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Weaving Our Stories Through Manga and Comics


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Why We Tell Stories about Stories - a look at fanfiction and derivative work as transformative, fulfilling our own needs - especially for the LGBTQ audience.

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Weaving Our Stories Through Manga and Comics

  1. 1. Weaving Our Stories Through Manga and Comics Erica Friedman October 8, 2013 Kanagawa University Yokohama, Japan
  2. 2. むかしむかし。。。
  3. 3. The Story Begins "Cruise Blues" / "I Want a Boyfriend, Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship" "Watashi datte kare ga hoshii! Gōkasen no wana" ( 私だって彼が欲しい ! 豪華船のワナ )
  4. 4. Telling My Own Stories
  5. 5. Talking About Stories We Love
  6. 6. Stories Over From All Over The World ALC Publishing
  7. 7. Still Talking About Stories Okazu
  8. 8. Why Do We Tell and Retell Stories?
  9. 9. Sources Anything That Loves, ed. Charles “Zan” Christensen, Northwest Press, 2013 No Straight Lines, ed. Justin Hall, Northwest Press, 2012 (If I Were A Drag Queen, by Ivan Velez) The Young Protectors, Wolfson, DeKraker and Gandini, She Said, Kris Dresen,
  10. 10. What Stories Will We Tell Next?
  11. 11. My Top 6 Manga (Right Now)