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Identity and Belonging: explore who we are (3)


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Identity and Belonging: explore who we are

Published in: Self Improvement
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Identity and Belonging: explore who we are (3)

  1. 1. 組員:温婷伃 Ting Yu葉洧彤 Wei Tong蘇亭芳 Tin Fun鐘婷暄 Ting Syuan
  2. 2. father mothergrandfather grandmothermesister brother
  3. 3. My name is Tin fun.My family come from “FujianProvince.”Now, I live in Kaohsiung.It’s so beautiful.
  4. 4. I study in WUNSHANJunior high school.<- This is my picture.My mother’s name is 王美容.My father’s name is 蘇東明.My older Sister’s name is 蘇庭誼.My little brother’s name is 蘇梓堯.
  5. 5. My name is Tiffany.
  6. 6. I grow up in a happy family.My family are taking very good care of me.I love them and they love me ,too.I live in Kaohsiung now.I live with my grandparents, Mom, Dad andmy brother.
  7. 7. My family comefrom“Fujian Province”.
  8. 8. 207Ting Yu Wen
  9. 9. My family come from Mei XianGuangzhou.
  10. 10. My great-grandfather and my fathertold me about this.great-grandfather father
  11. 11. 國際交流社報告207 11 葉洧彤Victoria
  12. 12.  福建- Foukien
  13. 13. The End