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Addun process of evaluation


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Published in: Education
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Addun process of evaluation

  1. 1. Procedure for Evaluation
  2. 2. “Demonstrating accountability through the measured effectiveness of the delivery of the guidance program and the performance of the guidance staff helps ensure that students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the general public will continue to benefit from quality comprehensive guidance programs” (Gysbers & Henderson, 1994, p. 362)
  3. 3. Using the questionnaire simplicity and objectivity should characterize the questionnaire in order to obtain a good response and useful observation
  4. 4. Use of Checklists 1. Some control over exactly what information will be given 2. More responses 3. Ease and simplification of tabulating results 4.Possibilities for assigning numerical ratings to the various responses
  5. 5. The Questionnaire-Checklists
  6. 6. The Interview
  7. 7. Using Established Criteria in Evaluation
  8. 8. Reference: Guidance and Counseling Services Lester N. Downing, Ed.D