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Yusisi Portfolio 2012


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Yu Sisi\’s creative copywriting portfolio from 2006 to 2012 including works for Nike, Nokia, Starbucks, Li Ning, Media Markt, InterContinental, etc.

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Yusisi Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. 于斯斯Yu Sisi- Born in Beijing, 1983.06.02 - 0086 13764356672- BA, Marketing, Journalism academy, Fudan University, 2002 - 2006 - Creative / Copywriter, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, 2005 - 2008 - MA, New Media Study, Faculty of Humanities, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2009 - 2010 - Creative / PR , Dreams Factory Asia, 2010 - 2011 - Creative / Copywriter, Leagas Delaney Shanghai, 2010 - 2011
  2. 2. NIKE JDI 2007To introduce Just Do It to China youth officially, the first Chinese JDICampaign told the authentic sports stories of the 80s generation in a bookof posters, short films and website.Copy
  3. 3. NIKE JDI 2007 DOCUMENTARYAs the key story for JDI campaign, we followed four rollerbladers entire skating journey across the biggestdesert in Xin Jiang. The two-weeks documentary was reported by daily videos and dairies online.Copy
  4. 4. NIKE BEIJING CITY ATTACKThe epic street ball tournament to unearth the best young ballers in Beijing was held in 2007 spring.Only the most Baqi of ballers made it to the final inside the walls of the Forbidden City. Preliminarygames were played around the Forbidden City gates, hence the title of the tournament, ‘The Battleof the 9 Gates’. Communications were devised by inspiration from the capital’s imperial heritage,street ball culture and the arrogant Baqi style of Beijing basketball.The campaign incorporated multi-media spanning from recruitment drives to artist-collaborations,music video, and post-final celebrations.Concept & Copy
  5. 5. NIKE BEIJING CITY ATTACK MINI-SITEFive rotating gates were built under the theme of empiralbasketball calling kids to join the tournament and follow upthe event.Concept & CopyNIKE BEIJING CITY ATTACK MVMC Webber from Beijing, the Chinese pioneer MC hasmade the first Chinese basketball-theme hip hop song forthe MV directed by Tony Petrossian.LyricsNIKE BEIJING CITY ATTACK EVENTBeijings young masters were represented with a fusionof basketball iconography and traditional Chinese culturalelements.Concept & Copy
  6. 6. No opponet has ever seen my face. The word "lose" is not in my My feet dont have brakes. I lost my shadow in my last race. 20/10, Beijing race real. vocabularyYou didnt grow your legs yet I will drink a cup of tea and wait for I am never No.2 either in school I hip hop (tease) you all the waywhen I ran through Beijing. you at the finish line. or in the race. from the starting point to the finish line.NIKE BEIJING MARATHON 2007Using the insight that Beijingers take pride in their trash talk humor, we made acampaign which pushed Beijingers to run instead of just talk. The posters portrayedvarious characters in the unique Beijing voices. Runners received the light-hearted butmotivational challenges throughout Beijing by OOH, print, and digital.Nike+ experience was provided at gyms and universities in grass roots events forrunners to train for the marathon. With Beijing Race Real t-shirts, flags, banners, etc.Nike dominated the race day as an unofficial sponsor.Concept & Copy
  7. 7. NIKE BEIJING MARATHON DIGITALWe let users to do trash talk online to create their marathonpostcards and challenge their friends to the real race.The marathon route viral was made with practical tips andhumourous trash talk for runners preparation of the race day. NIKE BEIJING MARATHON BUS Buses were wrapped up inside-out with the campaign visuals and messages, which created buzz and impact over Beijing. NIKE BEIJING MARATHON POSTCARD Three versions of postcards have dedicated 8km, 21km and 42km running routes to runners to train for their marathon in Beijing.
  8. 8. The new Beijing Is My Racetrack Jog along Chang An Street Adjust my pace to the landscape Follow my own rhythm or follow the opponents Run horizontally and vertically The new Beijing is my racetrackNIKE BEIJING MARATHON 2008In 2008 Beijing marathon took place after Olympic Games. We encouraged runners to fully enjoythe renewed city during their training and the race.Copy
  9. 9. NIKEWOMEN 2007Except adaptation, i Diary was created for young women to express themselves in sports.Adaptation, Concept & Copy
  10. 10. NIKEWOMEN 2008OOH, print, gym attack and bookmark give-away showedwomen a new perspective for doing sports: love.Adaptation, Concept & Copy
  11. 11. NIKEWOMEN 2009Unlike the normal celebrity Nike ads, in this Be Transformed campaign we built a fully interactive program.One of the most popular blogger Chunxiao, the top model, singer and trend setter was chosen to take onemonth sports + dance training. Each of her classes was documented and uploaded on her blog at real time.She shared her feelings and tips with her fans by blogposts and sms that users can subscribe. Fans whowere inspired by her could also be transformed by attending Nikes online training camp.Concept, Screenplay & Copy
  12. 12. Not the next, the first.NIKE LEBRON JAMES 2006After this campaign, kids in China took Not the next,the first as their own statement on sports.Inspired by Guerilla Research Labs work, we had theanimation of LeBron logo spraypainted upon a wall tobe projected on Shanghai buildings for the launch of theLBJ shoes.Concept & Copy
  13. 13. NIKE LEBRON JAMES 2007LeBrons glory story was told by TVC, print and OOH.Adaptation & Copy
  14. 14. NIKE LEBRON JAMES 2007 AIR ZOOM LEBRON V China ColorwayLeBron China colorway limited edition was not only aunched by print, 10/17 Entitle the king by the battle bootsOOH but also the artistic lace fence of the LBJ logo by Joep Verhoevenfrom Holland on basketball courts.Concept & Copy
  15. 15. NIKE ASIACUP 2007Taking Ronaldinio as the inspiration for Chinese football youthsduring Asia Cup 2007, we gave training tools to help kids playlike Ronaldinio by print, OOH and online games.Concept & Copy
  16. 16. Where is the next Ronaldinho? Prepare your feet for any direction. Every training is a real game.. Chip, dribble, stop, pass, kiss, fake, rub, stick, and master.Practice one touch play. Draw a Ronaldinho-style curve. My feet never show mercy. Be 10.
  17. 17. NIKE ASIA GAMES 2007Jump, simply a movement, however, is the foundation of all sports. Moreover, Jump isan expression. To embrace the jump, we built the mini-site to share the Chinese goldenathletes jump stories and inspire kids to make theirs by sports.Concept & Copy
  18. 18. All the fit. None of the weight. Faster breakes. Madder hops. Challenge the limits of hangtime. NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 INNOVATION The new products with the top technology were launched before Olympic through print, OOH and digital. To highlight the technological innovations, we utilized a combination of close-up shots and macro-photography. The magazine case with lines overlapping the shoe image on magazine cover to introduce the new flywire technology in Hyper Dunk shoes. Concept & Copy
  19. 19. NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 KOBE BASKETBALL DISCIPLESFrom the tournament to the ad campaign, Kobe Basketball Disciples is a grand integrated brandcommunication before the Olympic Games. After a series of eliminations, 12 top ballers split into two teamshave traveled to LA to train with their master, Kobe Bryant. After Kobes final elimination, the chosen playersreturned China to have the final battlle on the Dong Dan Court in Beijing. Only the winners could be crownedthe ultimate Basketball Disciples. The entire event was documented and made into a TV show. The episodeswere supported by intergrated media including print, OOH, TVC and online.Concept & Copy
  20. 20. I am focus. I am power. I am effort. I am relentlessness. I am experience. I am determination.NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 WHO ARE YOU CAMPAIGNTaking Nikes golden athletes key strengths as their attributes, Nike has inspired kidsto dare to compete and define who they are by sports. Online platform was created tointeract with kids besides TVC, print, and OOH.Concept & Copy
  21. 21. I am Zheng Jie.I am breakthrough.Who are you?NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 WHO ARE YOU CAMPAIGNBefore the Olympic Games, Zheng Jie broke into top 4 in Wimbledon Opening 2008. To celebrate herbreakthrough for the Chinese tennis history, this ad was made in hours to run on Sports Weekly the nextday after her game.Concept & Copy
  22. 22. Competition first.Friendship first, competition second has always been taught to kids in school as thetraditional value and taken as a well-known slogan for sports events in China. However,in the Olympic Games 2008, this phrase is flipped on its head: Competition first. As Nikesopening statement, it has set the relentless tone for the games with a battle cry..Concept & Copy
  23. 23. NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 JDI CAMPAIGNDuring the Olympic Games we have focused on our athletes by creating their sportportraits with their diverse competition manifesto. After the games we celebrated theirvictory in their individual tone and voice. The ads have instantly run across Sports Weeklyand online platforms according to athletes performance.Concept & Copy
  24. 24. Front cover F: 40 minutes. F: Challenge the strongest. F: Respect everyone. F: 100m.Back cover: Competition first. B: Every minute is overtime. B: Become stronger. B: Fear no one. B: Dont blink.F: 08 27 2004, Argentina 89 - USA 81. F: I dont want a gold. B: History is told in hundredth. B: I only compete against myself. B: You can only get this far by believing youB: Nothing is more motivating than bronze. B: I want three. can get further.
  25. 25. F: The stronger the opponent. F: It takes 42.195km to the podium. F: People say you cant. B: Power is weighed in pounds. F: Brazil 3 - Agentina 0.B: The greater the victory. B: And only two steps to the top. B: Until you prove you can. B: Watch my feet to do the talking.F: 4x100m in 37.10s. F: 2000, 2004, 2008. F: USA 1 - Spain 107. 18 F: 08 24 2008. F: Just do it.B: The world is accelerated by me. B: My biography is written in fights. B: I am not invincible, we are. B: Chinese boxing starts from me. B: Welcome back to the starting line.
  26. 26. The believer wins. Belief is undefeatable.Liu Xiang as the most expected sport hero in 2008 Olympics was motivated by his strong If Liu Xiang didnt win, we would still show our support and faith in him, which couldbelief in himself. He made one miracle after another even when people doubted him. dimensionalize what Just Do it really means with the alternate line, Belief is undefeatable.Multimedia disruption event was prepared in Shanghai along with print, sticker, OOH andprojection to celebrate his spirit: the believer wins. Concept & Copy
  27. 27. NIKE OLYMPIC 2008 BEAUTIFY BEIJINGTo address Nikes unique point of view on sports, four Chinese upcomingartists have used their art to interpret each of the golden athletes unique spirits.The artworks were shown on billboards, which has dominated WFJ Street, thecenter area of Beijing during the Olympic Games .Concept & Copy
  28. 28. STARBUCKS 2006 MID AUTUMNWhen mooncake became the speciality of Starbucks in Chinese market,weve created the romantic atmosphere through poetic phrasing.Concept & Copy
  29. 29. STARBUCKS 2006 CNYWithout sacrificing the joy and the essence of Chinese New Year,we had it celebrated it in a Starbucks way.Concept & Copy
  30. 30. STARBUCKS 2007 MID AUTUMNThe Mid Autumn day was marked in Starbucks print and packagingwith graphic inspired by the moon.Concept & Copy
  31. 31. XIN TIAN DI STYLE LEASING MATERIALAs a new fashion center in Shanghai, XTDStyle had sent the potential tenants exquisiteinvitations: tins of gifts presenting its variousthemes of each floor.Concept & Copy
  32. 32. WYBOROWA W CAMPAIGNTo introduce Wyborowa vodka to China, we brought W alive. W wasinterpreted by the characters starting with W in Pinyin, such as 我(wo,me), 玩(wan, play), 晚(wan, night), and 味(wei, taste). We named it theWyborowa language that tells you what is the real night life.Concept & Copy
  33. 33. CHIVAS 25 PARTY PREMIUM GIFTWith artworks from international artists printed on ceramic bottles, the unique Chivaspackaging collection was made as an exclusive gift for Chivas 25 party VIPs .Concept & Art direction
  34. 34. NOKIA SUPERNOVA SOMEBODY ELSES PHONE CAMPAIGNIf you find my phone, will you look into it?We now give you a chance to dig into someones life by looking into his/her lostphone. Episodes of three roles from London, Shanghai and LA are shown on, where you can follow up their secrets by checking real timetext messages, photos, videoclips, voicemails and contacts in their phones. Meanwhile,you can even find them alive on facebook and interact with them.This is an experimental digital idea that provides audience a new experience, wherebrand communication is integrated with entertainments.Concept & Screenplay
  35. 35. CONVERSE ANTI-SPORT CAMPAIGNDuring the Olympic Games 2008, Converse has invited four Chineseunderground rock bands including New Pants and Joyside to showhow they do sports in their fun and un-traditional way. The new urbansports were celebrated on print, OOH, documentary and SNS.“运动”the two Chinese characters of sport are combined into one ,as a new icon for Converse Anti-sport.Concept & Copy
  36. 36. LI NING BASKETBALL YQLQ CAMPAIGN 2012An integrated campaign on behalf of Li-Ning Basketball, anchored by an animated five part web film series, waslaunched in 2012. The films have featured Baron Davis, Evan Turner, Zhang Bo, and He Tianju as they takeon an epic journey to learn the true meaning behind the basketball through the Li-Ning philosophy -- "Yi QiangLi Qiang" (You Stronger Makes Me Stronger). Each film also highlights 2 primary styles of play and signatureproduct lines, "Yi" and "Kuang", which along with YQLQ help these heroes come into their own as players.Screenplay & Copy
  37. 37. LI NING BASKETBALL YQLQ CAMPAIGN 2012Each animated film of YQLQ highlights 2 primarystyles of play and signature product lines, "Yi" and"Kuang", which along with YQLQ help these heroescome into their own as players.Copy
  38. 38. MEDIA MARKT PROMOTION 201 1 To drive the television sales, we communicated with the consumers in a fun way: come exchange the new with the old; the bigger the size, the better the deal. Concept & Copy The bigger the size, the bigger the deal. MEDIA MARKT CNY 2012 It is a tradition during Chinese New Year to have a haircut, which indicates a brand new start. We used this as the selling point of the CNY big sale that if a shopper dares to have a funky new hair cut in Media Markt, he can win 200RMB off in store. Concept & CopyMEDIA MARKT RETAIL 201 1Media Markt is famous for lowprice and wide assortment.Weve created the strongtagline to strengthen ourpositioning and USP.CopyCompare the price.Compare the goods.You will find there is nothingto compare.
  39. 39. After 26th February, you shop more than your wife. After 26th February, it is so easy to boot lick your mother in law.After 26th February, it is harder to find tricycle than taxi on Jin Ziu Road. After 26th February, your old lady no longer complain about your pension. MEDIA MARKT NEW STORE OPENING 201 1h Unlike usual retailer, Media Markt allowed us to have a unique voice for their ads. By utilizing social taboos in edgy context, we created the opening campaign based on the integration of local insights and hilarious visuals Concept & CopyAfter 26th February, you dont have to go out clubbing for single men.
  40. 40. After 22nd February, they quit. We ease your mind. After 22nd February, they left for home. We offer you a new home.MEDIA MARKT 201 GUERRILLA ATTACK 1As Best Buy announced their redraw from the China market on February 22nd, we took immediateactions to make sure people shall be aware they still have at least one consumer electronics retaileroffering international standards.In the quick response on the next day after Best Buy quite China, we spread the news that Media Marktwould take over the warranty and repair service for the needs of the previous Best Buy customers.Furthermore, we made the unusual recruitment ad inviting employees of Best Buy to join Media Markt.The teasing yet controversial communications have soon become a hot topic in town. Being a new brandin China, Media Markt has gained wide recognition over night.Concept & Copy
  41. 41. I enjoy my life by unique experience, inspiring indulgence, and staying in InterContinental. INTERCONTINENTAL 201 1 The communication of InterContinental Hotel focuses on the world of knowledge and the heritage of luxury. Rather than providing the best hotel experience, InterContinental is sharing the sophisticated lifestyle that both the wedding and San Ya prints advocate. Concept & CopyThe honeymoon already begins before you take off the wedding gown.
  42. 42. DREAMS BANKOur photography studio Dreams Factory Asia was built based on thepassion for photography. Therefore we created the Dreams Bank asour gift for friends and clients as a reminder to work on their passions.The Dreams Bank was designed by me and handmade in Jing DeZhen, the capital of porcelain in China. There were four colors: gold,silver, white and jade.Concept, Art direction, Design & Copy
  43. 43. CENTRAL STUDIOS NAMINGThe photography full service workshop Central Studios is based at the center of Shanghai with largescale of space and premium service. The Chinese name was given to demonstrate its key strengthsin a beautiful look and feel. 奂 means grand / center / divine; 镜 means lens. The word means grandcentral space for photography. 奂镜 is homophonous with the word 幻境 meaning dreamland.Naming
  44. 44. POSTCARD FOR WENCHUAN EARTHQUAKE The magnitude of the love quake: 8.0One year after 12th May 2008, the deadly earth quake in Wenchuan of 2009. 05. 12Sichuan Province, we made the postcard to memorize the national day ofmourning. On the picture we showed the re-construction of Wenchuan toembrace the power of love behind it.The postcards were distributed in Shanghai in 2009.Concept & Copy
  45. 45. AFTERWORKThough it is not my primary profession, I enjoy modeling. Thisis the "Love Story" series I did for Schwarzkopf Professional:Essential Look 201 in Hamburg. 1Modeling
  46. 46. AFTERWORKExcept for reading, watching movies, and doing sports, I spendmy spare time on handmade bags, toys, wallets, clothes, ect.Design & Tailoring