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  1. 1. IT 01203<br />Technopreneurship<br />
  2. 2. Get my material<br /><br />
  3. 3. The B-Plan<br />The Business Plan<br />Why do we need a B-Plan<br />Format?<br />
  4. 4. What’s a B-Plan<br />A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.<br />-Wiki-<br />
  5. 5. Why Business Plan??<br />Test feasibility<br />To give business best opportunity to success<br />Help make business planning<br />To attract investors, funding partners<br />
  6. 6. Our Format<br />Based on MDEC’s IHL B-plan<br />Why?<br />1-best ideas will be submitted to MDEC-<br />2-easy, simple, complete<br />Where to get<br /><br />Or google : mdec IHL<br />
  7. 7. where do we go from here?<br />IE 01203<br />1st Year 2ndSem<br />IHL <br />Business Plan<br />MDEC<br />Pre-Seed <br />Fund<br />RM150K<br />2nd Year 1stSem<br />2nd Year 2ndSem<br />Final Year<br />Project<br />3rd Year + Practical<br />
  8. 8. What do we need to have?<br />Executive Summary<br />Product or Service Description<br />Technology Description<br />Market & Competition<br />Business Model<br />
  9. 9. Our B-Plans Objective<br />To measure the viability of our ideas<br />To identify potential groups for the MDEC’s IHL B-plan- 2011- RM 5 000 cash winning group and a sweet RM 150K deal before your graduation. <br />
  10. 10. Key facts<br />90% don’t read beyond your executive summary.<br />It must be geared to entice the reader to read more, short and sexy.<br />It is generally advisable to write the executive summary last when all the details of the business plan are available.<br />
  11. 11. 1st B-Plan Assignment<br />Due on the 26th February 2010 -12.00pm date/time stamped <br />Pejabat Am SSIL<br />Unless you are the next Google, SUN Microsystems, FACEBOOK, 2 page report is for ‘bull dung’!<br />
  12. 12. 1st B-Plan Assignment<br />Product or Service Description<br />The focus here is the description of your product or services that you are getting into<br />The readers expect you know about your business like you know the back of your hands<br />Not too technical though, readers are equally knowledgeable in the business and technical aspect of the industry that you are getting into<br />
  13. 13. What to do here? Step 1<br />This is the KEY section to IDENTIFY your <br /> 1. technology<br /> 2. services & solution <br /> that your company is best at, which will bring profit to your business.<br />e.g-<br />
  14. 14. Step 2- Research<br />In-depth understanding of technology hygiene<br />Analysis and research<br />Trends, technology and innovation<br />Sunset or sunrise?<br />Environment balances<br />Future direction<br />Are you Leading or Following technology?<br />Keeping up <br /><br /><br />
  15. 15. Step 3 –Market potential<br />Is there a market for the product / solution?<br />Describe your potential customers and reasons to purchase.<br />Size of market (secondary data from magazines ect…)<br />Describe the competition and competitive advantage of your product / solution<br />
  16. 16. Step 4Identify your ‘Unfair Advantage’<br />What is an ‘unfair advantage’?<br />“What you can do better than your Competitor?”<br />You have to have a precise answer, a vague answer is as bad as no answer.<br />It describes your distinct competence.<br />It is your unique differentiator.<br />
  17. 17. Examples of Unfair Advantage<br />IKEA<br /><ul><li>Stylish, quality furniture
  18. 18. Knockdown format
  19. 19. Affordable
  20. 20. Unique and fun buying experience.</li></li></ul><li>Chicago<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Examples of Unfair Advantage<br />Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers<br />DELL<br /><ul><li>Uses leading-edge supply chain management
  25. 25. Real-time inventory = zero obsolesce
  26. 26. Provides clients with customization
  27. 27. Passes efficiency and costs reduction to clients.</li></li></ul><li>Supply chain in action …wiki<br />
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Examples of Unfair Advantage<br />STARBUCKS<br /><ul><li>Zero advertising
  30. 30. Expensive
  31. 31. Designer coffee
  32. 32. Provides the place to “chill-out”.</li></li></ul><li>Ali café vs Starbucks<br />
  33. 33. * Format*<br />Describe product/solution (2 points each)<br />Describe key features/uniqnues<br />What are the key benefits to customers?<br /> Show us the product/solution (if available)‏<br /> Briefly explain the underlying technology.<br /> Intellectual Property (IP) (if applicable)‏ (extra points if lucky)<br />
  34. 34. 1st Assignment ‏<br />Describe your product & services in great details.<br />Find references<br />Research, research, research (library, magazines, Google it)‏<br />Submit in a report format. <br />
  35. 35. Be realistic<br />Keep it real!<br />