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Why Is Pronunciation Important


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Speech script for Pronunciation Task for Diploma Students and Regular Program Students

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Why Is Pronunciation Important

  1. 1. Why is pronunciation important? Many people learning English language often do not pay any attention to their pronunciation. Even worse, some of them underestimate it. They think that pronunciation is less important than grammar and vocabulary. In fact, in my opinion pronunciation is extremely important. Many cases of misunderstanding in communication were caused by the mispronouncing of words or the improper intonation. Let’s take a few examples: if someone pronounces the words fog and fox, sea and she, sick and six with relatively no differences, in some cases can lead to a misunderstanding. Another example: when one pronounces the word present with stress in the first syllable, whereas she uses in the sentence “I’d like to present” is certainly incorrect and irritating. Based on the preview I stated, it has been obvious why pronunciation is important. In addition, good pronunciation can also give a plus value to those who master it. You still don’t believe? What do you think which makes people get amazed of your English language when they hear you speaking in English?; Your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation? The answer is the quality of the pronunciation. What makes people interested in one’s English is firstly his/her pronunciation definitely! Good grammar and wide vocabulary are usually secondarily observed. Moreover, good pronunciation skill can give you more self-confidence when you speak in front of many people. So, it has become more and more obvious that pronunciation can not be underestimated. It must become one’s priority while he/she is learning English. At least, the learners of English should give the same proportion of time and attention to pronunciation as they do to grammar and vocabulary. To English Diploma / English Department students, pronunciation should have become compulsory menu in their daily language activities. They must practice it and train themselves good pronunciation every day. If not, then they will regret at the time they graduate, because there will be only a slight difference between the graduates of English Diploma Program/English Department and those of Public Relations Program/ Communications Department of FISIPOL who master English language fluently. Page 1 Speech Script for Pronunciation Assignment