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Argentina Project--Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots


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Argentina Project--Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots

Published in: Education, Technology
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Argentina Project--Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots

  1. 1. Team name:LEGEND
  2. 2. Hello~My name is Michelle.I come from a beautiful city, Kaohsiung.And I am sixteen years old.I am a senior high school student.I am disagreeableness of strangers.But I am nice when I face the familiarpeople, as families or friends.I like to watch movies and read novels orstories about anime in my free time.I also like listening to music in my freetime.It let me feel good when I am anger.One direction and Taylor Swift are myfavorite singers.Their sings encourage mewhen I am on a bad mood.Running and swimming are interesting tome.They can help me to relax.I use SONY cellphone now, but I want tochange to use APPLE cellphone when I amgoing to be a freshman.
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  5. 5. Hi~My name is Joanna.I have five family members:father, mother , brother,sister and me.My father is a civil servant,my mother is anaccountant, my young brother,sister and I arestudents.I graduated from the Feng-si Junior High Schooland in Wenshan High SchoolCurrently enrolled.My hobby is listening to music, surfing theInternet, making friends and goingshopping.I like to help people, and possibly work on socialworker in the future.When youneed to help,you can come to me.I have a cell phone and notebook.The cell phone’s brand is Samsung and thenotebook’s brand is Asus.I will be listening to music and reading in relaxingtime.I will listen to the song of girl’s generation andNishino Kana.
  6. 6. glogster
  7. 7. Hello, my name is Jojo.I am optimistic and friendly.I like to smile. I think this expression is very sweet.I like to read some novels and play the piano. Theymake me feelrelaxed.I also play basketball in my free time. It’s my favoritesport.I am very interested in cultures everywhere andexperience something special.I also like to make friends.Nice to meet you. ^ ^
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  10. 10. Hi !My name is Polly .Im sixteen year-old .Live in Kaohsiung¸Taiwan and study inWun Shun Senior high school .In Kaohsiung ¸ there are many delicousand variety food ¸ Like choudoufu andoyster omelette .If you come to Taiwan , you must eatthose !!I really really like here and hope you too .Thank you very much !!
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