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The idea is to provide users with ability to watch movies from local computers by means of HTML browser. It is also implied that videos will be extended by two lines of subtitles. We consider that It's a brand new approach to work with subtitles which allows people to translate the subtitles on fly and save the translations to their vocabularies.

Our project in the beginning phaze right now. There is no any traction information so far. That's why we can just estimate the first tranches of financing. About $6000 - $10000 is needed to develop the first version of the product. Also, to make first steps in promotion in the market about $100000 - $150000 is needed.

Apart from the indicated services the basic functionality might be extended further with ability to create your own subtitles from existent transcript, with ability to participate in translation process (translate existing subtitles so that they might run simultaneously). Another part of the service could be dedicated to parallel texts (bitexts) which will be created automatically by means of existing multi-language subtitles automatically for educational purposes. We think that our service could have a great potential on chinese market due to tremendous trend in studying of foreign languages in China. Besides the service scaled to the world market.

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  1. 1. Keep calm and use double subtitles
  2. 2. Problem Проблема Время У меня не получится Слишком сложно Скучно
  3. 3. Videos will be extended with two(!) lines of subtitles Видео-дорожка будет представлена двумя (!) субтитрами
  4. 4. Ability to translate subtitles on fly and save the translations to vocabularies Возмжоность перевода субтитров на лету и сохранения перевода в словаре
  5. 5. Ability to watch movies from local computers by means of web-browser Возможность смотреть видео с локальных компьютеров через web-браузер
  6. 6. Our Team! You are welcome! Наша команда! Юра (.NET) Дарья (Маркетинг) Ольга (Дизайн) ? (HTML) ? (JavaScript)
  7. 7. Our Market! Наш рынок!
  8. 8. Related services and potential competitors! Смежные продукты и потенциальные конкуренты!
  9. 9. Ability to create your own subtitles from existent transcript  ->  Возможность создавать субтитры из существующих транскриптов
  10. 10. Ability for users to participate in translation process Возможность привлекать пользователей для перевода субтитров
  11. 11. ? !