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Tried to Provide IPv6 Only Network Stealthily at CEDEC 2015

We provided IPv6-only Wi-Fi network with NAT64+DNS64 to non-internet experts at CEDEC 2015, the largest conference of computer entertainment developers and got interesting data of IPv6 deployment.

This is an English translation of a lightning talk made at JANOG37 meeting.

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Tried to Provide IPv6 Only Network Stealthily at CEDEC 2015

  1. 1. Tried to Provide IPv6 Only Network Stealthily at CEDEC 2015 Yuya Kawakami (@yuyarin) CEDEC-Net 2015 NOC
  2. 2. CEDEC •  Largest conference in Japan for computer entertainment developers •  3 days at Pacifico Yokohama •  6,373 attendees in 2015
  3. 3. CEDEC-Net ★ Connectable Wi-Fi network ★ Don't afraid failure, Have a sense of fun ★ Exchange between engineers in network industry and game industry praying NOC members Wi-Fi Network for CEDEC by volunteers Equipment provided by sponsors
  4. 4. # of Wi-Fi Stations Max: 1713 stations by Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  5. 5. Wi-Fi Users Attribute Mobile devices are majority (visual) 65% Apple devices (MAC address)
  6. 6. At such a conference IPv6 Only by default tried
  7. 7. Announcement of Wi-Fi * dual-stack network(cedec-net4) is also prepared
  8. 8. Why great? IPv6 only for non-experts stealthily by default provided a network with maybe world first ?
  9. 9. Why did it? WWDC 2015 - Your App and Next Generation Networks iOS App Store requires "work with NAT64+DNS64"
  10. 10. CEDEC-Net 2015 External FLET'S Hikari Next (IPv6 Access NW) cedec-net4 (IPv4+IPv6) cedec-net (IPv6) (IPv6 ISP NW) IPv6 Internet IPv4 Internet IPv6 IPoE IPv6 traffic go throught to the IPv6 Intnernet NAT64+DNS64 translate IPv6 packets to IPv4 packets for IPv4 only applications DS-Lite encapsulate IPv4 packets in IPv6 and translate IPv4 private addresses to global addresses in ISP equipment IPv6 Only!!
  11. 11. CEDEC-Net 2015 Overview
  12. 12. Devices work with IPv6 Only Devices perfectly worked Devices connected to Wi-Fi but couldn't become "connected to the Internet" – Mac & iPhone (65% share) – Android →  no support of DHCPv6 →  RDNSS should have been provided – PS Vita – Nintendo 3DS
  13. 13. Impact on Game Industry •  Announced "Wi-Fi network can be used as a testbed for the future requirement of iOS App submission" to them •  They noticed "Apps which cannot work with this Wi-Fi will be rejected" and started to verify their apps •  Article on CEDEC-Net was published on GAME Watch and ranked 2th on a list of popular articles •  We were asked to teach a procedure for building NAT64+DNS64 environment
  14. 14. IPv6 Traffic Download Upload avg. 25% is IPv6 traffic
  15. 15. Devices in each network IPv6 Only: Red Dual-stack: Blue almost same as share of Apple devices If RDNSS is enabled, Android devices can be added approx. 65% Devices works with IPv6 Only
  16. 16. DNS Query Stat 12M DNS queries counted by service providor Top 10 providers account for 75% * inc. 18K queries of, Android uses for detect DNS64
  17. 17. DS-Lite Port Exhaustion used 1 IPv6 address (64512 ports) up It was likely that there are devices who could not communicate. 1400 devices are connected at that time. * differ from usage or implementation of CGN function * specially configured CGN available with 64512 port
  18. 18. CGN Port can be exhausted: NAT is not a permanent solution for IPv4 exhaustion Apprx. 25% traffic can be released to IPv6 if Mobile carriers deploy IPv6 It is important to try to make relationship with non-Interet industries to promote IPv6 Lesson Learned Content providers can decrease the risk of discommunication if deploy IPv6 can save 25% CGN ports but prepare for supporting them!!
  19. 19. iOS9.2 Release The ability to synthesize NAT64 IPv6 addresses from IPv4 literals was added to getaddrinfo NAT64+DNS64 issue Applications which need to use IPv4 address literal like P2P application cannot work Change in iOS9.2
  20. 20. For What is it Useful? 3 Mobile Careers in Japan "Approach to Promote IPv6 in Mobile Network" Amount of traffic which can be move to IPv6 and a number of IPv4 address which can be saved can be calculated by data from CEDEC-Net 2015
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