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  1. 1. 寶純 Lina, (errors 25) 提到... homework: Lesson 6---Communicate with Sign No matter where we wereare, we looked at thesee signs, and then we can understand the what the signs means. With the image and color, we can know the sign what the sign the means are at first. Sings are used in our life. There were are traffic signs, on the street and the direction signs where showed up in the department store, the often were used in our life. International signs meant that we dodidn’t need words or language to know what the sign means. We can communicate with sings from country to country by international signs. We Don’t don’t need to speak language to understand signs, that is, international signs. If you want to go to the bathroomrestroom, you won’t ask someone for help, ; you just looked look for the signs and also foundfind out where the bathroomit was. There were kinds of Ssigns make in our life becomeing convenient. 2008 年 12 月 23 日 星期二 上午 10 時 01 分 00 秒 CST Jessica 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見:(Lesson 9) If you had a account, it would credit each morning with $86,400. However, it will not carry over from day to day. What will you do? Can you draw out all of the money? Of course, you can’t. Why can’t I you draw out all of the money? That is because it is TIME. Everyone have has 24 hours each day, so we each of us have has to put to good purpose. Time is does not come back. Therefore, we should hold the time. Time waits for no one. It is going fast, if you we don’t catch it. As a student, we should study hard every moment and enjoy our time. Being aAngry is a day, being happy is a day. Yesterday has passed. We should hold the time and expect tomorrow. *Annie 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 9 The Value of One Day. The author is talking about we have 86400 seconds in every day and by use using a metaphor of money. If there is a bank, we have 86400 in it. We can not put it to good use and we will lose the time. It says if it’ s a bank, we can not carry over balance from day to day. Each second is very important to us. For example, the author says the value of one second can save the person who just avoids an accident. If we can use this time, we can do more and more thing.
  2. 2. The time in our life is important to us. If we can use time to good use and we will not lose everything. You likely heard people say,” Time is money or Time flyies.” This saying is true. If we do not make the most of our time and we will lose it. We must treasure any timemonent. Time does not wait for anyone. 暐涵 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 4 Kacey McCallister wants to be a good basketball player, but he lost loses his legs in an accident, He does not give up; he is even more courageous. He can play basket ball game very well than before. Kacey is one among of them physically challenged people in the United States. There are some otherA lot of people are physically challenge people too, but theirwho have efforts spirit and strong wills. not let losers who. For example Diana Golden relys on her one leg will be able to able-bodiedbe an athletes and she isother so competitive. These examples, wWe can learn a lot of thing from them. Physically challenge people do not mean they can not compare our soundwith others, because where there is a well, there is away. 小p 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 4. A little boy loses his legs, but him he is still doing things something he loves. He learns to play many sports, because he loves sports. He can catch, throw and hit the baseball. Although he is a physical challenge peopleperson, he never gives up, because he has his dream. Now he really is a basketball player on the team. There are Where there is a will, there is a way. Ssome other physically challenged people who are great athletes. They don’t have different with us. They never give up.. Where there is a will, there is a way. How about us? We should treasure our life. If they can do it, we also can do it, too. anna 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見:
  3. 3. Hello friends! Today I want to introduce lesson9 “the value of one day”. First, the author compares time to the bank. Everyday the bank credits $86,400 in your account, and every night it writes off. Thus, you have to finish using it. Every moment there is probably a person who avoids an accident. No matter if it is one year, one day, one hour, one minute, one second or one millisecond; you have to realize the value of time. Under a good use of time, how would you spend your 86400 seconds? There is no drawing against the “tomorrow”. There is no going back. Time does not wait for you. Therefore, treasure every moment that you have! Make the most of today. Great! Alice 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: ((Lesson 9)) At In the evening, there will have crowd of l Little Penguins to come out of the water. They are farther and mother penguins, so. T they have to catch the fish, and then they goes home at the even,ing and feed their babies. They live in the burrows that are makes with the grass, the leaves and the twigs. In addition to fishing, The lLittle Penguin will take turns to takeing care of their eggs. One is hatching the egg, while the other is catching the fish. But they will have two babies to be born every year. Why not go to visit them? Tako 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: [Lesson 8]When we get so busy, we often forget something wonderful but simple things in our life.J just like a tree or sky. Something you don't notice. But if the things disappear, you will feel empty. To Why not imagine something you have ever imagined in your childhood. Just just like a dinosaur or a mermaid swim in a sea. Or you mayTO read some children's poetry ,and itwhich also has lots of things about children's imagination. And you can feel how wonderful to be a child. 用 word 檢查,你會發現你的標點錯誤很多。 豆子 Rita 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson3 A single mother who livinged in a small apartment with her baby daughter. Now, the books she wroteitten is one of best-selling in the world. She is J.K Rowling—the woman who is Harry Potter
  4. 4. writer. To successsucceed, she has some steps. The Ffirst, do something you enjoy. Rowling likes writing very much. She wrote her first book when she was six years old. The sSecond, follow your dream. Rowling follows her dream to finish the Harry Potter. The third, never give up. Rowling never gives up although she has no money. Now she is a great success. I think I should never give up like what she says. Alin 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson10 This article is talking about the Penguins which live in the Phillip Island. That is a pleasant summer in the evening and the tourists are waiting for the Little Penguins! The Little Penguins hasve gone catching fish for their child all day long. Little Penguins are the smallest Penguins around the world. When Little Penguins are adults, they have only 33 centimeters tall. They have two babies in summer every year. And Penguin parents will dig the burrow together; their nest is made by grass. They will give their babies comfortable home. After making the nest Penguin mother will lays two eggs, and they will take turns sitting on their eggs to keep eggs warm about five weeks. Then the babies will hatch from the eggs. Little Penguin have a lot of interesting behavior. When two penguins are quarrel with each other they will look at each other with a glare. When one is angry but the other is not, the one which didn’t angry will feel upset, . Iits head and body will be held low and then walks away. The Little Penguins are very charming. They are the one of the most popular animals in Australia 匿名 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Amy ‘s homework Lesson 3 Three Steps to Success J. K. Rowling was a writer who wrote the Harry Potter stories. Rowling was a single mother with her baby daughter , and she had no job. Live Life wasn’t easy for her. However, Sshe did something she loved most .It was writinge .She decided to follow her dream and never give up .She never forget forgot her goal , and try tried her best to realize her dream. She gave advice to people who wanted to success succeed : Try your best. If you want to succeed, then you will. Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. You have to be strong, and never give up. abo0704181 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見:
  5. 5. L4 I Can ! Kacey was a man who lost both his legs in an accident. He didn’t give up his dream — playing basketball on the team. Although he had no legs, he still could do many things as well as others people. He made his dream come true. He wasn’t the best player on the team, but he practiced very hard. He also could play the baseball well. The author gave us some examples of physically challenged people. They weren’t healthy, but they were active. They didn’t let their problems stop them from doing anything that they wanted to do. Where there is a will, there is a way. We can’t be afraid of anything and do things without perseverance. When you are having trouble next time, just say ‘you can!’ With strong perseverance and wills, you will achieve what you expect to do. Super good! 睏寶~ 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: You are a senior high school student now. You must be excited because there is a new life different from before. You must be worried, too. You have many questions. F for example; , will I do well in my class? Will the teachers be friendly or stern? Will I make a lot of new friends? No one knows the real answer. We can’t promise you that life in senior high will be wonderful, but we hope you have a good start in your high school life. Lisa Chen 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Hello everyone! Today I want to introduce lesson 2 “Celebrating a New Baby”. Do you remember what did your parents do did when you were born? . You might forget but maybe they had photos. In most cultures, people celebrate new baby with some type of ceremony. For instance, people in the United States celebrate new baby with decorating their door. If the balloon on the door is blue, it means their baby is a boy. Pink ones are for girls. Sometimes they put the news of their baby in the newspaper. In Korea, they have a ceremony when baby was born 100 days. In Mexico, many new parents take their baby to church. New babies have one thing in common. They all need names but it decide on different ways. The baby maybe has the same name as his father, o. Or they may be named by someone. The new parents will receive many presents when they have a new baby. No matter what they need, But most importantly, they really need sleep.
  6. 6. Claire 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: (Lesson3) Three Steps to Success 73618 Claire J.K Rowling, she write Horry potter. She is was not rich before. She worked as teacher, she doesn’t didn’t have class in the morning so she always used this her free time to write novels. She really likes liked to write novels. Afterwards she married and also hadve one daughter. However, but her marriage is was not happy, so she got divorced and then brings brought up her daughter. She becomes became a single mother. Although she needs needed to raises her daughter, she never gaives up writinge novels. Every morning she goes went to a coffee shop to eat breakfast and wroite novels. W when she finishes finished her book, she triedy to find publishing publishershouse but doesn’t didn’t have any one publishing houseto help her. She never gives gave up, from From door to door, she f. Finally found the last find a publishing house one tocan help J.K Rowling to publish. This book was called Horry potter. Now J.K Rowling is successful. “Never give up” is why she success. That teaches me a lot. D, don’t give up and work hard, and success is belong you. B, but if you never work hard, success don’t belong to you forever. 邏輯順序很棒,可惜文法錯誤頗多。 Irene 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson4-I Can Kacey McCallister wants wanted to play basketball but he lost his leg in a traffic accident when he was six-year-old boy. But he didn’t give up. He played many sports. For example he can play baseball and basketball very well. He didn’t let the accident stop him from makingding his dreams come true. The author besidesBesides points pointing out Kacey McCallister, t he author example also to points out other successful examplesvictory difficult person's example such as Sharon Hedrick who raced the Marathon in a wheelchair and competed Olympics and Diana Golden who raced able-bodied skiers. Anything Nothing can has not been possiblye to prevent us to realize the dream. Just try our best and believe we can. 刪去的部分,是我看不懂的地方。
  7. 7. Ivy 文文 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson6 Communicating with Signs This lesson let me know a lot of things. Some signs have simple lines. People can’t understand something without signs. Signs are important for everybody to understand something. A lot of signs are very common. We can see them everywhere. International signs have become increasingly important around the world as more and more people are traveling from country to country. No language is necessary to know what these symbols mean. Someone from many countries will depend on them. They are speaking many languages and have different culture, so. Iinternational signs are certainly a great help to travelersthem. sherry 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson4 Kecey McCallister is eleven years old. He dreamed of playing basketball. He practiced very hard. Now he achieves his dream which is on the Boys’ Club team. He can dribble and pass as well as the others kids, but he mmovingoves the court and shooting a basket is difficult for him, because he has no legs. Why doesn’t Kecey have legs? When he was six, he lost both legs in an accident. But he never gives up his loves-sports. Many physically challenged people hard work hard. They make their dream come true. For example, Sharon Hedrick won the women’s wheelchair 800-meter race in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Diana Golden raced against able-bodied skiers on one leg, she came in 10th. They have something in common. It is “never give up your dreams.” So, eEveryone can learn many things from physically challenged. 江玲 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 3 Three steps to Success Life was hard for J.K. Rowlig because she was a. A single mother, who needed to taketaking care of her child on her own. (此句與下句接不起來。) At first, Rowling was a writer without much money. But she still loves loved to write, and keept writing something specialshe was interested in. (順序是 At first, then, …and finally) Finally, her book—Harry Potter become became famous all over the world. She achieved her dream and succeeded. People ask her how to succeed. She said just “try your best and never give up. “ (你可以參考 Claire 順序。)
  8. 8. Mr.腳丫 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Hello everyone, I’m J.D. Today, I'd love to introduce the Lesson 9--The Value of One Day. The author of this article wants us to imagine that there is a bank which credits your account with time. And the balance never carries over from day to day. So, if you don't put time to good use, you will consume time just and do doing something not important. You have to invest time to good purpose and make the most of today, because it writes off. about that tThere is no going back with time. Besides the things above-mentioned above, things, the writing writer tells us some interesting sentences. For example, if you'd like to know the value of one year, you may ask a student who failed a grade or if you want to understand the value of one month, you can ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. Eventually, treasure every moment you have. "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift--that's why it's called the present"! By Michelle Lesson 2- Celebrating a New Baby Many people mark important things by have having a ceremony. Maybe when you are a baby, you have some photos to celebrate your coming, too. In the US, they will be exciteding when they have a new baby. They always decorate their front door. When the baby is a girl, they put pink balloons. When the baby is a boy, they put blue ones. People celebrate a new baby by some ceremoniesy. In Korea, in Mexico, in some African, they all have own traditional ways to celebrate a new baby. Babies all need one name. Some babies have a name by their parents. Some of them are decided name by family traditions. Some babies will get names at such as religious ceremonies. The pParents who have new baby always receive presents from their friends. The presents are great, but they have s a little baby. What do they really need? "Sleep," I think so. 嘉文 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 7 “Science in the Kitchen” Science is all around us. If we look something closely and maybe you can see the science that makes it work. There are two examples. One is “Heat Air Expands.” Sometimes wWhen you boil an egg and sometimes it heat causes the egg shell to crack. Then you can use a pin to make a small hole into the bottom of the egg that give air a way to escape. So iIn that way, your egg won’t be cracked. The other is you can put the onions in the refrigerator before you cut itthem, b. Because onions carries carry a kind of compounds that will make you shed tears. And in the case of the onion, you
  9. 9. can prevent yourself from shedding too much tears You can tell science in the kitchen to your mom or maybe your cook and they will love you more. 小柯 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 9 Little Penguins The author and tourists are excited about looking at Little Penguins which pop out of the water. Penguins stay in the water all day long, in order to catch fish for their babies. Although they are very small, they are all penguins’ parents. If mother penguins gives birth to their babies, they mother and father penguins will take turns to takinge care of their babies. Little Penguins have some interesting thingsbehavior. For example,: T they will stare at each other if they are angry with each other and if they fell in love with girl or boy penguins, they will clean lover’s feathers. Jane 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 2--Celebrating a New Baby It’s a pleasant thing for a family to have a new baby. The proud parents usually celebrate it in different ways in different countries. In the United States, if the new parents want to share the happiness to their neighbors; they will decorate their front door with balloons. Pink balloons or blue ones mean the baby is a girl or a boy. In Mexico, the new parents put some special clothes on their babies and take them to church. All the babies need names. Their names may be chosen by their parents before they are born; some of them may depend on family traditional. Some of the new parents even put the news about their babies in the newspaper. Did your parents celebrate for your birth when you were born? Go and ask them! Vicky 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 3 J. K. Rowling is not only a hardworking hard mother but a famous writer who wrote the popular series of Harry Potter. She had ever left her hometown. She took her daughter and moved back to herelse country andwhen she was divorced took her daughter. She always took care of her daughter by herself. She always wrote when her daughter was sleeping. Although her work was hard, she never gave up her purposedream. She likes a challenge, so work is special for her. Finally, she
  10. 10. succeedssucceeded. She said, “” If you do something wrong, you will learn from it. You can challenge to do something special and you can enjoy it.” 貓貓 Eva 已針對您的文章「Little Penguins」留下新意見: Lesson 4 Kacey plays basketball and baseball. He loses both legs in an accident. But, he still practiced practices hard because he wants his dream come true. Sharon was is the first woman to race the Boston Marathon in a wheelchair. She is a successful woman. Diana goes skiing on one leg. Kacey, Sharon, and Diana are physically challenged people. They are great athletes, too. And, they practiced hard. They don’t let their unhealthy body prevent them from doing the thing they love. Physically challenged people not only play sport but also drawing and writingwrite. Where there is a will, there is away. We should try our best and let our dream came true. 匿名 已針對您的文章「Checklist and Students' Marvelous Works」留下新意見: We have such a bank every day. Its name is TIME. It The bank credits usyou with 86400 seconds every morning. Every night it writes off. We had to invest every second to good purpose because we carry.I carries over no balance.It allows and no overdraft. It is impossible to go back. There is no drawing aganistagainst the “*tomorrow”*. Invest it in order to get from it to the utmost in health, happiness and success! The time is running. Make the most of today. We had have to treasure one year, one month, one week, one day, one hour, one minute, one second and one millisecond every moment that you we have! The time is does not wait for everyone. Thank you for reading. Peter 留 標點符號前無空格,但後面要空一格。人稱要一致。