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The power of communication in product development SUD14


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(Internal facing) Communication is the single most obvious and important aspect entrepreneurs and product managers under invest in, although it is essential for their products' success.

In my talk @stockholm startup day 2014, I tried inspiring the crowd to invest in communication starting now.

I hope I was successful!

You can find the video of the talk here:

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The power of communication in product development SUD14

  1. 1. The power of communication in Product Development @yuvalsamet, Chief Product Officer
  2. 2. Some Klarna facts Since 2005... • Grew to 7 markets organically: Nordics, Germany, Austria, Netherlands • Processed almost 90 million transactions so far • Processes more than 30% of the Swedish eCommerce • Backed by great investors such as Sequoia, General Atlantic, DST and Atomico • Recently acquired SOFORT ! With SOFORT... • 1,000 employees • 25,000,000 consumers • 43,000 merchants • Will process around 10% of the Northern European eCommerce during 2014
  3. 3. Why is communication so important?
  4. 4. A Swede, Dutch, French, English, Spanish, American, Israeli, Finnish & German successfully delivered Klarna Checkout in Germany ! A very complex project, very tight deadline, a vertical team ! English is not our native language ! Very different culture and backgrounds
  5. 5. Entrepreneur? You already decided - you must be a fabulous communicator to make your customers happy!
  6. 6. Find your own unique way to become a great communicator
  7. 7. Crystalizing and breaking gender stereotypes passionately Authenticity, influence and humble confidence A credible genius with a great likeable smile Accessible by taking selfies with tourists (or hyper island students)
  8. 8. Establish common language and values
  9. 9. Inspire your team: Start with WHY
  10. 10. Clarity of WHY
  11. 11. Co Location ! Our management team spends 60 days a year in the same room Impact Mapping ! Reach fast and meaningful alignment Buy In ! Getting buy in from individuals before pitching to a wide crowd Repeat your vision relentlessly ! Engineers are the most rewarding crowd
  12. 12. Discipline of HOW
  13. 13. Create Design Principles ! In order to embed the purpose in every product decision you take Amplify your Engineers ! Evangelize to engineers and empower them to solve difficult business problems Outcome vs Output ! Optimize your work towards meaningful business goals
  14. 14. Consistency of WHAT
  15. 15. SIMPLIFY BUYING Co Location ! The product manager must sit with the engineers, the stakeholders should sit nearby Reference customers programs ! Obsess with making your reference customers happy, spread the word The power of the poster ! Initiatives are promoted using posters, making the value tangible
  16. 16. Nurture your inner communicator. Establish common language within your team. Pitch the purpose relentlessly, make it tangible. Just do it, it is that simple.
  17. 17. THANKS! @yuvalsamet