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Great News into Link Popularity


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Great News into Link Popularity

  1. 1. Great News into Link Popularity
  2. 2. When it comes to Link popularity and its relevance into getting better traffic, we all know that it is a necessary thing. Link popularity is one of the ways that search engines like google and yahoo give your site better rankings. You can search through different sites advertising about link popularity that say they canincrease it overnight with thousands of links directing to your site.
  3. 3. Let me tell you something, this is a bad decision to make if you are thinking about any of these services. I have experience in this field and thousands of links are not going to help your site out any!
  4. 4. One of the best ways to approach link popularity is to think about the relevance of your site to one you wouldlike to link to. It is better for you to have a small amount of links to your site than having a large amount if the relevance is high! The higher the relevance, the less links you need to have to increase your popularity. Google and Yahoo do not only look at the amount of links, but the quality of links. The better quality, the better positioning and page rank. So do yourself a favor and work on getting your links on quality relevant websites and you will reap the rewards of doing this right!
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