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Flores information


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Published in: Education
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Flores information

  1. 1. -its function is to make available to students certain kind of information not ordinarily provided through the instructional program or during regular period of instruction.
  2. 2. -Information service has always been important in guidance and counseling.
  3. 3. 1.Understanding the information needs of clients -Children and adolescents need information that is accurate, recent, and available—and they need time to acquire it (Tyler, 196).
  4. 4. Useful information serves several important needs (Hoppock,1957): -Increases feelings of security -Encourages natural curiosity -Extends horizons -Encourages wholesome attitudes -Develops desirable approaches to decision-making -Helpful when pragmatic decisions have to be made
  5. 5. 2.Versatility -One of the harsh realities beginning counselors face is discovering they cannot have all the information suitable for their clients and consultees readily in mind.
  6. 6. 1.Finding and acquiring useful information -part of the training counselors includes learning recognize useful information. of the how to
  7. 7. Excellent Basic Sources  National Agencies Trade and Professional  Government Agencies  Commercial Publishers and Producers  Business and Industry  Educational Programs Institutions or Training
  8. 8. 2.Organizing, Storing, Disseminating Information and  Organizing and Storing Information- a systematic approach is necessary to achieve an orderly information service.
  9. 9.  Disseminating Information Via Printed Materials e.g bulletin boards, school pamphlets, magazines etc. paper,
  10. 10.  Disseminating Information Via Personto-Person Approach e.g Orientations, Seminars Workshops, Forum, Meetings, etc. and
  11. 11.  Disseminating Information Computerized Approach e.g Audio-Visual Advertisements Via Presentations,
  12. 12. -the need of pupils for information designed to aid them in making appropriate choices, plans, and decisions becomes more acute as they become increasingly selfdirective.
  13. 13.  Information about school  Learning to use the library  About courses and curricula  Learning about self
  14. 14.  Learning activities about co-curricular  Learning about school services  Learning resources about community  Learning about job opportunities