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American gothic

  1. 1. American Gothic ( Para.11——14 )
  2. 2. American Gothic Grant Wood instanly rose to fame in 1930 with his painting American Gothic , an oftencopied interpretation of the solemn pride of American farmers. The painting shows a serious-looking man and a woman standing in front of a farmhouse. He was strongly influenced by medieval artists and inspired by the Gothic window of an old farmhouse, but the faces in his composition were what captured the world’s attention.
  3. 3. fame [feim] <n.> 名声 , 名望 Her chief fame rests on her several films. 她的名声主要来自她的几部影片 。 <vt.> [ 常用被动语态 ] 使出名 , 传扬 ... 的名 The city is famed for its scenic spots. 该市以风景优美著称。
  4. 4. interpretation [ɪntə:pri’teiʃən] <n.> 解释 , 说明 ; 诠释 This rule does not allow of more than one interpretation. 这条规则只能有一种解释。 表演 ; 演奏
  5. 5. solemn [‘sɔləm] <adj.> · 严肃的 He looked very solemn as he announced the news. 在宣布这一消息时 , 他显得非常严肃。 庄重的 , 郑重的 The Premier's burial was a solemn occasion. 总理的葬礼是个庄严的场面。 庄严的 ; 隆重的 The new Embassador was received with solemn ceremonies. 新大使受到了隆重的礼遇。
  6. 6. medieval [ˌmediˈi:vəl] <adj.> 中古的 , 中世纪的 This is a medieval story. 这是一个中世纪的故事 中世纪: the Middle age
  7. 7. American Gothic Wood liked to paint faces he knew well. For the grave farmer he used his dentist ,a sour-looking man. For the woman standing alongside him, the artist chose his sister, Nan. He stretch ed the models necks a bit, but there was no doubt who posed for the protrait . Nan later remarked that the fame she gained from American Gothic saved her from a very boring life.
  8. 8. grave [ɡreiv] <n.> 坟墓 She laid flowers on the grave. 她把花放在坟上。 死亡 He drank himself into an early grave. 他因喝酒过度而过早死去。 adj. ( 指情况 ) 严重的 This heavy rain could have grave consequences. 这场大雨会造成严重后果。 严肃的 , 庄重的 He looks terribly grave. 他脸色很严肃。
  9. 9. alongside [ə’lɔŋ’said] <adv. > 靠着边 , 沿着边 The boat came alongside. 船靠岸了。 <prep.> ( 表示位置 ) 在…旁边 ; 沿着…的边 ; 与…并排靠拢着 There was a butcher's shop alongside the theatre. 剧院旁边有一家肉店。 ( 表示比较 ) 与…放在一起比较 Put this cloth alongside real silk, and you will at once see the difference. 把这块料子同真丝放在一起比较 , 你就会立刻看出差别。 ( 表示伴随 ) 与…一起 , 与…一道 It's a pleasure to work alongside such men. 与这样的人一起工作是一件乐事。
  10. 10. stretch [stretʃ] <vt. >& <vi. > 伸展 ; 拉紧 Rubber stretches easily. 橡胶的延展性很好。 延伸 The road stretches uphill at a steep slope. 这条路以陡峭的坡度向山上延伸。 <n. > 伸展 , 延伸 , 延续 He had a good stretch on the bed. 他在床上痛快地伸了个懒腰。 一段时间 , 一段路程 , 一段水域 I see nothing but a small stretch of road immediately ahead. 除了近在眼前的一小段路之外什么也看不见。