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Report out reach baobab


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Report out reach baobab

  1. 1. Youth of United Nations Association Tanzania Outreach Program to Schools ReportDate: Tuesday, 4th February 2013.Venue: Baobab Secondary SchoolSchools involved: Mtakuja Beach Secondary School and Baobab Secondary SchoolOpening and Introduction remarks- 1540hrsThis was made by Baobab teacher-Mr. Kibona who welcomed the invited guests.Theintroduction remarks was made by Jacob Mogendi, who introduced the time table to members ofthe floor.Presentation  Presentation was made by Miss Kanza from AMREF; topic being “sexual reproductive health for young people”.  Presentation aimed at educating students about sexual healthMovie, 1647hrsAfter the presentation, students watched the documentary called “a half the sky”.The documentary was about education for girls in Vietnam. The documentary took 30 minutes.Discussion, 1717hrsAfter watching the documentary, students discussed what they learnt from the documentary.The following are their contribution: a. Girls should be given chances to get education b. Government and family support is very important in girls education c. Men do not like marrying illiterate women
  2. 2. d. Among the challenges that face girls in education is the long distance of schools away from home. e. Poverty is still a big problem toward girls’ education.Debate, 1740hrsAfter the discussion, participants had a debate on the topic,” does society support womenrights?”The opposers side were students from Mtakuja Beach Secondary school while the Proposers sideincluded students from Baobab Secondary school and the following was the outcome. From the Proposers side; a) Yes, Tanzania supports women rights by the fact that women are allowed to participate in various decision making within society. b) Suphra commented; yes, Tanzania does provide chances for women to participate in decision making. c) Beatrice commented; yes, there is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but there are laws against it? Answer; so it’s the law which is not followed by some people in our society. d) Anna commented; Women also have rights to participate in National Sports activities. From Opposers side; a) Jacqueline commented; No, women are not given a chance in decision making for instance; marriage issues b) Godfrey: No, we do have bad cultural practice such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). c) Evelyn commented; No, due to the fact that most women depend on men ,they are not given rights to own property d) Zakia commented; No , because most of the Economic sectors within the country are controlled by men Questions that rose: a) Justin from Mtakuja asked; what is the difference between support for boys in football and girls? b) Is there any law that can be used to protect young girls from female genital mutilation? c) What is the government doing in helping women access business loans?
  3. 3. Prize giving After the debate, some of the students were given prizes as follows. Best Speakers: school bag, t-shirts and key holder. The following students were awarded. 1. Beatrice Koma from Baobab secondary school 2. Brenda from Baobab Secondary School 3. Evelyn from Baobab Secondary School Other winners: 1. Anna from Baobab 2. Justin from Mtakuja 3. Sharot from Baobab 4. Zakia from Mtakuja 5. Suphra from MtakujaClosing remarksClosing remarks were made by Yuna program officer Mr. Jacob Mogendi.