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Slush 2014 - Love Your Reference Customers


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In Slush14 I had a great opportunity to discuss our passion about happy reference customers, the key for product market fit and in turn commercial success.

Marty Cagan has been a great inspiration for us to make reference customers a key success factor - thanks Marty!

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Slush 2014 - Love Your Reference Customers

  1. 1. Loves reference customers
  2. 2. Our Vision The world’s favorite way to Buy Our Purpose Simplifying Buying Our Product Vision Make our customers feel like a regular Everywhere!
  3. 3. We help merchants grow their business by increasing sales, optimizing costs and expanding globally.
  4. 4. We are passionate about making Buying experiences Simpler and Safer. We want to make consumers feel Smarter when they use Klarna.
  5. 5. 25,000,000 consumers 10% market share in northern Europe 1100 employees Regulated by the SFSA 170 million transactions since day 1 200,000 transactions per day 45,000 online retailers
  6. 6. Reaching product market fit… at scale #*QN[)TCKN
  7. 7. Product leadership with reference customers! a real customer product is live 100% paid real money willing to tell others how much she loves your product aligned with your roadmap
  8. 8. reference customers product market fit Idea commercial success marketing sales
  9. 9. Love your reference customers - express your true love with real constant value!
  10. 10. Thanks!