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  1. 1. My Brother Sam is Dead <ul><li>Stella Yun </li></ul>Mr.Digges Class [English 8B]
  2. 2. Chapter #1 - Sam tells his family that he will go out for a war. - Mr.Meeker, Sam’s father, disagrees and fights with Sam. - Timothy hears Mr.Meeker crying after fighting.
  3. 3. Chapter #2 - Timothy goes to church and thinks about Sam. - Timothy goes to Sam to persuade him not to go for a war, but Sam does not listen to Timothy. - Sam steals Mr.Meeker’s gun.
  4. 4. Chapter #3 - Even though a war is going on, the city seems too normal to Timothy. - Betsy asks to tell Sam’s family when Sam comes back to Timothy but Timothy refuses it. - Timothy works hard and changes, and Sam comes back at November.
  5. 5. Chapter #4 - Rebel soldiers come and ask Mr.Meeker for his gun but Sam stole it so he is in danger. - Timothy goes to find Sam and takes Sam’s gun while Sam is sleeping. - Sam and Timothy goes back to home and Mr.Meeker welcomes Sam.
  6. 6. Chapter #5 - Now Timothy can feel the war. - Mr.Heron asks Mr.Meeker that he wants Timothy for his apprentice. - Tim and Jerry plans to escape and run Mr.Heron’s errands.
  7. 7. Chapter #6 - Timothy goes to Mr.Heron to deliver letters. - Betsy spies and tells Timothy that Mr.Heron told about Sam to her so Timothy was shocked. - Betsy feels that Sam will be in danger if she does not check the letter so Timothy and she checks it.
  8. 8. Chapter #7 - Timothy does not meet Mr.Heron after failing to send the letter. - Mr.Meeker and Mrs.Meeker argues to respond or not to Sam’s letter and Mrs.Meeker just sends respond. - Mr.Meeker and Timothy meets cattle thieves and they tried to beat up Mr.Meeker.
  9. 9. Chapter #8 - Timothy meets his poor cousins and feel thankful to his family. - Timothy’s family and Platt’s family, who are Tim’s cousins, discuss about the war. - Mr.Meeker and Timothy finishes a successful trade but it snows so hard to go back.
  10. 10. Chapter #9 - Timothy and Mr.Meeker was going through the snows and Tim feels lonely when Mr.Meeker goes ahead. - Timothy follows Mr.Meeker but recognizes that cow-boys ambushed Mr.Meeker. - Timothy meets cow-boys but Tim could save his family’s goods from cow-boys and feel proud of it.
  11. 11. Chapter #10 - Because Mr.Meeker and Sam is not at home, Timothy and Mrs.Meeker do lots of work. - British troops march in and they cause violent events. - Timothy watches the scene that British’s massacre of Rebels.
  12. 12. Chapter #11 - Timothy heard that Sam’s troop is coming to Redding so wishes Sam to return. - Timothy ran to the troops to meet Sam and Mrs.Meeker tells to come back but Sam refuses. - Sam stays and Timothy goes with his mother.
  13. 13. Chapter #12 - Timothy and Mrs.Meeker finds out that Mr.Meeker and Jerry died in the prison. - Timothy still works hard for tavern. - Sam returns to home but he is caught as a cattle thief even though he is innocent.
  14. 14. Chapter #13 - Timothy goes to Colonel Parsons to tell that Sam is innocent. - Even though Mrs.Meeker tried, Sam’s situation was so bad that he has to be shot and killed. - Timothy takes care of Sam and tells him that it will get better but Sam does not believe it.
  15. 15. Chapter #14 - Sam’s situation is not considered so Mrs.Meeker feels gloomy and sad about it. - Timothy goes to rescue Sam but gets shot by the sleeping guard. - Finally the prisoners came out and even though Timothy shouted not to shoot, Sam was shot and dead.