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  1. 1. У П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т ОМ ВУ Н ОН И ИН ТР ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК МАЦИОНН ЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР The e-Governmentof the Russian Federation
  2. 2. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОНН ЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Presence of the e-Government in a network consists, generallyin, available web-page. There can be references on sait of The government provides more detailed information regarding national The purpose – accomplishment of the public needs  Device - realization of completely remote collaboration between policy and national administration. There are references on archival informa- in reduction of temporary and financial charges onthe ministries or Department of education, Board of Health, citizens and authority under the assignation of government services tion (for example, documents, forms, reports, laws and norms, bulletins), realization of necessary information transactions Department of Social safety net, Department of Labour and and municipal services on basis of electronic document flow with which are easily available for citizens. Websites are multilingual, haveDepartment of Finance. The most part of information is static, sections «question-answer»,feedback forms and audio/video capability. individual resident and juridical personality with using modern information-secure technologies and interactivity with citizens is low. the authorityThe Website The Website Extranet Call process- Exchange Instruments ing center of messages of collaboration Expected practical result  - radical cut-back of turns of citizens on getting numerous paper record and inquiries, and also connected The purposes of the e-Government with this corrupt practices G2C G2B G2G G2C G2B G2G 2 Communication 1 Information services services The basic applied elements Stages of Unbeatable 4 stage of e-Government e-Government e-Government Realisation of remote collaboration between citizens and the authority 3 Transactional services 4 Electronic c Maintenance of the restricted access of citizens for information appendices G2C G2B G2G Necessary Transition to the paperless office in departments G2C G2B G2G transformations: The electronic tender The electronic public The electronic The electronic reg- Transparency of the ascertained performance indicators of the state health service taxes istration The eclectronic signature Perfection of the statutory conditions Online education The electronic The electronic law purchases Information support of the activity of public authorities Change of the educative priorities The electronic The electronic The electronic Identification forms documents New principles of formation and budget expenditure It is considered the most perfect level of e-Government.The government starts to be transformed by introduction of bilateral contact The government turns into the institute, corresponding withbetween government and citizens. Interaction includes such possibilities the needs of citizens by path of development of complex Occurence of the environmental quality benchmarkas payment of taxes, claims for obtaining identity card, certificate of Redistribution of the priority competence zones of the govern- infrastructure, when electronic services and electronic de-birth, passports and licence renewal, and also other interactions of G2C, ment institutions and social structure cisions connect in the most imperceptible way the officesand allows for citizens to have an access to these services circuit-wise against each other. Web services 2.0 and other interactive24/7 (twenty-four-hour, daily). All operations occur in an interactive mode.. Change of accents in economy tools are actively used . New community values 2 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 3
  3. 3. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОНН ЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Continuity and quality of the government Solidarity and cooperation between the government service, institutions , 1 billion of sick leave certificates, transferred through all-in- On-line payment of penalties one card. Calculation of the arbitrary assessment 10 million of remote tax declarations in 2010, an access information about quantity of the remained points Using of the available facilities на взаимных началах to the personal account with 3-year old history of the taxThe citizen’s user is in the limelight territorial in the driving licence ( infrastructure, resources and tools ), experience and documents electronic administration, On-line modeling of financial matters knowledge – are common heritage Information about one in three movement is brought on An opportunity for on-line recovery of claims for a web sait about the adress changing administration Observance of the principles of free stress for each Equality of access to all providing services, organization . There are about 60 new services for By implementation of the individuals: Efficiency of electronic administration Desirable criteria from european e-Government in 2010 France saved experience of designing elements of 10 billion euro e-Government: For organizations:1. The reporting and income tax payment. on-line declaration about valued-added tax2. Administrative charges (the statement, the Results of work of the France (10 million transactions a year)notification, payment). International e-Government in 2010 export declaration (more than 1 million transactions)3 Valued-added tax (the statement, thenotification, payment). practices of formation an opportunity of sending the application for par- ticipation in the government contract4. Electronic registration of the start-upcompany, or liquidation of the current. of the e-Government Some facts an opportunity for on-line request for getting government subsidy5. Supplying information in statisticalservice.6. Licenses for import/export.7. Permissions in the line of environmental At the expense of liquidation paper notification by postservice. 20 base class of electronic services The internal revenue service of Korea annually saves up to 146 Course of the creation 1 million account of users8. Opportunity management of state million $, and taxpayers up to 300 million $ on the individualized portal for an opportunitypurchase contract. European Commission Directive 2003/98/ЕС of the on-line compellation to the administrative authorities : The government of Germany, united all state standards and Further development of a mobile telephony in governments into unified document called SAGA connection with requirement of access to mobile Business For citizens services Departure of SMS for the (about readiness of the In 2008 the government of Canada GCPedia, as a way of identity card / passport in the Mayor’s Office) 7. The statement about building permission. exchange the cooperative knowledge base among officials1.Tax return and discharge the income tax. An opportunity of payment the place on parking by 8. File a police report. over all country. GCPedia «starts destroy walls between dint of mobile phone (micro payment)2. Поиск работы. 9 Consumer services of public libraries. departments»3. Act of civil status. An opportunity of confirmation the correct filling of 10. Filing in educational institutes.4. The statement for social care. tax declaration by phone 11. Reporting about residence change.5. Individual filling out. The European economy can save over 50 billion. euro Development of Internet on-line application on 12. Registration to the hospital or for being at by the introduction of the electronic system of payment6. Auto-registration. Iphone and Android a doctor. document 4 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 5
  4. 4. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Increasing of the international rating of tasks of the e-Government Russia on a level of development of the e-Government in Russia Interaction with the international experts, providing Plan implementation of transition to the actual and full information for ratings rendering of services in electronic form Formation of the united entrusted area in the territory of the Russian Federation Realization of federal, regional and municipal services in accordance with periods of plan’s transition An opportunity of using for all government services one and only digimatic signature by citizens Offering an access of the e-government for citizens Exception of necessity for providing superfluous documents from citizens under the government service Development of functionality of a portal of govern- ment service, development of the mobility, develop- ment the centers of the public domain, centers of the telephone support, development of promoting of the Ensuring electronic exchange of information e-Government among citizens and business between depertments6 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 7
  5. 5. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Scheme for implementation e-Government in Russia Inter-agency task force of Council Government commission regarding Sub-Committee the regional development Presidential Council of President of Government commission for implementation of information and communications technologies in the Russian development Information society in the Russian Federation Council of the regional governance and Cumpulsory medical insurance informatization Modernization commission Federation Government commission of carrying out administrative reform Unified operator of the e-Government JSC «Rostelecom» State Council Vice prime minister – The Chairman of Government Chief of Staff of Kremlin Chief of Staff of the Russian government of the the Russian Federation Federation Russian Federation Ministry of Telecom and RF Government Office Mass Communications in Department of the IT technologies and Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation communication in the Government the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation Economic Department of the e-Government Development Ministry of Department of state administration, regional development and local government in the the Russian Federation Government of the Russian Federation Department of formation and Department of the government development of the information society Regulatory legal act control in economy Department of the project JSC «All-in-one card» Methodological management (All-in-one card) materials П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ Constituent entity ВУ НО Commission ОН И ИН ТР Expert center of e-Government and ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК of the Russian МАЦИОНН Information society ЕНТРInfrastructure and off-the shelf Federation ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН solution ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР8 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 9
  6. 6. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОНН ЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕРchangeover from administrative reform to the e-Government through the example of constituent entity of the Russian federationAll drafts of regulations take place in open access for independ- Examination of regulations in according with the FL „„federal budget - 102,5 MIO. RUR. „„federal budget - 10,0 MIO. RUR ent examination „„regional budget - 182,0 MIO. RUR „„regional budget - 103,8 MIO. RUR.; № 210 realises the Civil Service Department of staff „„municipal budget - 47,1 MIO. RUR „„municipal budget - 4,3 MIO. RUR. management of the Region in 2006 - 2010 in 2011 Reference of the timeliness in mode on-line moni- Administrative reform toring system works In total 449,7 MIO RUR were allocated from budgets „„services in all spheres of activity „„services of the teacher in the nursery of all levels for realization of actions of administra- in the Lipetsk Region Emphasis on anti-corruption element tive reform in the Lipetsk Region in 2006 - 2011 „„medical services „„services of the psychologist „„services for registration of railway and air tickets. „„check of taxes payable and penalties of STSI. Opening of three Multifunctional Centers is planned for December „„access of the visitors of multifunctional center to the search system 2011, the remained Multifunctional Centers will begin their work at «Wait for me» Regulations serve for citizen of the the beginning of 2012. „„Pilot mode of rendering elecrtonic municipal services for countryman instruction on receipt of the government Second stage of administrative reform in services In a completion stage there is a creation of six Multifunctional centers in the remained municipal corporation (in Yeletsk city, Zadonsk city,in2006 -2008 - preparation for the formation the Terbunskoe, Hlevenskoe, Krasninskoe, Leo-Tolstoyan provinces) In each multifunctional center is provided from 180 to 450 demanded of the governmental, municipal and of the e-Government in the Russian additional services, and their list will extend. In the municipal regions of Yeletsk, of Lebedyansk, of Lipetsk, of Federation Regulations Volovskoe, of Dryazninskii, of Dobrovskiy, of Dobrinskiy, of Stanovlyan- skoe, of Dolgorukovskoe, of Usmansk, of Chaplyginskoe, of Dankovskoe, of Izmalkovskoe,and in Lipetsk city All Multifunctional centers are created as form of municipal institutions, but they are acting at the The administrative reform concept in the Russian There are 14 Multifunctional centers uniformof organizational and legal beginnings whichFederation in 2006 - 2010, approved by the order of the Administrative reform in the Lipetsk work in area: are formed a unified system of multifunctional centerGovernment of the Russian Federation from 25 October of the region. 2005. N 1789-r. Region Multifunctional center Results of work of the multifunctional center: Support and convenience service recipient rulemaking of the government and municipal services (func- tions); In the Lipetsk Region actively used capacity of „„Portal of the system of multifunctional center of the Lipetsk Region „„reduction of terms of the receipt services the administrative regulations in the rendering ( „„reduction of the interdepartmental red-tape „„interactive resources of a site management of civil service „„anti-corruption effect at the expense of absence of the direct providing of the government and municipal services on th- of government services and acting government „„external monitoring, showed a high degree of satisfaction of citizens functions interactioneprinciple of «one window» based on multifunctional centers of quality of services in the Multifunctional center of the Lipetsk Region. providing government and municipal services This indicator reaches 92%. „„disappearance of the demand for activity included in corruptive „„The centralized system of processing telephone messages from scheme ofintermediaries 101 Administrative procedures are developed and citizens concerning rendering of services is organised in municipal „„minimization of expenses approved of the providing government services and corporation of region. providing of the information about government services, ren- There are 14 Сall-centers created on the basis of functional multi- ƒƒ fulfillment of state functions dering in electronic form functional center. There are 6 assistance centers created on the basis of unified moni- ƒƒ Financing 10 administrative procedures as methods are toring serviceof the area (city) directed in the local government There is a work on development of uniform system of processing ƒƒ implementation of the results based management „„The administration of the region annually holds competitions on compellation of citizens regarding the provision of services of the governmental and municipal services in Multifunctional centers of budget allocation for support municipal corporation in creation of the Only it is more than 800 administrative procedures the Lipetsk region. multifunctional centers. optimization of the function of Government executive bodies are approved ay municipal level. „„The base is put for development of uniform system of the remote ƒƒ 2011 subsidies at a rate of 60,5 MIO RUR are allocated by results of In point of public access of the citizens to the governmental (municipal) competition from the regional budget for creation of the multifunctional services. centers. placement of the government and municipal order More than 20 regulations are developed and approved ƒƒ this time 50 information-payment terminals of system of multi- At functional already function. „„On the current maintenance of the functional multifunctional centers on state control and 12 approximately regulations of ƒƒ terminals are planned to establish in all municipal corporation Such the grant also goes annually to the local budgets. fight corruption realization of the municipal control. of region till 2012. ƒƒ 2011 it adds up to 39,3 MIO. RUR. In10 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 11
  7. 7. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Authorities of rendering service Authorities of Authorities of rendering rendering service service Authorities of rendering service Unified portal Regional system of interdepartmental Certification authority electronic interaction Authorities of rendering service Federal System of Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction Authorities of rendering service Regional system of interdepart- mental electronic interaction Banks Local government Information system of Federal Regional segments of portal of Treasury the government services12 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 13
  8. 8. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Regional infrastructure Unified portal of e-government System of order taking,information system of rendering service Certification authority Branch system System of interdepartmental electronic interaction Federal government Secured path Regional System of interdepartmental electronic interaction Authorities of Authorities of Local rendering service rendering service government System of order taking, System of order taking, System of order informational system of informational system of taking, informational rendering service rendering service system of rendering service Regional segment of portal Method of acting the of the government services restrict procedure14 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 15
  9. 9. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Compliance of federal and regional segment All-in-one Digimatic card Citizens Legal entities signature Federal Regional segment segment Personal computers The centers of telephone service Federal Mobile Portal of government services devices The centers of public Federal and Consolidated Register access of government services Multifunctional center Field of the interdepart- mental interaction Information- Information system of Departmental IS payment gateway the state government (Federal authority and authority of constituents territorial form of government) Consistent system of identity and Compulsory medical check and identification insurance Consistent system of normative- reference information Federal Affiliated Regional and municipal departments Center JSC «Rostelecom» societies departments16 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 17
  10. 10. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Transition to the electronic service Access to the government services in electronic form Authorization on a portal of govern- ment services (username/password) Access variants Digimatic signature All-in-one card Mobile devices 2 218 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 19
  11. 11. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Possibilities of access for citizens The Federal portal of government services in Russia Transition to electronic service Consistent portal of government services Should be presented 74 services from 20 priority Categories designated by government edict of the Russian Federation from 17.12.2009 of. № 1993-R. It is carried out Levels in 5 stages Portal start - on December 15, 2009 granting 1 Stage Information about service is placed on a services On April 1st 2010 the registration of users is begun in a private office portal of government services. Till December 1st 2010. 2 Stage From portal of government services it is Federal possible to download the form of an application on Average monthly visit of Portal: . . . . . . . . . . . more than 7 million persons obtainment of services. Till January 1st 2011. Activated a private office: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . more than 1 million persons Regional 3 Stage On the portal of government services it is possible to send an application on obtainment of (municipal) On the Portal are placed 20 676 services, among them: service. August 2011 - July 2012. Federal services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 935 4 Stage On the portal of government services it Regional services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 815 is possible to keep a close watch on progress Budgetary Municipal services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 911 of implementing in the making on application. Other services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 January 2012 - January 2013. In electronic form are provided 240 services, among them: 5 Stage Government service is provided in Federal services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 electronic виде. August 2012 - January 2014. Regional services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12120 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 21
  12. 12. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОРПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОННЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР All-in-one card of the citizen The most significant services All-in-one card of the citizen Универсальная электронная карта гражданина обеспечивает: All-in-one card Public health services Using for identification of the citizen „Использование для идентификации •„ («the identification appendix») гражданина («идентификационное Distant recording to the doctor, replacement of the Compulsory Medical Insurance policy and etc. zz (a card - the Cumpulsory Medical Insurance policy) приложение») „„ Access to the receiving of government and • Доступ к получению Services of pension insurance municipal services («federal» and «regional» государственных и муниципальных appendices in a part of the government Getting of the benefit approach, the choosing of the management company, the information on zz услуг («федеральные» и «региональные» a state of the account and etc. (a card - the policy of pension insurance) services») приложения в части госуслуг) Transport services „Функции платежной банковской («the •„Functions of the payment bank card Travel on municipal public transport, including a railway transport, in the long view - payment of zz bank appendix») карты («банковское приложение») parkings, and travel on paid road and etc. •„Additional services of others organizations „Дополнительные услуги иных Payment services организаций (по выбору гражданина - and («for choice of the citizen - others federal иные федеральные и региональные zz of an existing bank infrastructure (including payment of utilites, duties, penalties and etc.) Use regional appendices») приложения) Education services Filing of an application on entry in educational institution, school photo ID / student ID card and etc. zz 2 Other state services Payment of taxes, registration at place of residence, issuing a passport and etc. zz Services of other organizations zz set of services is unlimited, including commercial services and etc. The22 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 23
  13. 13. П РА В И Т Е Л Ь С Т МУ ВУ НО ОН И ИН ТР ФОР ПО ЭЛЕК The E-Government of the Russian Federation МАЦИОНН ЕНТР ОМ ЙЦ У Ы ОБ ТН ЩЕ СТВУ ЭКСПЕР Digimatic signature Mobile applications Government services and necessity of chip certification in FSB (Digital signature) Госуслуги и необходимость сертификации чипа в ФСБ (ЭЦП) Госуслуги и необходимость сертификации чипа в ФСБ (ЭЦП) Примеры простой ЭП (без (без Examples услуг с простой ЭПимеры услуг с of services with simple electronic тификации в ФСБ):в ФСБ): сертификации signature (without sertification in FSB) уплата of taxes; „„Payment лата налогов; налогов; „„ of заявлений на получение социальной подачаan на получение of the social care; дача заявлений applications on gettingсоциальной Filing ощи; помощи; the personal papers (passport of a Russian citizen and „„Issuing of выдача личных документовыдача личных документов licence); foreign travel passport, driving сийский „ загран. и загран. паспорт, водительские (российский паспорт, водительские и „ Proof of technical inspection;ва); права); „„Police statement; техосмотр; хосмотр; 5% 5% заявление в милицию; явление „ милицию; institutions; в „ Entering in education ступление в учебные учебные заведения; поступление в заведения; „„Registration at place of residence; гистрация поof a retirementместу жительства и benefit approach; регистрация по „„Award месту жительстваgetting of the пребывания; pension and и пребывания; тановление и начисление пенсий;пенсий; установление и начисление Demand the simple electronic signature услуги здравоохранения. Public health services; луги здравоохранения. „„ Demand the qualified electronic signature (Digital signature)имеры с квалифицированной ЭП signature Примерыwith qualified electronic ЭП Examples с квалифицированной Questionable (necessary an addition workingЦП): (ЭЦП): signature) (Digital out) сдача налоговых деклараций; сдача налоговых деклараций; Exchange the management company (service of the Pension Fund of „„ zzRegistration of the tax return; the Russian Federation); регистрация автомобилей; регистрация автомобилей;  замена управляющей компании ПФР);амена управляющей компании (услуга (услуга ПФР); zzRagistration of cars; zz регистрацияstatistics гражданского регистрацияvital актов act... Registration of the актов гражданского „ Registry of the the недвижимости и постановка на „ регистрация real estate постановка наегистрация недвижимости иand statement on the cadastral registration; состояния… состояния… кадастровый учет.астровый учет. 8 8 24 Author – Sergey Yurkevich Chief of the Expert center of e-Government and Information society 25