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My professional and educational portfolio (1)


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My professional and educational portfolio (1)

  1. 1. My Educational and Professional Portfolio
  2. 2. Professional Biography Yves Simon has been educated in Math, Physics, Science, Civil Engineering, K-12 Education and Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Adult Education, Educational Technology, Open Education, Open Learning, Online Teaching at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional levels. He is a math teacher certified. He is an experienced educator in Math, Physics, Science, French, ESL and Spanish.
  3. 3. Professional biography (continued) He has taught in the private and public schools for many years. He currently works in the public school system while teaching and tutoring face-to-face and online at New Direction Education Services. He is developing Open Popular University for open courses and educational resources. His interests are in self-directed learning,
  4. 4. Professional Biography (continued) open learning development, math content development, translation, web curation, blogging, researching, writing and editing in different educational areas. His writings are featured in his personal blogs. He publishes articles on Technology in Education, Science, Health, Social Issues, Math, learning skills. Engineering in several blogs
  5. 5. Professional Biography and websites. He curates several educational articles in different social media platforms such as, and publishes in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Quora, Slidesare, Scribd, etc. He has translated several documents in French and English and currently publishes in both languages.
  6. 6. Educational Services New Direction Education Services Universite Populaire Ouverte/Open Popular University New Direction Education Services Facebook Page New Direction Education Services Open Popular University Facebook page Open Popular University Online teacher : Notions of limits
  7. 7. Educational Services (continued) Open Popular University at Google+ Open Popular University New Direction Education Services at Google+ New Direction Education Services Open Popular University on Twitter Open Popular University
  8. 8. Social Media LinkedIn About me Twitter Google + Quora Slideshare Scribd
  9. 9. Publications See the next slides
  10. 10. Blogs Open PhD Exploration Alteredzine Haiti Reconstruction Alterzine
  11. 11. Magazines Alteredzine Blog most popular articles Alteredzine magazine DIY Learning Open Education 1 Open Education Open Education Magazine Alterzine Daily Haiti Reconstruction blog most popular articles