Making Money Blogging Blueprint


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Want to start making money online blogging? Learn the basics of blogging by reading tips on SEO, content writing, and many more. Don't fall into the same traps as other newbies have when making money online.

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Making Money Blogging Blueprint

  1. 1. YUNOBLOG Blog GuideGUIDEBLOGGINGBYVisit for more tips
  2. 2. Blogging ProcessBrainstorm Feasibility CreationMonetization Optimization Content
  3. 3. Brainstorming IdeasWhat Should I Blog About?YES Hobbies & Interests Knowledgeable topicNO Insurance, mesothelioma,DUI, or other extremelycompetitive andexpensive keywords Things you have nointerest or knowledge in.What about the ‘No’s?Insurance, Mesothelioma...These niches are highly tempting becausetheir average payouts on Google Adsense ishigh. However, you are probably not going toget anywhere because the competition issimply too damn high.Things you have no clue about…If you have no genuine interest in it, you aregoing to get bored of writing about it reallyquickly. Chance are, you will quit writing aftera week or two. Don’t make this mistake.ACTIONMake a spider chart and break down possible blog topics into asmany sub-niches as possible. Check next slide for example.
  4. 4. Brainstorm Spider ChartFootballDavid BeckhamReal MadridFootball TricksTransfer RumorsFootball ShoesTravelingMountainsPhotographyHostelsNightlifeOutdoor TravelsAsiaSmartphone AndroidiPhoneGamesApp ReviewsSamsungPhone PhotosGamingPS4FIFA13Nintendo WiiFacebook GamesGame Tips
  5. 5. Feasibility CheckAre people searching for ____?First, make sure there is a target audience foryour potential blog topic.Step 1Use Google Keyword Tool and Spyfu to get anestimate search volume for each niche.Step 2Search the relevant keywords on Google andexamine your competitors’ strengths bycomparing indicators such as their Twitterfollower count and age of domain.ACTIONSearch the potential blog topics on the Google Keyword Tool andnote down estimate search volume. Check out competitors.
  6. 6. Niche Research ExampleHmm… I want to write something about the iPhone. Let’s check out possible topics.Click here to access the Google Keyword Tool (GKT).Example: iPhone KeywordsAfter searching iPhone on the GKT, therewere two keywords I was interested in.“Find my iPhone”There appears to be thousands of peoplewho are desperate to get their lost iPhoneback. Perhaps you could write a blog onapps that track your phone location.“iPhone Cases”Or you could write about the most trendyiPhone cases in the market.
  7. 7. Hosting a BlogSerious about Making Money?If you are serious about making money, it’s time to make a small investment. To runa blog, you will need a website host and a domain name.Website HostThere are many free blog services out there. However, I would not recommendthem for the purpose of making money (check next slide). Besides, website hostingservices are cheap these days.Domain NameSome marketers swear by the exact match domain rule (having keyword in thedomain). I personally feel it makes no difference as long as the domain has somerelevance to the blog niche.ACTIONBuy a website hosting plan and a domain name. I do notrecommend the use of free blogging services.
  8. 8. Free vs. Paid Blog HostingFree HostingPros It’s free Don’t need to know codingCons You get a ugly sub-domain They may delete your blog withoutwarning if it violates the terms Revenue sharing No access to pluginsPaid HostingCons Might need to learn a bit of coding You have to pay monthlyPros You are in total control Access to thousands of cool themesand plugins All earnings go to you More control over SEO
  9. 9. Recommended Web HostsDreamhostDreamhost offers everything you need from a solid web host.Beginners will like using Dreamhost because the control panel isextremely easy to use.HostgatorIf you live in America, you will see Hostgator adverts everywhere.Hostgator has grown in prominence in recent years, and there aregood reasons to be confident in their services.BluehostI have been a loyal customer of Bluehost for 5+ years. Not only istheir customer support top notch, my websites rarely had anydowntimes. You even get a free domain with the package.| click here to learn more| click here to learn more| click here to learn more
  10. 10. Blog Creation (Wordpress)Now that you have a web hosting plan and a domain name, it’s time to create theactual blog. The three web hosts I recommended in the previous slide come with toolsthat automatically install the blogging system for you. For example, Bluehost has aservice called ‘Mojo Marketplace’ that installs Wordpress in one click. All you need todo is to provide the desired username and password.A new Wordpress Blog created in one minute
  11. 11. Some Tips on Blog Content#1 Keep it short and concise. Don’tbeat around the bush.#2 If appropriate, include images andvideos. No one likes to see a page fullof text. Its boring.#3 Use subheadings and paragraphs.Make it easier for the eye.#4 Write something of value to thereader. Don’t just rehash the samecrap from other blogs.#5 Never duplicate an article. You willget penalized by Google.#6 People love reading lists such as“The Top 5 __ You Must Know About”.
  12. 12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Don’t expect traffic to just roll inafter you posted a few articles.Many newbies neglect a veryimportant process called SEO.To bring in organic traffic, youneed to show search enginesthat your blog is relevant tocertain keywords. SEO is dividedin two areas:On-page optimizationStuff on your website that affectsthe blog’s search result rankingOff-page optimizationExternal factors that affect theblog’s search result ranking.
  13. 13. On-page OptimizationDos Include META tags such as thekeywords, description, and author. Include your main keywords in theH1 tag. When you add images, include anALT attribute. Make use of a sitemap and submit itto Google Webmaster Tool. Don’t spam your main keywords. Use breadcrumbs. It improves theaccessibility of your blog structure. Use a logical URL structure that givesyour reader an idea as to what theycan expect from a particular page.Don’ts Don’t duplicate the same content onmultiple pages. Don’t add any keywords that areirrelevant to your content. Don’t do article spinning. It won’thelp you in the long run. Don’t try to hide any irrelevantkeywords by matching the font colorwith the background.
  14. 14. Off-page OptimizationDos Comment on other blogs related toyour niche. Make sure comments addvalue to the conversation. Submit press releases for your bestarticles. PRs can bring in a lot ofnatural link juice if done correctly. Share your posts on social media andbookmarking websites. It’s free andthere is an opportunity to go viral. Post regularly in relevant forums andadd your blog link to the signature. Submit guest posts on other blogs. If it makes financial sense, start an adcampaign on Google Adwords.Don’ts Don’t spam. Don’t build forum profile backlinks.They add no value in the long run. Don’t use link directories. Somepeople believe they still work.However, most of these directoriesare already spammed with links. Don’t use one anchor keyword forall your external links. Diversify andmake your external links appearnatural by including anchor textssuch as ‘click here’. Don’t fret over the blog’s GooglePageRank. It doesn’t mean much.
  15. 15. Monetizing Your BlogGoogle AdsensePlace Adsense banners on your blog and make moneywhenever your readers click on them. Google has strictrequirements for the application process.Affiliate ProgramsPromote relevant products on your blog and receivecommission from the sale. Affiliate networks such asMaxbounty and Peerfly provide hundreds of programs.Sell Your Own ProductsCreate your own product and sell it on your website. Theproduct does not necessarily have to be digital. If youwant to sell eBooks, consider networks like Clickbank.
  16. 16. Monetizing Your BlogAmazon AssociatesPromote Amazon products on your blog and receivecommission off every sale. This is a good strategy for thosewho are planning to start a product review blog.Direct Ad SaleSell ad space on your blog. The higher your traffic volume,the more you will earn. You can also use websites to sell your ad space.Reviewing FeesOnce your blog is well-established, you could chargepeople for a review of their product on your blog.
  17. 17. For More Great TipsVISITYUNOSTARTBLOG.COMClick Here