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Korea fun


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Korea fun

  1. 1. Korea FunAuthor: James and his daddy
  2. 2. They are my parents. Photo by James
  3. 3. We went to Korea last week Photo by James
  4. 4. I raced the car Photo by daddy
  5. 5. I flied the jet Photo by daddy
  6. 6. I played the corsair Photo by daddy
  7. 7. I ride the horse Photo by daddy
  8. 8. I climbed by cable-car Photo by daddy
  9. 9. Since I am a zoo keeper Photo by James
  10. 10. I found a cute fox Photo by James
  11. 11. I saw 2 pigs, they are so funny Photo by James
  12. 12. I played with 3 baby pandas Photo by James
  13. 13. There have lots of rabbits Photo by James
  14. 14. fox cheetah Zebra and giraffe flamingo Photo by James I saw real animals, too
  15. 15. What else? Photo by James
  16. 16. I saw Spider man and his friend Photo by James
  17. 17. Waffle Ice cream Green tea Ice cream Golden Ice cream Monster Ice creamPhoto by James
  18. 18. Many funny paintings Photo by James
  19. 19. Photo by James
  20. 20. THE END Photo by James