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EPHA Promotional activities at Gambella ,Oromia and SNNPR


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EPHA Promotional activities at Gambella ,Oromia and Amhara

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EPHA Promotional activities at Gambella ,Oromia and SNNPR

  1. 1. Introduction Ethiopian Public Health Association promotes the ever improving quality of health services to the public through advocacy, networking and the active and dedicated involvement of its members. It has more than 5600members belonging to varying professional categories and level of qualification, and serving in private, government and non- government organization distributed across the country. The association has good working relationship both with governmental and nongovernmental organizations as well as universities within Ethiopia and abroad. The main department that plays a pivotal role in establishment of this relation is members and networking department. From March15- 27,2015Members Affairs and Networking Department has conducted regional chapters supervision in Gambella ,Mettu ,Agaro ,Mizan Teferi ,Jimma,Wolkite and Woliso. Beside the supervision, establishment of one new additional chapter in Gambella Region (Gambella) was successfully done and the detail of the report is as follows: TEAM 1. Yusuf Abdu ( From Members affairs dept. Team Leader) 2. Daniel Zenebe (From Members affairs dept .Data management ) 3. Leykun Birhanu(Driver) ACTIVITIES 1. To re-structure and establish new chapter in Gambella region 2. To distribute receipts to focal persons and chapter offices for collection of membership fees.
  2. 2. 3. To visit previously opened EPHA branch offices and appoint focal persons for vacant places 4. To distribute equipment and furniture for newly established offices 5. To distribute EPHA Publications like the Ecology of the Epidemiology ,scientific journals and other back issues. 6. To do promotional work and recruit new members in order to increase EPHA members. 7. To orient the new web based data management system to the selected regions. 8. To distribute research questions to health professionals in Gambella region. NB. Please see the photo gallery next to this table Date Place Site Number of people attended the meeting Main activities done 17/10/2014 Gambella Gambella Regional Health Bureau 7 Discussion among professionals from different health institution university and healthscience college on estabelishment of Gambelle regional chapter , delivering office equipment to chapter office , 18/3/2015 Gambella Gambella Health Science College ,Gambella Hospital, Gambella Health Center 25 Promotional activity on EPHA activities ,distribution of publications, recruitment of new members ,assigning of focal persons for each institutions,distributing research questions . 19/3/2015 Mettu Mettu University, Mettu Zonal Health department, Mettu Health Science College 240 Promotional activity on EPHA activities ,distribution of publications, recruitment of new members ,assigning of focal persons for each institutions 20/3/2015 Agaro Woreda Healthdepartment ,Health center 10 “ “
  3. 3. 23/3/2015 Mizan Teferi Zonal Healthdepartment ,Mizan Tepi University , Mizan Hospital ,Mizan Aman HealthScience College 110 “ “ 24/3/2015 Jima Town Jima Zonal Health Department ,Jimma Health center 16 “ “ 25/3/2015 Jima Town Jimma University 40 “ “ 26/3/2015 Wolkite Wolkite University ,Wolkite Zonal Department ?? 45 “ “ 27/3/2015 Woliso journey to Addis Woliso Lukas Health Science College ,Woliso Zonal Health Department 7 “ “ Important pointes raisedby professionals working in healthbureauand health service delivery institutions As itwas reported byhealthprofessionalsinvariousinstitutions one of the objectives of professional associations istoensure the rightof theirmembers but there issignificantproblemespeciallyincarrier structure andsalaryscale in governmentalinstitution,the examplesgivenwere:  Rank andSalary increment fornursesandhealthofficersisnotfair  Midwiveshave occupationalhazardallowance,whereasclinical nursesworkinginobstetricarea do nothave any allowance  Duty allowance offeredforhealthofficersandnursesdoesn’tconsiderthe amountof hourslasted on dutytime.  The newsalary incrementforgovernmentemployee diplomaholder’shealthprofessionalsisnotfair
  4. 4. Finallytheystronglynotedthat EPHA shouldplayapivotal role forthe respectof the right of its members Positive feedback Almostall professionalsexcept genericstudentshave adequate informationonEPHA andappreciatedthe annual conference sessionsanditsperiodical publications.Mostof themagainare verymuch interestedtobe the memberof thisveteranassociation Comment forwarded EPHA isexpectedtogofurtherinpromotingitself,evenly distributingits publicationthroughoutthe nationandstrengtheningchaptersactivitytoreachthe unreachedatgrass root level . Photo Gallery Discussion with Gambella regional EPHA chapter and introducing the new web based data management system
  5. 5. Delivering IT equipment and office furniture to the new Gambella Regional Office by EPHA Supervision team
  6. 6. Discussion with Gambella Health Science College instructors
  7. 7. Election of Chapter Representative for Gambela Regional Chapter
  8. 8. The New EPHA Gambella Chapter Representative
  9. 9. Mettu University Public Health Faculty Dean Office
  10. 10. Introducing EPHA to Mettu University Students
  11. 11. Introducing EPHA to Mettu Health Science College students
  12. 12. Introducing EPHA to Mettu Health Science College students
  13. 13. Discussion in Mettu Health Science College Dean Office
  14. 14. Discussion with Mettu Health Science College Instructors
  15. 15. Discussion with Agaro Health Center Staff
  16. 16. Introducing EPHA to Mettu University Students
  17. 17. Introducing EPHA to Mettu University Students
  18. 18. Introducing EPHA to Mizan Tepi University Lecturers
  19. 19. Discussion with Mizan Aman Health Science College instructors
  20. 20. Discussion with Jima Zonal Health Department officials
  21. 21. Discussion with Jimma University Post Graduate Students
  22. 22. Discussion with Jimma University Post Graduate Students
  23. 23. Discussion with Jimma University Post Graduate Students
  24. 24. Discussion with Jimma University Post Graduate Students
  25. 25. Discussion with Wolkite University Students
  26. 26. Discussion with Wolkite University Students
  27. 27. Discussion with Woliso Lukas Health Science College instructors
  28. 28. New Representatives of Gambella Regional Chapters 1)Ato Nena Okello (Chair person) e-mail – Tel-0917834500 2)Ato Mecha Aboma (Vice Chair person e-mail – Tel-0912060826 3)Ato Akuma Ukugn(Secretary) e-mail Tel- 0913451438 4)Ato Mekonen Ambelu (Treasurer) Tel-0911810304 5)Dr.Izira Legesse (member ,medical director) Tel-0911821594 6)Ato Teklil Amdetsion (member) Tel-0917778986 7)Ato Boja Dinssa (member) Tel-0915927617/0917433565 Gambella Regional Health Bureau Ato Didamu Adar Okacha Tel-0475510138 Gambella Hospital Dr.Ezira Legesse Tel-0912081006 Gambella Health Science College 1)Abanga Ojulu (Distance Education Dept. Head) Tel-0912081006 Gambella Health Center 1)Ato Tsegaye Dessie Tel-0913193126 Mettu Health Science College 1)Ato Milkeas Mebrate (Dean of Mettu H/Science College)
  29. 29. e-mail Tel-0913002102 2)Ato Dugassa Garamu Tel-0917867382 Mettu University 1)Ato Alebachew Birhane Tel-0934059252 2)Ato Adamu (faculty Dean) Tel-0912092702 Mettu Zonal Health Department 1)Etana Asfaw (focal person) Tel-0937173148 2)Ato Getu Bekele(Zonal Health Dept. Head) Mettu Hospital 1)Ato Dessalegne Weyessa (Metron) Tel-0917613471/0474411147 Agaro Health Center 1)Kedir Muhammad Tel-0917805498 2)Hafiz Jemal Tel-0917161597 Mizan Tepi University 1)Ato Yayehyirad Alemu(Dept. head) Tel-0913250804 e-mail 2)Hamid Yimam(focal person) Tel-0913685693 3)Kebadnewu Mulatu Tel-0924491976 Mizan Tepi Zonal Health Department 1)Ato Hailu Dibaba(Head of Zonal Health Dept.) Tel-0917827169 2)Admassu Wessene(focal Person)
  30. 30. Tel-0942617682 3)Teklit Tesfom(focal Person) Tel-0913662602 Po Box 99 Mizan Aman Health Science College 1)G/Mariam H/Micheal (focal Person) Tel-0910131724 e-mail 2)Mesfin Geremew(focal Person) Tel-0910903689 Mizan Aman Hospital 1)Girma Feyissa Tel-0913181323 2)Abate Dube Tel-0928251935 Jimma Zonal Health Dept. 1)Ato Nasir Abdo (focal person) Tel-0911718496 2)Ato Tasew Birhanu Tel-0917250384 Jimma Health Center 1)W/ro Sitina Abagero Tel-0917808668 2)Ato Dereje G/Selassie Tel-0913408492 Po Box 215 Wolkite University 1)Ibrahim Muktar(focal person) Tel-0916140618 2)Teklemicheal Gebru(Dept. head) Tel-0911855199
  31. 31. Woliso Zonal Health Department 1)Birmechu Sultan(Zonal H/Dept. Head) Tel-0913633699 2)Teshale Merga(focal Person) Tel-0913474419 Woliso Lukas Nursing School 1)Moges Tesfaye(focal Person) Tel-0910167915 2)Melese Barato Tel-0911397650 E-mail