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Media evaluation question 1


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by Yurges Jaffa

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Media evaluation question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia product?My evaluation for my Local Newspaper front page,inside page, website and poster. By: Yurges Jaffa
  2. 2. Front Page
  3. 3. My media product has many conventionsof a real media product. This is my frontcover and how it shows real mediaconventions to a real life local newspaper.My heading shows similar conventions tothe real local newspaper, the colours areprimary, Red is my heading as it connotesurgency in many news papers and is aformal colour also portrays a link and letsyou know what area it is aimed at and thatit’s a local newspaper. Also it has advertson the side like a real life local news paperalong with a website link and the pricing,and location.My newspaper also has adverts for localbusinesses but also a competition from asponsor as my local paper is free and hasmany sponsors to generate it. It alsodevelops conventions of a real product asmany papers have ads on them links.
  4. 4. My newspaper is titled ‘Brent News’ and it targets north west London’sborough of Brent. The heading of mine is called Brent News as it is straightforward and gets to the point. The colour RED is also one of 3 colours of theBrent Logo and it will be easily recognized as theirs a link between the two.My master head also has a subhead above it saying ‘North West London’s’as it informs people what part of London it is but its also to do with the PostCode of Brent as Brent’s post codes all start with NW informing the readerstraight away that it’s a local paper and its for people who live among Brent.Also there are two ads both local businesses and one which is a sponsor anda competition. The Mast head writing is formal as the writing shows itsserious and alike to a real newspaper.
  5. 5. Image & support storyThe image on the left is my newspaper with the image and support story. The image and support story showreal life media conventions as both have a main heading in bold and imagine on the right and the story alongthe side. Both of the images showThe Britney Spears story breaks conventions of a real life paper as it is not a traditional local story but inLondon often local is national, also because I stated ‘at Wembley arena’ I have related it to my local town as itis apart of the area. While the other story conveys a local issue of a day centre, my newspaper challengesconventions as it is more of an informal one and lets people know what is going on just like a national paperwould do, my paper features more conventions such As a gossip and sport section but still keeps it local. Theconventions of my paper uses conventions of local papers as mine is very local and is related to the local areasuch as Wembley arena in the main story as Wembley arena is a known place to the local community but alsoLondon and the UK.
  6. 6. Side storiesMy side stories which are located on the sides of newspapers show conventions and similar forms of realmedia newspapers as many papers have side storiesintroducing them on the front page leading them to thepage its on. The side stories on my front cover have animage and a heading along with a preview of the storyand telling the read the page the story continues. Theside story column is highlighted as it challengesconventions of a paper as not many local or nationalnewspapers have a highlighted section but they haveguild lines dividing them up. I added this in as it madethe side stories stand out more but also it flowed In wellwith the news paper and it made it look more like a realmedia newspaper.Also the image on the paper is also clear and tells thestory and is a narrative as the audience want to readmore.The first image is of a bus covered in snow to indicatethe snow day and the other is of a crime scene whichalso tells the story and is relevant to the topic.
  7. 7. Main Story My main story uses conventions of a real media product as it contains the same conventions such as a main image, heading, subheading, story and also a picture title at the bottom of the picture, these are all the conventions of a newspaper. My local newspaper develops forms of a real newspaper as it follows the same prints of a local newspaper. The image itself is clear as it shows an image of what the article is about and has a description under it along with a story subtitle on the left telling the audience what the story is about. The story itself has a narrative as it says ‘continues on page’ which portrays media conventions as all stories lead to the next page.
  8. 8. Ads & Competitions My local news papers front page also contains adverts such as many newspapers. This uses many conventions as many local newspapers contain local business ads and so do I in mine to as I tried to make my media product as realistic as possible to a real newspaper. The adverts contain phone numbers and addresses.My newspaper front page also has a competition which mostnewspapers usually do. This is a common convention. In mycompetition it’s a holiday to win a trip for 2 weeks, it containssimilar forms to real products as it has the website info, boldprimary colours and writing and the page the competition is onalong with picture of the holiday.
  9. 9. Pictures & headlines My pictures and headlines both link in with the story. The picture I have for my Britney Spears headline is a clear picture of the star performing which makes the audience recognize the star straight away. The headline also is straight to the point just like many conventions a real newspaper would have. It uses many conventions of a real media product and it being a local newspaper it also states the local location of the article ‘Wembley’ to show that it’s a local performance. My other images show a Local Metropolitan Bus which drives throw Brent covered in snow hiding the buses route number. The image is powerful as it shows a bus stuck in the snow as its falling and relates to the article, ‘Brent Snow Day’ another article is ‘Brent crime rate shoots up by 5%’ with an image of a pie chart showing different crimes and a gun. My media product shows forms and conventions of real media products as it uses many forms of what they have and arte clear.
  10. 10. Types Of Stories My stories of my media product challenge forms and conventions of a real media newspaper as they are not always ‘Bad News’ but also tend to focus on news positive news also such as the ‘Britney Spears Live at Wembley arena’ story. But they also are very local as they are constantly talking about ‘Brent’ which the news papers location.The stories challenge media conventions but also provide the local feel, if you will tothe newspaper making all stories relevant as there about the local borough of Brent.The ‘Brent Snow Day’ is another story about the snow day which delays the boroughsnormal day due to heavy snow, a story which will leave the audience wanted to readmore. Another is ‘Brent Crime Rate shoots up by 5%’ a story about crime which usesconventions as many newspapers talk about crime and the matters with it.
  11. 11. Comparing
  12. 12. Inside PageMy inside page is filled with lots of stories andlittle parts just like many media newspapers asit has many ads, pictures, main headings andmore. The cover is more of a ‘come on’ whilethe newspaper inside page is more of sectionwhich contains more news values andinformation.
  13. 13. Image & Main StoriesMy inside page’s images and stories portray conventions of a real media product. The images are clear and tellyou what the story is about as they are clear and fit page well. Also they both have captions under the picturesjust like allot of newspapers do and also the text is written to fit the image and the heading and the subheadings.This shows real forms of media conventions as its all very similar to real media products. I used the samepictures as in the front cover to give a graphic match, as when the audience flick throw the paper they identify it.It also colloquial language is there as it is understanding to the general audience.
  14. 14. My inside page main stories have similar forms and conventions to real media products.My stories are on theright and the stories oflocal newspaper ‘TheKilburn Times’ are onthe left.
  15. 15. Ads & Competitions My inside page has adverts and completions just like many real media products have. It challenges the forms of real media conventions as it as it has local adverts but it being a local news paper it is still relevant as it goes well with my newspaper. The adverts are all of local businesses but also ads provided by the local borough such as ‘Recycle for Brent’ which is provided by the local borough. Another is the competition / advert for the newspaper its self which is advertising the app on the iPad which is available for free but you could also be in for the chance to win one yourself. This shows real conventions as many real media products contain these forms. On the adverts I didn’t add much images as most of them don’t contain much.
  16. 16. Side storiesMy side column stories are featured on the sides of the inside pagejust like many newspapers have. This follows conventions of a realnewspaper by follows similar patterns. The side column stories areone of which a missing girl which contains a picture of the victimalong with the story underneath. Another one was a drawn comicmini story which national newspapers tend to use which challengesconventions as local newspapers don’t tend to use them but theimage is drawn to help the story and aware people about itsheadline ‘Keep Brent Tidy’ which has been a Brent slogan aroundthe town for years to advertise recycling. I added the image as itchallenges conventions and both stories look and have many formsor real newspapers to give enigma. As you can my side stories have similar forms and conventions of real media products as they share similar forms and patterns.
  17. 17. Pictures & HeadlinesThe images that are used both are on the front cover this is to do with agraphic match as when the reader opens it, they will identify it straight away.This shares forms and conventions of real newspapers as they both havesimilar images also they both has captions below the images a and theheadings are in bold just like real media newspapers.
  18. 18. Newspaper Poster
  19. 19. Poster My poster shows conventions of a real media product as it sells the newspaper and tells us what its about and what it is. You can tell my paper is a local news paper due to the street sign and the post code under it ‘NW’ along with the well known ‘London Borough Of Brent’ this poster represents my local area well along with the street sign but also having the newspaper in front of my paper and the Free sign and the slogan makes it look like a poster. The way the layout is also shows that its also linked well. The poster also shows allot of red as myNewspapers logo is red and so is many of the writing on the poster such as the ‘FREE’ puff,the outline of the slogan and allot of the words on the street sign along with the backgroundbeing brick red. I also added the news paper on the side so the audience is aware of thenewspaper when they buy it. This challenges many conventions but also has many forms ofconventions as it has a meaning behind it as its local and so is the street sign and area and itslows well and the slogan itself indicates it.
  20. 20. ComparingComparing my newspapers poster to other well knownnewspaper posters my one fits in well but also challengesconventions as its quite more different and is more imagethen word based but it being a local newspaper many localresidents will understand it more as they know whats goingon in the poster and it tackles a smaller audience then a bignational newspaper. The poster gets the message acrosswhich is what most posters do.
  21. 21. Website
  22. 22. Newspaper Website mastheadThis is my newspaper website masthead for my website. It has the same logo as on mynewspaper front page. This has many forms and conventions to a real newspaper website.On the right you see an update date and time to show when the website was updates andon the other side you have the search engines such as Google and Facebook along with aregister and log in code, this has many the same conventions to a real website as they allhave this. It also contains a search button to search your stories. It also has contains a latestnews section which slides throw headlines just like the bottom section of the news and alsois used in many newspaper websites. This is a similar convention. Another is the websitename under the logo which is always used. I challenged media conventions as manynewspaper websites are all the same layout as there all from the same company ‘Archent’and I challanged conventions as the layout is different then others.
  23. 23. Headline & ImageThe main headline of my local newspaper is also features on the website, my main headlines areput in a slider which also features other major stories of the week before of stories to come thatare added there before published onto the next weeks paper. This has similar forms andconventions to real newspaper websites as many of them are very technical and have manyfeatures to crap as much news onto there main page. the ‘HERE’ highlighted in blue is also aconvention which all websites have that leads you onto the next page. Also an image is usuallyadded onto the side to tell the audiences what the story is about. The headline is surrounded byoutlines to highlight the main stories as most media conventions feature this.
  24. 24. Top news sectionI added this section onto my newspaper is It has many forms and conventions of a realnewspaper website. Many newspaper website have many news sections with images,headlines and links taking u onto the next page. It also have allot of red arrows indicatingbullet points of what happened in the story. Also the comment sections are another formand convention as many newspaper websites talk and ask the general public on thereviews. Also this section challenges media conventions as most of the stories are in sizedfrom biggest to other headlines. But mine are all added in order just like the images onthe right of the sun newspaper website. I did this to make it flow and get as many storiesin as possible. This challenges conventions of newspaper websites but also still hassimilar forms of a real newspaper website.
  25. 25. More local news section This is my second news section I added onto my newspaper website. This portrays many forms and conventions of real media products as many websites have many sections in there newspapers talking about news. My one has many news in bullet points in the shape of arrows in red, this is a conventions many newspapers have as they many sections of news. Another is highlighted links and the read more section. Another is the images also, this challenges conventions as it adds the links in orders as mine are all in the sections and not in the side only
  26. 26. Multi-Media Section The multi media section is a section that has the conventions of other newspapers as many newspapers are very multi media and contain videos and other live medias such as radio, I challenge conventions as my website has a media section but also is features on the home page while many are featured on the video page. This has many forms of real media products as my product looks like a real website and the multi-media section is something they feature. But mine also challenges conventions in forms of the layout.
  27. 27. Sports The sports section has the same conventions to a real media product as all newspaper websites all have a sports section and I wanted to portray the same forms and conventions and have one on my website page, also Wembley being in the local area I thought id be good to include sport as Wembley is a sport town and is well known.
  28. 28. Ads & Competitions My ads and completions on my newspaper website challenge news and conventions to real media products. I added an advert for a school which challenged forms and conventions as many newspapers don’t have those kind of adverts but it being a local news paper it was okay to add those adverts in. another ad is one promoting the iPad add for the newspaper this was another convention highly used in modern newspapers as it’s a part of synergy. Another convention is a trip to a holiday. This is a common convention as competitions are always used in newspapers and there websites.