10 Best Abs Exercises


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10 Best Abs Exercises

  1. 1. ==== ====5 Odd Foods that KILL Your Abdominal Fat?http://poolpictures.net/ABexercises==== ====The following is what I consider the best abs exercises.  I use the word abs just as a term sothat you the end user can find this article easier.  A better term though is core.  Yourcore is made up of not just your abs (rectus abdominis), but you internal obliques, externalobliques, transverse abdominis, back extensors and one more.  Strengthening your abs inthe method given will not only produce great looking abs.  It will also provide better overallfunctioning of the body and prevent injury on a day to day basis.The idea or philosophy behind this method is to train the abs or core as you would any othermuscle group for strength.  This means you may need to add other forms ofresistance.  Your goal will be to complete following exercises and not to exceed 12repetitions.  Since we are training with heavier resistances you will need a resting day inbetween.  To maximize the results you may want to do some type of calisthenics in betweensets.  We use calisthenics because these exercises include the major muscle groups, workyour core and elevate your heart rate fast.By no means is this an easy workout.  You may actually find that just doing the abs routinewill elevate your heart rate enough.  If this is the case skip the calisthenics and stretch orwalk during the rest periods.  You should only do this routine 2 or 3 times a week. Make sure that you cannot do more than 12 repetitions of each exercise.  If you can domore than 12 you need to add weight.  If you cannot do at least eight repetitions you willneed to lessen the weight or change to an easier exercise until you can complete eight repetitions.Before starting the routine you need to be warmed up.  Make sure that you spend 5 to 10minutes doing cardio and active stretching to warm up your body to prevent injury and spikes inheart rate.  Just as important, when the routine is completed make sure that do somewalking and cool down.  Let your heart rate drop.  You then can finish the routine withsome static stretching.  This will help prevent blood pooling.So with that all being said here are the 10 best abs exercises.The CrunchThe crunch is getting a bad rap lately.  I see so much stuff out there reporting "Get six packabs without doing crunches" or "Never do a crunch again."  Well the crunch is still one of thebest exercises for training your rectus abdominis, especially focusing on the upper abs.  Butwe still want to perform this exercise slightly different.  You want to make sure that you gothrough a full range of motion.  You cannot get full range of motion lying on theground.  The use of a stability ball or bosu can help you reach the full range.  Notethat the higher your lower back is up on the stability ball the more difficult it will be.  When
  2. 2. you perform the crunch, focus on pushing your lower back into the stability ball as hard as youcan.  Crunch up, hold for a sec and come back down slowly for about 3 seconds. When using a weight makes sure that the weight is directly over the eyes with the armsstraight.  Breathe out as you come up and inhale as you go back down.  I like to focusmy eyes on one point on the ceiling to make sure that I am not pulling my chin to my chest. Holding the weight over the eyes makes the exercise more difficult.  If you really want tomake the exercise more difficult, bring your feet together or perform the crunch with one legstraight out.  This should only be done once you have experience performing thisexercise.  The crunch may not be the most functional exercise, but it is one that will helpyou make that six pack visible. Hyper ExtensionsWe need to make sure that we train all areas of our core and this includes our lower back. Some of the best exercises for strengthening the lower back I am not going to get into. These include but are not limited to dead lifts, squats and stiff leg dead lifts.  An alternativeis the hyper extension.  We are going to be using a hyper extension machine to performthese exercises.  We are going to let our body slowly fall down.  It is OK to allow yourback to curve a little.  Then with control we are going to bring our body to the uprightposition.  Once the height is reached we are slowly going to twist to the left and then theright.  Once we get to the 12 rep max range we need toad weight.  Place a weightedplate or dumbbell behind the head to add resistance.  Start out slow with thisexercise.  It may not feel like you are doing much.  But if you not used to the exerciseyou will definitely feel it the next day.Side Bends on the Hyperextension MachineYou are going to use the same machine in this exercise as you did for the hyperextensions.  We are going to turn our body sideways in the machine.  We are nextgoing to slowly bend at our side.  Once we are at our full down position we are going to pullour upper body back up using our obliques.  When you are able to do 12 repetitions addresistance by holding a weight in hand.  Do both sides.Hanging Leg RaisesThis exercise you can do a few ways.  You can either hang from a pull-up bar or you canuse the roman chair.  Start by lifting you legs straight up and holding for a second. Then slowly go back down.  It should take at least 3 seconds for your legs to reach thestarting point.  Your legs should be straight.  If you cannot perform the exercise withyour legs straight, start with our knees bent and work your way up to having them straight. Once you can complete 12 repetitions, hold a dumb bell between your feet for extraresistance.  A close variation of this exercise is the wind shield wiper.  With thisexercise you will start out to one side and bring your feet in the air.  Your feet will then crossat eye level or higher and coming down on the other side.  At this point you could either goback the other way or just complete a full circle.  If you chose to the circle method makesure that you go both directions.Wood Chops
  3. 3. This is another great exercise for strengthening your obliques.  You are going to start outkneeling down.  The next step is to bring your left leg up as if you were going tostand.  So right now you will kneeling on you right knee.  Your upper body will bealigned vertically with your right thigh.  Your will have a 90 degree bend at the hip and thena 90 bend at the knee with the left leg.  You are going to hold a dumbbell or medicine ballwith your hands.  You will start by keeping your body upright and twisting at the waist to theright and bringing the weight just above eye level.  Your arms will remain straight throughoutthe exercise.   You are then twist your upper body to the left keeping your bodyupright bring the weight just to the left and outside the knee.  Repeat 8 to 12 times and thenswitch sides.Reverse Hyper ExtensionsWith this exercise you will use a stability ball.  Start by placing your stomach on the stabilityball.  Go forward on the ball until your hips are at the very top of the ball.  You mayneed to grab onto something that will not move with your hands to perform this exercise. The next step is to lift your feet in the air extending the lower back.  Hold at the top andslowly return to the starting position.  Once the exercise has started make sure that yourfeet do not touch the ground.  If more resistance is needed, add ankle weights.  Thisexercise along with regular hyper extensions, I recommend starting slow and light.  As I saidbefore, it may feel like you are doing much, but you will definitely feel the next day.Reverse Crunch on the Decline BenchFind a decline bench and adjust so you will have around a 30% decline.  You are going tolie on your back with your head close to where you would lock your feet into if you were doing adecline bench.  With yours grab hold of where you usually lock your feet.  At this pointyou are going to bring your feet straight out so legs will be parallel with the floor not thebench.  During this exercise it is critical that your lower back does not arch and that you arealways pressing it into the bench when your legs are fully extended and parallel with thefloor.  Pull your knees into your chest and pull you lower back off the bench.  If moreweight is needed place a dumbbell between your feet.  A simple variation would be to bringyour knees first to the side and up and over the other and then back down.  Make sure thatyou go in both directions.Weighted Crunch with the Cable CrossoverThis exercise is performed easiest when you use the rope connection on the cable crossovermachine.  Set the height of the rope so that it can be grabbed while kneeling.  Pull therope down with both hands so that the hands rest on your upper chest.  Your head will bebetween your rope.  You also want to position yourself slightly ahead of the pulley so thepulley will try to pull you back.  This forces your abs to stay contracted through the entireexercise.  From here we want to crunch down.  This means spinal flexion, notbending at the hip.  When we bend at the hip we are training our hip flexors and putting theemphasis on the abs.  Find a weight that you can complete 8 to 12 repetitions.The last two exercises we are going to use time instead of repetitions.  Both exercises are
  4. 4. great functional exercises to improve your core strength.  Our Goal for the next twoexercises is to complete 1 minute sets.  Once this is completed we just ad variations tomake the exercise more difficult.PlankThe plank is almost like the starting point of a pushup position.  The main difference is thatyou will be on your elbows instead of your hands.  When you are on your elbows you want astraight line up from your elbow to your shoulder.   This should be perpendicular tothe floor.  Your hips are going to be slightly higher than a push-up.  At this point trypushing you stomach outward and hold this position.  Make sure you breathe whileperforming this exercise.  Hold for a minute.  Once a minute is reached try variationsas in holding one leg or arm up.  Try holding one arm and the opposite leg in the air. A weighted vest will also make the exercise more difficult.  Add a stability ball.  Placeyour toes on the stability ball and elbows on a bench.  This is another great variation.CrabNot only will this exercise strengthen your lower back it will also help you gain flexibility. You are going to start out on your lying stomach.  Next bend your knees and so your heelsgo towards your butt.  Reach back with your arms and grab your ankles.  From hereyou want to try to arch your back as much as possible while pulling with your arms and hipflexors.  Try to straighten your legs even though it will not be possible.  You want toget your chest off the ground as much as possible so only your stomach will be touching. Keep your knees relatively close together.  Make sure that to breathe while performing thisexercise.  Do this for 1 minute.  No extra resistance is needed.Try this routine for about a month.  I guarantee great results.Find out exactly what it takes to have great abs at Tight Abs Blog. Discover top resources thatdeliver results.Thanks or readingAndy-http://www.tightabsblog.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_Grennier
  5. 5. ==== ====5 Odd Foods that KILL Your Abdominal Fat?http://poolpictures.net/ABexercises==== ====