forced to accept all responsibility for the war Germany must pay $33 billion to Allies
  21. 21. How do you think GermanyFeels?
  22. 22. So now Major effect of post war treaties #1 New political borders
  23. 23. #2 effect of TOV German Treaty of Hostility World War Versailles II
  24. 24. Mini objective #4 SWBAT understand post war disillusionment and how it was reflected in art
  25. 25. mirror
  26. 26.  How do you think the Europeans feel after the war?
  27. 27. Like in the Industrial Revolution Artists are like a mirror for society They reflect how the people feel
  28. 28. Lets take a look! Economy National bankruptcy Prices of goods go WAY up High unemployment
  29. 29. Politics & government Political parties are competing Quick changes Monarchy->democracy=lack of democratic tradition No strong leaders Instable governments
  30. 30. How would you feel? The people feel cynical-distrusting & disillusioned No faith in the old systems Afraid of the future In your mirror, draw a face that looks disillusioned and cynical
  31. 31. “the lost Generation” Ernest Heming way F. Scott Fitzgerald Gertrude Stein Their writing often showed a sense of loss and meaninglessness The opposite of fantasy-harsh realistic endings
  32. 32.  In your mirror draw the face of someone who is cynical or disillusioned Around your mirror glue the faces of the lost generation. Include post wwi
  33. 33. Yeah BOY! What was the name of the guy who took over Russia? His political party? His government system?
  34. 34. Mini objective #5 SWBAT understand the consequences of the Russian Revolution
  35. 35.  Lenin takes over What does he do to the Czar Nicholas and his wife? Lenin won the Revolution by…
  36. 36.  War between Bolsheviks(RED) communists & anti-Bolsheviks (white) non- communists 15 million die in the war Also famine
  37. 37. Lenin Cruel Gulags Harsh prison camps Criminals Political prisoners Anti-communists Lenin is old and dies
  38. 38. ENTER STALIN!!!
  39. 39. What you really NEED toknow… Write this down! TOTALITARIAN What does that sound like? Exactly write this down TOTALITARIAN = total control
  40. 40. Total Control= EconomicControl Setting wages Telling people where they could live Telling workers what job they can do Write this down Organized collective farms-too fast of a change=not enough food=????
  41. 41. Total Control=Politicalcontrol Tanks and weapons to stop protests Tapping phones Reading mail Jailing and killing political opponents Write this down PUNISH ANYONE FOR ANY REASON!
  42. 42. Total control=CulturalControl Newspapers Radio stations Movies studios Destroying anything religious Taking over schools (textbooks, curriculum) Censoring artists propaganda
  43. 43. Stalin’s Reign of Terror Russians lost their rights/freedom Forced starvation of the Ukrainians Total control=famine=8-13 million to die
  44. 44. Mini objective #6 SWBAT to compare and contrast totalitarian regimes of Germany, Italy, Soviet Union
  45. 45. Question #1 How was German Fascism similar to Communism in the Soviet Union?
  46. 46. Answer Similar means of Controlling the state
  47. 47. Question 2 What was the main difference between Fascism in Germany and Fascism in Italy?
  48. 48. Answer Germany focused on racial superiority.
  49. 49. Hitler and Stalin Sign a non aggression pact Both invade Poland Split the Poland up between the two