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BorderX - Winning Project at EUvsVirus Hackathon run by European Innovation Council

BorderX - A Smart Service to Declare Priority Shippings

We provide a service to declare shipments of critical goods at times of crisis in order to pass through priority lanes at border crossings. Our system is flexible and easy to set up and is intended to be used to minimize the impact of limited border crossings for the supply chain of critical goods.

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BorderX - Winning Project at EUvsVirus Hackathon run by European Innovation Council

  1. 1. Created on 27 May 2020 The Future of Border Crossing 2nd prize winner of Business Continuity > Value chain
  2. 2. 2020 H2 2020 H1 2021 H1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EUvsVirus Hackathon Minimum Viable Product (MVP) PROOF OF CONCEPT Trials in 2 phases GOING LIVE Product official launch & client onboarding EXPERIENCES DIVERSITY OUR ADVISOR Avg. 13 years 5 nationalities 25+ years in Cargo OUR TEAM We propose an easy to implement solution to open up a priority lane for critical goods, by providing a secure way of declaring the type of shipment.
  3. 3. PROBLEMS caused by the COVID-19 PANDEMIC 75% Before Today Severely affected
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY FUTURETODAY Trucks faced delays of up to 20 hours when inner-European borders closed in March 2020, limiting access to critically need goods. Seasonal peaks and heavy truck transit in tight corridors have been an issue for years and are dividing Europe. 1. While COVID-19 vaccines may become available, they need to reach their target market in time, even if new waves of disease lead to closed borders. 2. Managing the limited capacity of border crossings fairly is crucial for keeping the free flow of goods within the European Union. Severely delayed
  5. 5. Auditability BorderX, WE PRIORITISE YOU 01No need to stop to access paperwork Storing and transferring data on a blockchain ensures integrity and security creating a trusted environment Understand the trustworthiness of each truck passing and act accordingly Flexible set-up and operations both in times of crisis and everyday use Hassle-free handling Securely encrypted Informed decision-making Easy to set-up 02 04 03
  6. 6. HOW WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM Declaration of priority transport Accredited Matching signals (e.g. company NACE code) Recommended Action PASS CHECK STOP
  7. 7. BORDER AGENT DEMO Border agents have very limited time to make decisions on who to check and who to let pass - we provide them with exactly the information they need in an actionable interface. This way countries can keep their borders open for critical goods to reach their destination, while minimizing potential for misuse.
  8. 8. CARRIER DEMO Carriers can make declarations in the app to access priority lanes and provide preclearance if they are part of an eligible organization. Their data will be safe and will only be accessed by authorized agents when they cross the border.
  9. 9. BorderX DLT MODEL
  10. 10. FINANCIAL SECTOR STORIES Tax in Crisis Facilitating the post-crisis taxation for special cases e.g. VAT waiver COVID-19 Insurance Streamlining the audit and declaration process
  11. 11. THE TEAM YUREE HONG Project Manager, Cargo & Business Growth oriented visionary with strong analytical & creative design-thinking skill sets. Engineer, Growth marketer, Supply chain & DLT expert, Manchester Univ ROBERT MARQUARDT Front-end Dev & Design Front-end developer & UI/UX designer has experience with Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Adobe creative suites & Analytics CALIN COSMA Back-end Dev, Data Architecture 20+ software architecture & engineering experience with Java, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, SQL, Web services (REST & SOAP). Ex-SWIFT, EC & EP ARMIN HAGHI Product Manager, System Architecture Machine learning & DLT expert with a focus on privacy and security. Quantitative researcher on infectious diseases. Google, Stanford Univ ALESSANDRO DI PIAZZA Back-end Dev, DLT Architecture Senior software engineer with 20+ years experience with .NET, Java, Angular, Python, SQL Server and Oracle. Currently working with European Commission
  12. 12. GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY Test and prove our operational and security model and improve usability for border agents and carriers 1 BORDER PHASE 1 Demonstrate how collaboration across borders is simplified at a critical route, e.g., Germany - Austria - Italy and how access to critical goods is secured 1 ROUTE PHASE 2 Deploy the full network and build applications for every situation, from border closings during crises to congestion at transit corridors MULTI-ROUTES PHASE 3
  13. 13. ROADMAP Priority trading Extended priorities & signals Pre-clearance Trusted borders EUvsVirus H2 2020 2021 2022 2023 Advanced applications
  14. 14. Do you have any questions? THANKS 2nd prize winner of Business Continuity > Value chain